Blockchain eCommerce Services

Webkul offers Blockchain eCommerce Services to make your online store safe and reliable for your customers. Create decentralized applications (dApps) and build custom blockchain solutions to fit your needs.


Webkul Customer Success Story


Learn how Webkul helped CPP Brand to automate content creation, enhance SEO, resulting in increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Dragon Supplies

Dragon Supplies is a UK military gear manufacturer that used Webkul’s Magento 2 POS system and Shopify connector to expand their business and streamline sales operations.


Bandyshirt is a German company specializing in customizable apparel and promotional items. Established over 25 years ago, Bandyshirt offers a wide range of products including T-shirts, hoodies, and various photo gifts like mugs and pillows.

Key Features of Our Blockchain eCommerce Services

Our Blockchain Services helps you to automate your business processes. It improves transparency and speeds up data handling. This enables you to keep up with the changing needs of today’s online platforms.

Decentralized Data

Decentralized Information

Make your information safer and transparent by storing it in various nodes. This way, it is harder to tamper with or lose.

Smart Contract

Use smart contracts to handle your tasks automatically. This ensures correct and trustworthy transactions.

Crypto Payment

Add cryptocurrency payment options to your online store. This lets your customers pay in secure and different ways.

Add Tokenization

Turn your assets such as ownership or rights into digital tokens. This makes them easier to buy, sell, and use.
Manage Returns and Funds  

Manage Returns and Funds  

Handle product returns and manage money using blockchain. Our process is clear and trackable.
Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Provide safe digital wallets to your customers. These wallets let them store and manage digital assets easily and securely.
Trade Digital Assets

Trade Digital Assets

Allow people to trade digital assets like tokens and NFTs on your platform. This brings in more customers and investors.
Security and Fraud Detection

Enhanced Security Measures

Use strong rules to protect customer information and transactions. Our system helps prevent fraud and data breaches.
No-Third Party Interference

No-Third Party Interference

You don’t need middlemen, which lowers fees for transactions. It makes your online business work more smoothly.
Reach Global Users

Reach Global Users

Our blockchain services enable you to reach people around the world. This lets you grow your market and sell more products.
Blockchain Consultation

Blockchain Consultation

You don’t need middlemen, which lowers fees for transactions. It makes your online business work more smoothly.
AI & IoT Integration

AI & IoT Integration

We combine Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies with blockchain to make smart solutions.

Platforms used in Blockchain eCommerce Services

Top Industries Benefiting from Our Blockchain eCommerce Services

Webkul’s Blockchain eCommerce Services are scalable and less expensive than other technologies. We provide special features that attract your target customers and help your business succeed.

Blockchain Services for eCommerce and retail

Webkul offers Blockchain eCommerce Development to protect data and transactions in online retail. Our services include creating trustworthy loyalty programs and secure payment methods.

Our solutions also improve inventory management and streamline operations. This enhances the overall customer experience for eCommerce and retail businesses.

Blockchain Services for eCommerce and retail

Blockchain eCommerce Services for Healthcare

Our Blockchain eCommerce Services help in tracking drugs from production to when they reach the patients. This prevents the selling of fake medicines in the market.

We also ensure the safe sharing of private medical information between doctors and patients. Healthcare providers can use our smart contracts to manage insurance claims and patient records. This means less paperwork and lower costs for healthcare organizations.

Blockchain eCommerce Services for Financial Technology

Webkul uses Blockchain eCommerce Development to decentralize your finance app. We make sure records are safe and transactions are secure. Our solutions also help payments happen faster and protect against fraud.

We help fintech to try new things like tokenization while ensuring they follow regulations. This helps them earn the trust of their customers and partners.

eCommerce Blockchain Services for Financial Technology
eCommerce Blockchain Services for Logistics

Blockchain eCommerce Services for Logistics

Webkul uses blockchain technology to make logistics and supply chains work better. We help track items from when they’re made to reaching customers. This transparency lets everyone see each step.

