Blockchain Payment Platform

Webkul provides a Blockchain Payment Platform that makes paying online fast, safe, and easy. Our blockchain technology ensures a smooth and transparent payment experience.


Webkul Customer Success Story


Moremoto, a Spanish online motorcycle accessories store drive traffic, boosts engagement, and increase customer satisfaction with Webkul’s extensions. is an online Auction Website that attracts many sellers and customer to sell or bid their product.

Pick and Go Shopping

Kenya-based Pick and Go Shopping uses webkul’s OpenCart modules for developing a suitable online marketplace. Our solution is for both sellers and customer along with multi channel selling.

Key Features of Blockchain Payment Platform

Our blockchain services make paying easier and help businesses stay ahead. It uses decentralized technology that stores every transaction from start to finish. This makes each payment transparent and secure.


Cut Down Intermediaries

It makes sure that information is stored and shared securely and transparently, without needing to rely on central authorities. This helps reduce the risk of data being lost.

Quick Cross-Border Payment

Send money across borders easily and at a low cost. We use advanced security measures to make payment quick and safe during the journey.
Automate with Smart Contract

Automate with Smart Contracts

It means adding cryptocurrency features to systems or apps that already exist. This lets people make transactions easily. You can pay securely, and manage assets efficiently.

Process Payment in Real-Time

We make sure your payments are made right away without any delay. This helps businesses with money flow and operations.
Audit Payment Documents

Audit Payment Documents

We keep a clear and complete record of all payment documents. This makes it easy to track and verify purchases.

E- Signing Transaction

Securely sign transactions electronically. This makes payment faster and reduces the need for paper documents.
Multiple Currency Support

Multiple Currency Support

Our system easily handles money from different countries. This makes it simple to buy and sell things worldwide.
Transparency and Security

Transparency and Security

We keep track of every transaction you make on a secure ledger. This makes sure that your transactions stay safe and trustworthy.
Governance and Compliance

Governance and Compliance

You can track your transactions by following a few rules. This can include KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) guidelines.

Platforms used in Blockchain Payment System

Secure your business with our Blockchain Payment Platform

We help your businesses grow globally in today’s digital world. Our Blockchain Payment Platform increases sales and reduces fraud at every step of the payment process.

Blockchain Payment Platform for NFT Marketplace

We provide Blockchain Payment solutions to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. You can use popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for payments.

People worldwide can choose different ways to complete transactions on their NFT platforms. Our easy-to-use screens and payment options make transactions fast and convenient.

Blockchain Payment Platform for NFT Marketplace
Blockchain Payment Platform for DeFi Solutions

Blockchain Payment Platform for DeFi Solutions

Webkul offers a blockchain payment for DeFi activities like lending, borrowing, and trading. You can make payments directly from liquidity pools available for trading.

We also connect with Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) for quick and safe transactions on these platforms.

Blockchain Payment Platform for Wallet System

Our Blockchain Payment Platform uses strong security to protect your private keys and funds. You can check your transaction history right away and get real-time notifications.

Our solutions are easy to use on your phone or computer. Plus, we connect you with exchange platforms for trading cryptocurrencies from your wallet.

Blockchain Payment Platform for Wallet System
Blockchain Payment for Marketplace

Blockchain Payment for Marketplace

We create custom blockchain payment solutions for online marketplace. Our aim is to make online buying and selling secure and trustworthy.

We use escrow services to protect transactions between buyers and sellers. Our e-commerce blockchain technology can easily link with popular online stores to make payments easier.

Blockchain Payment for Trade Finance

We offer blockchain payment services to help businesses with their finances. Our services keep the financial flow in the supply chain clear and secure.

We use smart contracts to automate paying invoices, which makes it faster and cheaper. Our system settles trades quickly without any delays.

Blockchain Payment for Trade Finance
Blockchain Payment Platform with QR Codes

Blockchain Payment Platform with QR Codes

We help to create safe and reliable QR codes for transactions using blockchain. Our QR codes quickly check and process payment.

Our Blockchain Payment Platform record the QR code payments in a secure and unchangeable way. Also, we connect with popular mobile wallets to easily scan QR codes.

We have worked across different verticals and industries

Whether you work in healthcare, finance, or any other field, we’ve got solutions that are just right for you. Our custom solutions make payment easier and faster for your business.



Real Estate

Real Estate



Charity and Donation

Charity and Donation



Cyber Security

Cyber Security





Blockchain Payment Platform Development Cycle

At Webkul, we carefully plan and carry out our Blockchain Payment Platform Development. We keep improving and making them better to ensure they work smoothly.


Research and Planning

We study how your business works and what you want to achieve with blockchain payments. We look at your current systems and make a plan that suits your business the most.
Visual Design and Prototyping

Solution Design

We design detailed plans that show how systems will work together. This includes their structure, what they do, and how they fit together.

Development and Integration

We develop the back end of our payment solution. Also, we connect our system with the current online payments and e-commerce platforms.

Quality Testing

We carefully test the system to make sure it works right in different situations. We also check the security and how easy it is for people to use our solution.

Deploy and Launch

We plan on how to introduce the new system to prevent disrupting your business. After launch, we train the users for easy and smooth usage.

Support and Updates

We provide ongoing support and fix any emerging bugs or errors. Also, we continuously improve the system to meet your evolving business needs.

Why choose us for the Blockchain Payment Platform?

Webkul offers a flexible and safe Blockchain Payment Platform Development. We create top-notch solutions that run smoothly all the time.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

We have a deep knowledge and expertise in blockchain technology. Our skilled team makes strong payment solutions as per your needs.
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

We smoothly integrate payment platforms with current systems. Our solutions ensure minimal downtime and high efficiency.


We make sure our payment platform can easily grow as your business grows. It can handle more transactions, even the complicated ones.


Webkul has been very practical and helpful, giving us wings to get to the next level in building our eCommerce business. Thank you Webkul for being ultimately responsive with quality care and service.

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J. Patrick Morgan

Founder & Developer

FAQ for Blockchain Payment Platform

What is a Blockchain Payment Platform?

Our Blockchain Payment Platform uses blockchain technology to make transactions safe and efficient. It removes middlemen and handles both different cryptocurrencies and traditional money.

How does the Blockchain Payment Platform ensure security?

We keep the transactions safe by using special codes and networks that spread out the information. Every transaction gets written down on a permanent record that can’t be changed. This helps in stopping anyone from cheating or fraud.

Is Blockchain Payment Platform suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Blockchain Payment Platforms work well for small businesses and big ones too. They offer ways to handle transactions that can grow with a business and are affordable. These platforms can fit into different kinds of systems easily.

How can you address the challenges of blockchain payment systems?

To solve problems with blockchain payment systems, it’s important to make them very secure and follow all the rules. Making transactions faster and able to handle more at once helps too. It’s also good to teach people how to use them well and give them help when they need it.

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