CS-Cart Payment and Shipping Integration Services

Integrate CS-Cart payment and shipping methods into your CS-Cart store. Enhance customer satisfaction with popular payment gateways and reliable shipping carriers. 

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Customer Success Stories

Ali Markt

Ali’s Market is an online fireplace marketplace that now uses cs-cart iyzico payment gateway for their multi vendor platform.


An emerging online dropshipping marketplace for promoting and selling affiliate products to Asian shoppers.


Webkul played a big role in Shoppymore by providing order and delivery management system . They can advertise the product through banner on their store.

Why Choose CS-Cart Payment Integration Services?

By choosing CS-Cart for payment integration, you will get flexibility and security to make checkout easy for your customers. 

CS-Cart supports many payment options and strong protections against fraud, so businesses can meet different customer needs while keeping transactions safe.

Custom CS-Cart Payment Options

Custom CS-Cart payment integration lets businesses customize how customers pay to fit their needs. 

Whether it’s setting up regular payments for subscriptions or adding special payment methods for different areas, CS-Cart gives flexibility to improve the checkout process.

Custom CS-Cart Payment Options
Custom Subscription Plan

Recurring Payment Gateway

Add recurring payment options to your website for subscriptions and automatic billing. This is great for businesses that offer memberships or services needing regular payments.

Marketplace Payment Integration

Handle payments for a marketplace where many vendors sell their products by setting up payment solutions that can split payments.

Customer Wallet

Offer a customer wallet feature that allows shoppers to store funds in their account for future purchases. It will enhance customer loyalty and provide a convenient and secure payment method.
Trade Digital Assets

Cash On Delivery

Provide the option for cash on delivery to cater to customers who prefer to pay upon receiving their order. It will increase trust and attract customers who are hesitant to make online payments.

Bitcoin and Crypto Payments

Start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by adding crypto payment gateways. This new way of paying can draw in customers who are into technology and like using decentralized ways to pay.

Improved Checkout Experience

Make buying things easy with a smooth payment process. This helps more people finish buying without leaving their carts, which boosts how many people buy something. 

CS-Cart Payment Integrations Services

Our CS-Cart payment integration makes it easy and safe to handle transactions. They support many popular and custom payment methods. Some of them are:

Why Choose CS-Cart Shipping Integration Servies?

When you integrate CS-Cart shipping, it makes your online store run smoothly. You get powerful tools to handle shipping methods effectively. 

CS-Cart calculates shipping rates instantly and lets you set shipping rules that you can customize. It helps businesses offer accurate shipping choices and makes it easier to process orders.

Custom CS-Cart Shipping Options

Customizing CS-Cart shipping helps businesses tailor shipping methods to fit their specific needs.

Set up different shipping rates for each country and integrate special carriers like Aramex or Sendle using APIs.

Custom CS-Cart Shipping Options

Shipping for eCommerce Marketplace

Easily handle shipping in a multi-vendor marketplace by setting up different shipping methods for each vendor. Every seller can use their preferred shipping options. 
Reach Global Users

Country Wise Shipping

Tailor shipping choices for each country. You can set different shipping methods, costs, and delivery times based on where the package is going. This ensures accurate and dependable shipping worldwide.

Fixed and Flat Shipping Rates

Offer fixed or flat shipping rates to simplify the checkout process. Fixed rates can be set per item, while flat rates apply to the entire order. This approach makes shipping costs predictable for your customers.
Shipping and Logistics

Proof of Delivery

Enhance customer trust and satisfaction by providing proof of delivery. This feature allows you to integrate services that require a signature or photo upon delivery, ensuring that orders reach the right recipients.
payment integration

Third-Party Integration

Use APIs to connect with other shipping services, giving your customers more options for shipping. This setup can give them up-to-date shipping costs and tracking details.

Custom Shipping Rules

Set up special shipping rules based on what products are being bought, how much the order costs, or where your customers are located. It makes sure your shipping methods match your requirements.

CS-Cart Shipping Integrations Services

We have worked across different verticals and industries

We have a lot of experience adding payment and shipping options to CS-Cart for different types of businesses.

No matter what industry you are in, we can customize our services to make your operations run smoother and keep your customers satisfied.


Fashion & Apparel




Real Estate














I bought the MangoPay payment gatway solution and the assistance service in the event of a problem and indeed the support is very competent and the problems are resolved on average within 24 to 48 hours. The development team does a marvelous job so congratulations.

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Why choose us for CS-Cart Payment and Shipping Integration?

We specialize in setting up CS-Cart for shipping and payment. Our goal is to make sure everything runs smoothly for your online store. 

We provide dedicated support and prioritize security to handle your eCommerce transactions with trust and efficiency.

FAQ related to CS-Cart Payment and Shipping Integration

What payment gateways does CS-Cart support?

CS-Cart supports a wide range of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and many more. You can integrate these gateways seamlessly into your store to offer multiple payment options to customers.

Can I customize shipping rates based on different regions?

Yes, CS-Cart allows you to set up shipping rates based on various factors such as destination, order weight, and delivery speed. You can create custom shipping methods and define shipping zones to accurately calculate shipping costs for different regions.

Does CS-Cart support recurring payments for subscription services?

Yes, CS-Cart allows integration with recurring payment gateways, making it suitable for businesses offering subscription-based services. You can automate billing cycles and offer seamless subscription management to your customers.

How can I ensure secure transactions for payments made through CS-Cart?

CS-Cart prioritizes security for online transactions by offering integration with secure payment gateways that use encryption and fraud detection measures. Additionally, you can implement extra security layers like two-factor authentication to protect customer transactions.

Can I track orders and provide shipping updates to customers?

Yes, CS-Cart allows you to track orders and provide shipping updates to customers in real-time. You can set up automated email notifications for order confirmations, shipping status updates, and delivery notifications to keep customers informed throughout the order fulfillment process.

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