Our Blockchain eCommerce Development make operations smoother and reduce problems like fake products. We help logistics companies provide great service to customers.

Blockchain eCommerce Services for Education

Our Blockchain Services help schools keep records safe and unchanged. This makes sure that schools have reliable academic certificates and diplomas.

We make it easier to check if a student’s credentials and identity are real. Also, we help schools make tasks like registering students and issuing certificates easier and faster.

eCommerce Blockchain Services for Education
eCommerce Blockchain Services for Manufacturing

Blockchain eCommerce Services for Manufacturing

As a Blockchain eCommerce Services Company, we use blockchain in every part of production to make it more efficient. It reduces the chance of the product being fake.

Manufacturers can track products from when they are raw materials to when they’re delivered. This helps in managing stocks and deliveries. We also use smart contracts to automate buying things.

Blockchain eCommerce Services for Government

We use Blockchain technology to make voting more transparent and trustworthy. It helps in boosting the confidence in people for the voting process. We also create secure systems for digital money, like crypto minting.

Governments use our Blockchain to ensure that public bidding processes are fair and honest. We ensure that the information of the government and the public is safe and secure.

Blockchain eCommerce Development Cycle

Discover our process for creating Blockchain eCommerce. We’re here to help you at every stage from coming up with the idea to finishing it all. As a Blockchain eCommerce Services Company, our goal is to ensure your online store journey is smooth and successful.


Understanding Needs

We first find out what your online store needs. Then, we figure out what goals it has and what specific features blockchain can provide.

Designing Phase

We create sketches and plans for our blockchain solution. These plans organize information to make online shopping better.

Development Phase

We code to build smart contracts and connect blockchain with online stores. We add the needed features on both the front and back ends.

Testing Phase

We test each part of our solution like the smart contracts and security. Then, we let users try it out to make sure they like it.

Deployment Phase

We launch our solution step by step to avoid disturbing how our online store works. We check it and ensure its scalability as well.

Ongoing Maintainance

We provide continuous support to fix any problems in the solution. We listen to feedback and update it to fit your business needs.

Why Choose Webkul for Blockchain eCommerce Services?

We are a Blockchain eCommerce Services Company, providing creative solutions to help you stand out in the competitive market. Use our experience and industry know-how to fulfill your needs.

Team Management-icon

Expert Team

Get help from our team of blockchain specialists. We have a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to every project.

Client Centric Approach

Understanding your business needs and goals is our priority. So, we create solutions that are just right for what you need.
Customer Support

24/7 Support

We offer support all day and every day. Our team is here to help whenever you need help.
Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

We focus on providing solutions that help you save money. We ensure you get quality services at low prices.


Our solutions handle more transactions as your company expands. It does not reduce performance while doing so.
Minimal Downtime

Minimal Downtime

We quickly and efficiently set up blockchain solutions. This reduces any delays and helps you get to market faster.


All communication is done through a ticket system. I appreciate the regular almost daily updates of what is being worked on, and communicating changes or updates is easy through this system. Mobikul’s response timeframe is quick, and the developers accomplish tasks in a very reasonable timeframe. They also respond to questions, concerns, and any bugs very quickly.

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Blockchain eCommerce Services FAQ

What are Blockchain eCommerce Services?

eCommerce Blockchain Services uses blockchain technology in online shopping platforms. This helps make transactions and manage the supply chain. It makes interacting with customers safer and clearer.

What types of blockchain solutions do you offer for eCommerce?

We provide various blockchain solutions such as secure payment systems and smart contracts. We offer programs for customer loyalty and decentralized marketplaces as well.

What is a smart contract and how can it be used in eCommerce?

A smart contract works like a digital agreement that runs on its own using computer code. It automatically manages things like paying for orders and handling returns. This helps ensure that everyone involved follows the rules they agreed to.

What is the cost of using blockchain in my eCommerce platform?

The cost of adding blockchain to your online store can vary on many factors. It can be based on what your business needs and how complicated it is. To learn more, get in touch with us for a detailed talk and a personalized price quote based on what you require.

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