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Shipping – Shopify Multivendor Marketplace app

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace module is a great tool to convert your shop into a fully functioning marketplace. It facilitates the process of adding sellers and keep track of their sales.
Now We have introduced Shipping in Multivendor Marketplace App which will enable the admin to configure shipping methods from his end for sellers and sellers can configure the shipping methods on the basis on price or Weight of the product.
This feature also enables seller to add the range of shipping for products along with the adding country and enabling disabling states in that country and editing the shipping charges state wise. The Shipping feature is available in our Gold Plan of multivendor marketplace app.


  • Admin enables the shipping feature.
  • Admin configures the shipping methods which will be visible to seller.
  • Seller manages the shipping from his account as well.
  • Seller adds the range and configures the shipping charges as per his requirement.
  • Seller can enable/Disable any shipping method from his end .
  • Seller can add countries for shipping and can set the shipping charges state wise.
  • Seller can enable/disable any particular state for shipping of products.
  • Seller can edit the ranges entered.
  • The shipping charges will reflect to the customer at the time of final checkout .

Process of enabling shipping from Admin’s End

Access to Shipping requires your Shopify store be on the plan that support Real Time Carrier-calculated Shipping.

  • Go to Feature app section
  • Click on enable shipping >>> activate >>> Ok


  • Once you will enable shipping option from the configuration , you will be able to see the Shipping tab in configuration>>select the shipping method and click save.

(please note the shipping methods which you will select from here ,only those methods will be visible to seller)


Process of enabling shipping from Seller’s End

  • Once admin will enable the shipping option from his end,02 option will reflect in the menu at seller’s end .

Shipping Configuration

  • Seller will have to configure shipping by selecting the shipping method from shipping configuration.

Once the shipping configuration is done, move on to Shipping ,where list of shipping methods selected will be visible.
Which can be enabled/disabled and viewed plus range details can be viewed along with adding new range

Clicking on Range details , pre existing range can be edited and new range can be added.

The range is decided on two basis :

Price of the Product
Weight of the Product
By Clicking on view button in front of the Shipping method we can add countries & can edit/ delete the states and with viewing range details .

By clicking on Edit button we can separately set the shipping charges state wise and can also enable/disable the particular state for shipping.

Zone wise shipping

In this feature Admin can create the zones and add countries in that zone, based on which the sellers will set prices.
Zone here can be any name given to a group by admin, in which admin adds up countries which will have same range and prices. This feature is for all those who never wanted to set the shipping country wise.

1)Please visit configuration >>> Shipping >>> And select Zone wise Shipping.

2)Then Shipping Zones Option will get added in your main menu.
Click on Shipping zones and then click Add zones to add the shipping zones.

Clickin on Add zone, you will be redirected to the page where you will name the zone and add countries to it.

On the seller end:
Go to shipping Configuration and
-add ranges
-Then click on the eye button to view the range and set the prices range wise.


So that was all from the shipping of Multivendor Marketplace app.
Please Visit Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Blog for details of app



Find the below link and credentials to use the demo of Shopify Multivendor Marketplace App :

BackEnd Demo :

Username :
Password : demowebkul

FrontEnd Demo :

Username :
Password : webkul123


For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

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  • Douglas Stuart McDaniel
    The shipping option is not available under Additional Features. new install as of 4/4/2016.
    • Neha Sharma

      Your Shopify Store plan must support Real Time Carrier Calculated Shipping, as mentioned in the above in the blog also.
      In case of any other questions, please raise a ticket at


  • Anne A
    Does this app allow the seller to print a shipping label from their portal?
    • Nitika Srivastava

      Thank you for writing to us.

      With regards to your query, please note that by default we do not as yet have this feature where sellers can print the shipping label from their portal.
      We can however discuss further for its customization if you are interested.

      Please raise a ticket here at : for further details.

      Best Regards
      Team Webkul

      • rajivrai
        Should this be a default feature? Other marketplace platforms already have this fature.
  • sathya

    I integrated shipping method and i was able to get the shipping rate by seller in add to cart page, it worked fine first day. But today, am not able to get the rates , am getting error as shipping method not available in the add to cart page. when i checked settings/shipping/calculated rates , i see the below. i have united states as the Country. can you please check and let me know if there is any error on your end to send the shipping rates to shopify during checkout process. my email address is

    Rate adjustment: 0% + $0.00
    There are no available services for the countries you’ve selected.
    Automatically offering future shipping services when they become available.


    • Neha Sharma

      Please create a ticket on for the same and we will look into this.


  • sathya

    Am using your Marketplace Multivendor product. I want to show the shipping price for each seller’s products individually in the cart page . But i don’t have any information related to the seller other than seller name. How do i get shipping information for the particular seller in the cart page.
    This is the urgent need as the site is already launched with sellers. Can you please take this as priority and give the solution

    I also created the ticket for this #25256 . i entered my site name and the cart page in the ticket.

  • Mike-Robin Pisciotta
    Let’s say someone has several items in their cart, from several different vendors…

    Does this bundle the items accordingly in the cart, based on where/who they are being shipped from, and show ALL THE DIFFERENT shipping times and rates PER VENDOR… kind of like how Amazon does?

    So someone can see that items 1 & 2 will arrive in 5 days for $2.95… but item 3 takes 15-20 days to arrive with free shipping, but also has no faster shipping times available, etc?

    This way they can decide if they want to modify what’s in their cart, etc.?

    • Neha Sharma

      In the app, shipping is managed as per the Shipping Rules that the Admin creates at the Shopify Store. In case you wanted that each seller can manage their own shipping and can put their own pricing, then for that you can use Multivendor Shipping. This will allow the Seller to have the shipping price based on the weight or the price of the product.
      If you need any change in the current way of the shipping then do email us at

      Team Webkul

      • Mike-Robin Pisciotta
        Thank you… but what about the way it is displayed when checking out? Will it show them all the different rates for the different vendors, grouping the products accordingly (like Amazon does)?
        • Neha Sharma
          At the checkout, it will show a shipping named “multivendor shipping” which will sum up all the shipping prices of all the sellers.
          • Naomi Saito
            hi Niha. I installed this app. while I am using your shopping cart since you integrated with Stripe Connect, I can’t use Shopify cart anymore, how can I set a free shipping over $50 when the customer bought multiple products from different sellers and the total checkout price over $50 (not the seller basis). if the total is less $50, I want to set $7 flat shipping fee and distribute among the sellers.
          • Mike-Robin Pisciotta
            Oh, ok, thank you… that is not what I need.
          • Neha Sharma
            Let us know in case you have any other issue.
  • Agus Dwiyanto
    Hi i’m new to your service – Multivendor Marketplace, my website is based in Indonesia. We need a shipping method for the sellers in Indonesia. Like JNE, TIKI, POS etc. I hope you provide the module for that
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