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Transform your vivid ideas into a game-changing mobile app that deliver digitally transforming and high performing results. Build mobile applications with infinite possibilities to empower your business with our mobile app development services.

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The mobile app industry has witnessed a tremendous revolution and becomes one of the crucial parts of every business. The primary reason is the availability of various mobile applications packed with brilliant features and amazing utilities whether you want to shop, book a cab, purchase groceries, order food, schedule an appointment with your doctor or perform bank transactions, mobile apps have made all of them easy.

Why a Mobile App for Business?

As per Google 80% of the users own a smartphone. The Times published an article which highlights “More people now shop on Amazon using smartphones and tablets than computers”. Keeping these statistics in mind every business should target the large smartphone user base. Mobile app development can be used to enhance user product experience for smartphone users.

Magento Innovations Lab Showcase Winner

We are always ready to adapt and practice new technologies like Machine Learning and Augmented reality.

We have made it to Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase for four times in a row for our Machine Learning and Augmented Reality implementations in Magento® and native mobile apps.


Features help to uplift the user engagement

Mobile applications are intuitive and accessible. Mobile apps can be leveraged to create a multi-channel / omni-channel customer experience. Have a glimpse of advanced technological featured of mobile apps development to experience how they work wonders in making your business successful – 


Push Notifications

Push notifications are small messages that pops-up on a mobile device. It is one of the easiest and most successful approaches to reach and monetize your customers.


Performance is defined by the end-user experience of how well the mobile application performs. It is one of the most critical parameter for the success of a mobile application.

Easy Updates

Frequently upgrade targets performance issues and helps you to earn the trust of your users. In mobile, this process is hassle-free and quick.

Platform Outreach

Mobile apps are compatible with multiple screens that provide wider audience outreach in a shorter time span.

Security & Scalability

Mobile applications are integrated with security and scalability features to efficiently handle more and more requests.

Better Connectivity with Customer

The mobile applications development has redefined the way of assisting developing a strong connection with the potential customers become easier than ever.

Why Choose Webkul to Build Mobile Application

We have 9+ years of experience in building next-generation native and cross-platform mobile apps. We have collectively published more than 200 apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We are a top  mobile app development agency in worldwide working for brands across the globe, for example Nokia, Accenture, Tech Mahindra and HTC etc.

Our mobile-based applications are already holding the popularity of businesses and public platforms. Your need is our success, your vision of our new innovation and when it blends with our creativity and innovation, then a Webkul mobile application is born.

Our services include Android and iOS app development, Cross-platform app development, UI and UX consulting, and many more.


What are the Benefits of Mobile App Development


Accessibility & Mobility

Converting the website to a mobile app provides ease and convenience of accessing and sharing any information—from anywhere and at anytime. Thus, mobile apps offer one the most convenient way to attract and engaged customers.

Improve Customer Relationship

The app owner can showcase a different type of special offers, send personalized updates related to products and services to their existing customers in real-time. They can easily send instant and non-intrusive notifications to your app users for better customer relationship.

Great UX/UI

A mobile app offers an attractive User Interface that creates an instant attraction to your app along with superb User Experience to put a lasting impression on your users’ mind. A mobile app with great UX/UI help companies boost the business bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.

Attracting Local Customers

Mobile apps offer many features to attract local customer like Multi-lingual features makes the application more personalized, multiple currencies support that automatically converts currencies as per location, Shipping methods to ensures a larger coverage area.

Online as well as Offline mode

The customer can access the mobile application even if the internet connectivity is not present. This helps the customers to offer a seamless experience wherein customer browsing data remains saved even the network is off. This is highly effective if the user is into constant travelling.

Native or Cross-Platform App?

Webkul mobile app development is working two ways to create an outstanding mobile app – you either develop a native mobile app (iOS, Android) for each platform or create a single cross platform mobile app supported by multiple platforms.

Both native and cross platform apps have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a development approach is subjective and requires consideration as per the desired user experience, resources, app features, and project timeline.

Let’s see here, how this decision will useful for your mobile app design and app development : –

Native Mobile App Development

Native mobile apps are primarily built for popular mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. Each native app is written in a programming language, framework, and tools provided by the platform owners.

Android App Development

We are a team of top-notch full stack android developers that has great hands-on experience with android app development tools and framework.

iOS App Development

We turn ideas into reality. We have created more than 100+ iOS apps. We follow standard industry practices for the iOS app development process.


Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform apps have the single source code base. The same source code is compiled to different native apps.

Flutter and React Native are the most popular programming languages which are used to transpile the single code base to the respective native apps like iOS and Android.



Developed 200+ Apps


10+ Years of Development Experience


ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Technology Stack












Android Studio






React Native





Webkul is impressive. I purchased the Magento Mobile solution for Android and IOS. The apps are developed in a very professional way using the newest technologies, well-organized code, easy to customize from the backend. Webkul support is amazing. They do support and solve the issues in the least amount of time. I recommend for any business.

Mohammad Y Hammadi (Lebanon)
Why it is vital to convert from e-Commerce to m-Commerce?

With the increase in mobile devices, the applications are grabbing the market in every domain. Mobile apps are spread like wildfire which even attracts the commerce industry. m-Commerce is resultant of such development that is quite vital for the business owners for survival. It encourages quick checkout, easy accessibility, and much more to extend the business to new horizons.

Can the mobile apps be part of marketplaces?

Yes, mobile apps can be used to give the features which are seller centric to make it the part of a marketplace structure. Just like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba the sellers can showcase the product in a marketplace. However, the mobile app offered by Webkul offers an additional advantage wherein the seller can manage the product, orders, and much more with just an application.

What are the difficulties faced in Mobile app development?

The mobile app development structure is quite dynamic it involves ever-changing technologies that must be embarrassed by the developer. Thus, to create a mobile app involves multiple points of consideration-

Interactive theme – The theme of the application must be engaging enough to attract multiple people and increase conversion.

Easy Navigation – The layout of the application must be set in a format that encourages the quick search of features that leads to more conversion likewise the add to cart button, the category, or product list.

Target audience identification – Any mobile app can only do wonders if it attracts the right set of people. Hence it must have usable features for the targeted audience.

Which technology do we use for mobile app development?

Webkul extends to helps its clients in any area. Thus, we are having an application that is a Native, Hybrid, or Web-based app.
For Native apps we use- Kotlin/Java (Android) and Swift (iOS) or Cross-platform technology- Flutter (Dart) and React Native (JavaScript)

How Mobile apps can be used to create brand loyalty?

Mobile apps are the most essential tool when it comes to start a new business or uplift an existing one. With its features like faster speed, easy accessibility, push notification, and more you can reduce the bounce rate of the customer and keeps them retain in the store for a longer time duration. Thus, helping in the creation of brand loyalty among customers.

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