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B2B marketplaces are very popular these days. The marketplace concept helps eCommerce merchants looking to scale their existing business.

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Helping AMi2 in managing online catalog for its suppliers and B2B purchase partners


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What is a B2B marketplace?

B2B marketplaces are an online shopping space that allows multiple sellers to sell their products to the customers of the marketplace. Or, in other words, a place that facilitates the bulk transactions between the buyers & the sellers.

Why should one consider running a B2B marketplace?

Running a B2B marketplace is very complex and requires micromanagement. As any process could hamper the whole operation. Even though, people consider running/opening a B2B marketplace cause of the following benefits.

· Helps in reaching a larger audience

· An effective way to scale the existing business

· Competitive pricing of the same product helps to allure customers

· Reduces operational cost & improves efficiency

· Increases online visibility of the business

· Improved customer engagement

Why should you consider us for setting up your B2B marketplace?

We offer a range of features that help you to get maximum benefits out of your B2B marketplace. Firstly, let’s see what all those features are?


Seller Registration

It becomes very important to provide the option to your customers or visitors an ability to register themselves as a seller if you’re running a B2B marketplace.

The core concept of B2B marketplace is to gather different kinds of businesses on a single platform & let everyone sell their own products.

And, offering functionality to register as a seller will try to help your user base only.

Commission Management

A place or online platform to sell products always comes at some cost.

As a B2B marketplace owner, it’s quite futile to assume that a person registering as a seller would be allowed to use the services at no cost.

So, to help you & take care of all the calculations related to the share of the owner, the seller would be done very easily by our extension itself.

You’d just need to add some limit as to what commission you’d be charging from the seller. Whether it’s a fraction of the order amount or some fixed amount, you can simply define it in the commission settings & all the calculations will be performed automatically.

Slot Pricing

Slot Pricing functionality basically offers the ability to add discounts to the products.

As you are dealing mostly with businesses on the platform, so you can choose to offer discounts on quantity ranges.

This will only encourage customers to buy more quantity because there will be more discounts being offered.

Bulk Buy Query & Seller Price Comparison

These two features are very helpful for a B2B business.

As you are also dealing with businesses, so the quantity required by businesses is generally high than the retail customers.

So, to fulfill their requirement on time, you can offer them to enquire about the product & the stock availability beforehand.

This will help in carrying out the transaction smoothly.

Also, for retail customers, you can choose to get an advantage because of the competitive pricing of the same product being offered by the seller.

The seller price comparison extension will show the price at which different sellers are offering the product.

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