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Unlock the power of digital transformation with our AI-based OCR development services. Convert printed and handwritten text into accurate, editable, and searchable digital formats.


What to expect from AI-based OCR?


Image Preprocessing

De-skewing, noise reduction, and contrast adjustment, to enhance text recognition accuracy, especially in low-quality or distorted images.
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Handwriting Recognition

Capable of interpreting and converting handwritten text into digital format with high accuracy.
Highly Documentation

Layout/Format Preservation

Maintain layout and formatting, including columns, and tables, ensuring the digital version closely matches the original.

Scalability and Speed

Process large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently, suitable for businesses with substantial document processing needs.
Access Ready-to-use Plugins

Integration Capabilities

Easily integrate with other software and systems, such as CMS, ERP systems, and databases.

Data Privacy and Security

Employ robust security measures to protect sensitive data during and after the OCR process.

Industries Transforming with AI-based OCR

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AI-based OCR for CRM

By integrating AI-based OCR into CRM systems, organizations can enhance customer engagement, improve operational efficiency, and make more informed, data-driven decisions. 

  • Contact Information Extraction: Automatically extract and digitize contact information from business cards, forms, and documents.
  • Customer Interaction Records: Digitize handwritten notes from customer interactions to improve record-keeping and follow-up actions.
OCR for banking and finance

AI-based OCR for Finance and Banking

Our AI-based OCR solutions streamline financial and banking operations by automating data extraction and processing. Improve accuracy, reduce manual workload, and enhance compliance with our cutting-edge technology.

  • Invoice and Receipt Processing: Automatically extract and process data from invoices and receipts for faster and error-free transactions.
  • Check Processing: Digitize handwritten and printed checks for quick and accurate verification.
  • Document Verification: Simplify the verification of customer documents like IDs and contracts, enhancing security and compliance.

AI-based OCR for Healthcare

Transform your healthcare services with AI-based OCR systems designed to digitize and manage patient information efficiently. Improve data accessibility, reduce administrative burden, and enhance patient care.

  • Medical Records/History Management: Digitize patient records, prescriptions, and handwritten notes for easy access and management.
  • Insurance Claims Processing: Automate the extraction of data from claim forms, speeding up the processing time.
  • Patient Data Entry: Simplify and accelerate the entry and retrieval of patient information from various forms and documents.
OCR for healthcare
OCR for hospitality

AI-based OCR for Travel and Hospitality

Enhance customer experience and operational efficiency in the travel and hospitality industry with our AI-based OCR solutions. Automate data extraction from various documents and improve service delivery.

  • Booking and Reservation Systems: Automate data entry from booking forms and reservation documents.
  • Customer Feedback: Digitize customer feedback forms and surveys for better analysis and response.
  • Passport and Visa Processing: Extract and process information from passports and visa applications to streamline check-in and verification.

AI-based OCR for Logistics and Transportation

Optimize your logistics and transportation operations with AI-based OCR solutions. Streamline document processing, improve inventory management, and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Bill of Lading Processing: Digitize and extract data from bills of lading to streamline logistics operations.
  • Package Tracking: Automate data extraction from labels and tracking forms to improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Inventory Management: Digitize labels and shipping documents to maintain accurate inventory records.
OCR for Logistics
OCR for Education

AI-based OCR for Education

Enhance educational processes with AI-based OCR technology, making administrative tasks more efficient and improving access to educational materials for students and staff.

  • Digitizing Books and Study Materials
  • Automated Grading and Assessment
  • Student Record Digitisation
  • Support for Remote and Hybrid Learning

Custom AI-based OCR Systems

Leverage the full potential of AI-based OCR technology with custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you need to process specific document types or integrate with existing systems, we provide tailored OCR solutions to enhance your operations.

  • System Integration: Integrate OCR technology seamlessly with your existing software and workflows.
  • Specialized Data Extraction: Customize data extraction capabilities to suit unique business requirements.
Custom AI-based OCR Systems

Technologies Used for AI-based OCR

Deep Learning

Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Language models and Named Entity Recognition (NER) are utilized to understand the context of text and improve recognition accuracy, especially in scenarios involving handwritten or complex text.
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Neural networks, such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), are employed to recognize and extract text from images, enabling accurate character recognition.
Computer Vision

Optical Character Recognition Engines

OCR engines like Tesseract and ABBYY FineReader provide the core functionality for text recognition, leveraging machine learning models to interpret characters and layouts.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine

Computer Vision

Techniques like image preprocessing and object detection are applied to prepare images for OCR and locate text regions within them, enhancing OCR performance.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning Frameworks

Libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch are used to build and train OCR models, enabling developers to create custom solutions tailored to specific requirements.
Edge Computing

Edge Computing

On-device OCR technologies enable OCR processing directly on devices, reducing latency and dependency on internet connectivity, and making it suitable for applications with real-time requirements.


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