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PrestaShop Theme Development

Visual appearance of the website matters a lot. So, select a theme that not only resonates/aligns with the products you are offering but also has some appealing tint to it.

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Customer Success Stories


Helping AMi2 in managing online catalog for its suppliers and B2B purchase partners


Improving Online Bidding System for Spanish Vintage Stamps Collection Shop – Colectalia


Our customer is our identity. We serve them with our effort and experience.

Importance of theme for an eCommerce store

Website theme is very important in order to create a lasting effect on the customer’s mind. A good/attractive theme which resonates with your products will provide a great user experience.

Better the user experience on your website, the better will be your conversion rate.

Importance of a responsive website

A responsive theme on your website is as important as choosing a right theme for the store.

  • Provides the same greater user experience across all kinds of platforms
  • Optimal & seamless user experience will increase conversion rate
  • Easier & simpler to maintain
  • Supports easy navigation throughout the website
  • Increases attractiveness of the website

Better User Experience

  • A theme better aligned with your products will provide a better user experience to your customers.
  • A custom theme developed according to the needs of the website provides better accessibility to your store products to customers.
  • An attractive website generally tends to keep the customers much longer on the website & thus increases dwell time

Core Web Vitals

We develop a theme that makes your website match the core web vitals standard.
The Core Web Vitals kind of work as the quality signals that helps you to deliver great user experience.
Currently, the three things are generally tracked to measure the user experience I.e., Loading, Interactivity & Visual Stability.

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): It measures the loading performance of the website by measuring the time taken to load largest element of the web page. For optimal experience, it should occur within first 2.5 seconds of the page loading.
  • FID (First Input Delay): It measures the interactivity of the web page by measuring responsiveness I.e., how quickly an interaction happens with the content. It should be 100 milliseconds or less for better user experience.
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): It measures the visual stability of a web page. The CLS score should be 0.1 or less for better experience.

AMP Design

All our PestaShop themes are AMP compatible. It ensures that web pages load faster.

  • Ensures pages are optimized for mobile
  • Pages load faster than before
  • Ensure smooth navigation
  • Less Data Consumption
  • No need to make XML sitemap for AMP

PWA Design

A Progressive Web App (PWA) delivers app like experience to customers by making use of modern-day web capabilities.

  • PWAs provide native app like experience to customers
  • Our themes are very much compatible with the PWAs
  • Faster performance tends to increase user engagement & thus conversion rate.

SEO Optimization

The web pages will also be optimized for SEO in order to improve the search engine ranking results.

  • Snippet preview to provide an idea into how products will appear in search engine results.
  • Site map generation to let the website crawled effectively & for efficient content categorization.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a very efficient & effective method to measure the performance of any section of the website.

  • A/B testing while developing a theme proves to be very efficient
  • It lets you know which of the things are working in your favor & which are not
  • It provides you a clear insight into tweaks that you applied by measuring the website performance with/without the changes
  • It provides you a clear comparison between two things that you experimented for your website

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