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Shopware Marketplace Development

Webkul is top-rated and reputable solutions partner Shopware development agency.

Webkul provides Shopware eCommerce Marketplace Development services that ensure a wide range of features and a pleasant client experience. 

We are the known company for Marketplace Development

Webkul offers end-to-end eCommerce marketplace development and may assist you in bringing everything you need for setting up your online store in one place. 

Webkul has over ten years of experience in the eCommerce Industry and provides end-to-end services for Shopware Development.

Whether you’re just getting started with eCommerce or looking to expand your business, we can assist.


Add Multiple Seller

The admin can add multiple sellers to the marketplace.

Manage Product Catalog

Choose a product from the master catalog and place a purchase order.

Seller Rating and Reviews

Buyers may use ratings and reviews to choose the appropriate providers.

Get Commissions

Marketplace commissions are managed via the Payment Method.
Shipping Methods-Icon

Shipping and Taxes

Vendors have complete control over their shipping and taxation.
Boost Conversion Rates

Advanced Reports

Top-selling goods, suppliers, and brands, according to vendor reports.

Multi Theme Support

Theme Compatibility ranges from LTR to RTL, and all types of themes are supported.


Website, and profile of the seller/vendor, similar to Amazon or Etsy.
Routing Management-Icon

Manage Orders

The vendors get access to all order information, including the customer’s name, product, and shipping address.

We have Worked Across Different Verticals and Industries

We are working really hard to provide you with the finest possible outcome while considering your convenience. You’ll find solutions for any vertical and industry with us, depending on your needs.

We also provide customization services, so your application will be tailored to your specific company requirements.


Fashion & Apparel


Food & Grocery






Real Estate















Shopware marketplace development life cycle

Whether you’re working on Shopware or Mobile apps, all software development is incomplete without the Agile approach. 

According to the image, the agile approach is the most perfect and fruitful notion. When building Shopware Marketplace Extensions, templates, and custom modules at Webkul, we use the full agile development process.


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Shopware Marketplace Planning & Wireframing


Shopware Marketplace Prototype and Designing


Shopware Marketplace Development and Implementation


Shopware Marketplace Testing and Feedback.


Shopware Marketplace Deployment and Maintenance

Services We Offer

Webkul is a world-renowned eCommerce development firm. We offer full-service Shopware creation and assist clients in achieving their business objectives.

We are well-known across the world and have extensive knowledge of open-source eCommerce frameworks and corporate platforms.

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 B2B Marketplace

Webkul Shopware B2B Marketplace will establish an online marketplace where business buyers and sellers from all over the world can interact and conduct business.

  • The reason for this is because it is urgently needed by business owners who are attempting to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • In terms of sales and income, nothing beats converting your firm to B2B in the eCommerce world.
  • Furthermore, when discussing B2B, we must not forget to mention the two key actors – the sellers and, of course, the buyers!
  • Sellers and buyers from all over the world interact with one another and conduct commercial transactions as a result.

B2C Marketplace

So, do you want to start your own Shopware marketplace? Make it happen with our assistance.

  • Allow third-party vendors to sell their wares on your Shopware Website, and you’ll earn a commission.
  • We also provide Shopware businesses with ready-made solutions. It facilitates the conversion of a single-vendor store into a multi-vendor marketplace platform.
  • Webkul guarantees that your Shopware webshop will have the best-suited marketplace with a fantastic user experience for suppliers and administrators.

Multi-Vendor Mobile App Development

  • With top-notch Shopware Mobile App Development services, you can turn your idea into a game-changing mobile experience.
  • It might assist you in determining ways to speed up your eCommerce business.
  • As a result, we can conclude that having a mobile application will greatly increase the return on your investment.
  • Convert your Shopware store to a hybrid mobile app to provide your customers a hybrid experience that combines native and internet apps.

Hyperlocal Marketplace

Clients will obtain their items or services in a very short amount of time thanks to the Shopware Hyperlocal Marketplace or on-demand near-me delivery model.

  • End-users may more easily outsource their everyday duties thanks to the hyperlocal delivery model. 
  • For small-scale shops and merchants, on-demand delivery opens up a world of possibilities.
  • Customers are connected to local stores using the Shopware Marketplace Hyperlocal System, which also improves their purchasing experience.

Grocery Marketplace

Customers may create an online grocery website similar to Instacart, Grofers, or BigBasket using the Shopware Marketplace Hyperlocal System plugin.

  • Customers will be able to see goods that are accessible in the nearest shop.
  • The Webkul Shopware Marketplace Hyperlocal System will automatically filter products based on the customer’s specified location.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale System will be a benefit to eCommerce firms in terms of sales and income. In this case, you’re allowing customers to shop both online and in person.

  • POS systems aren’t just for eCommerce firms; they may also be utilized in a variety of other industries. 
  • From taking orders at a coffee shop to booking hotel rooms to selling event tickets, retail stores, and restaurants, there are a variety of jobs available.
  • The merchant can create orders for items from physical stores using the Shopware point of sale system.

What is Shopware Marketplace?

Shopware Marketplace will completely change the look and feel of your Shopware store. Any customer can become a seller and sell their products using this module.

What is the maximum number of vendors and customers that this marketplace can accommodate?

An infinite number of vendors and consumers may be added by the shop owner in Shopware Marketplace.

What is the benefit of Shopware Marketplace Solution?

Shopware Marketplace can turn your Shopware business into a marketplace in no time. Any client may become a vendor and sell their items using this module.

Which themes Shopware marketplace module is compatible with?

Yes, all types of responsive themes, templates, and custom themes/templates are supported.

Hire on-demand project developers and turn your idea into reality

Webkul developed customisation on Hyperlocal Marketplace for my website; completed in a timely manner.

Good honest and diligent work ethic.
Stephen Wilson
Head of Design & Conversion Clicksco
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