eCommerce Augmented Reality

Webkul offers Augmented Reality and Virtual try-on-based solutions for your eCommerce store these are built using Tensor Flow – Machine learning applications. Give your customer an immersive experience with AR and let viewers realize the 3D representation of products. 

What is Augmented Reality?

In eCommerce, Augmented Reality helps exhibit a 3D model of online store products with the help of WebAR. 

The integration of AR into eCommerce helps overcome various limitations of online shopping.

It provides shoppers with the option to calculate a product size or take virtual measurements and a lot more.  

With the help of Augmented Reality (AR), we can add virtual products that enhance the visual appeal of your eCommerce store products. 

It helps to correlate the products available on the eCommerce stores with real-world space. 

Augmented Reality in Mobile Shopping

Coupling Augmented reality features with a mobile app approach gives customers the ability to better evaluate a product. 
Integrating Augmented reality assists in the mobile shopping experience of customers and results in affecting the purchase habits of customers.
Webkul provides Android and iOS app development, cross-platform app development, UI and UX consulting. Check out how Augmented reality can transform your customer digital journey. 


Ecommerce Mobile app – Augmented Reality( AR )

magento-2 mobile app

Magento 2 Mobile App – AR ( Augmented Reality ) Implementation



What is Tensor Flow? 

TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source machine learning platform. It has a large, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries, and community resources that allow developers to build and deploy ML applications.

Webkul is constantly adapting and using new technology such as machine learning and augmented reality.

For our Machine Learning and Augmented Reality implementations in Magento and native mobile apps, we’ve made it to the Magento Innovations Lab Showcase six times in a row.

User engagement on the website

The eCommerce industry is experiencing a massive tide of potentials by leveraging the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Not only the Augmented Reality pressurize the self-service feature, but it also goes beyond that. It helps to uniquely engage the customers in the real-world.
AR increases user engagement and interaction with the website and helps in providing a richer user experience. It is perceived that AR increases the value of products. Well implemented AR activity conveys the forward-thinking brands among the customers.


WooCommerce WebAR (Augmented Reality)


Augmented reality driven Product Detection

360 view

OpenCart Product 360 View

The value of AR Solutions in the current world

Augmented Reality (AR) extends the content and interaction abilities of any product. Also, it helps to enrich the relationship between eCommerce companies and their customers.


AR enables unique opportunities for Immersive reality


Takes the store to the customer


Resolves the gap between online and offline shopping


Personalize and instinctual self-service experience


Improves customer satisfaction through personalized servicing


Enrich the visual interaction


Enhance access to product information

Group 153

Improves the decision-making process of consumers

Virtual Try-On Solution

Online shopping goes beyond browsing through images and videos of a product to life in an immersive environment. Virtual Try-On Introduce the brand new beauty tech innovation and real-life digital solutions to the eCommerce industry.

This technology leverages the perk of online shopping in terms of convenience. It helps to overcome the challenge of ‘uncertainty’ in the eCommerce business. Also, allows users to interact with the product in real-time. It delivers a ‘touch-and-feel’ experience similar to that of in-store shopping.

AR Product Sizing

This innovation visualizes the human body in detail to learn its width and height. We have developed an AR product Sizing feature for the mobile application for the customers. Using this feature the customers can measure their sizes and choose the available option accordingly.
This feature reduces the big pain of returns and refunds for retailers as well as for the customers. Especially in the fashion industry, this feature helps a lot as more than 60% of returns happen because of size and fit.

AR PathFinder 

We have also developed a pathfinder map solution for the customers who are visiting the offline store. It can also be used in the warehouse if we will talk about the eCommerce industries. 

We have also developed a pathfinder map solution for the customers who are visiting the offline store. It can also be used in the warehouse if we will talk about the eCommerce industries. 

360 Degree Product View 

We have to show our customers every side of a product. It allows your customers to view products in a more magnificently and attractively way.

By adding multiple images in a proper sequence, the admin can set up a 360 view of a product.

Virtual Makeup Try On 

AR makeup try-on is a new way to shop online for cosmetics products. With virtual makeup try on tools, customers can virtually try on different beauty products and styles using Augmented Reality.

Enabling them to see how the makeup products will appear on their face like an actual mirror. 



Webkul has been very practical and helpful, giving us wings to get to the next level in building our eCommerce business. Thank you Webkul for being ultimately responsive with quality care and service.

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J. Patrick Morgan

Founder & Developer
How can we use Augmented Reality in web applications?

There are multiple ways where Augmented Reality can be the best way to make things more convenient. On the product pages, using the Augmented Reality product functionality, the customer can check how the product will look in real at a specific place.
You can make the banner ads more dynamic using the augmented reality. This can make the customer experience much better.

How to use Augmented Reality in Progressive Web Applications?

Augmented Reality technology is touching the top in terms of web applications. The banner ads and multiple sections of the website are enhanced using Augmented Reality technology that allows the customer to connect with the website in a better way.

What is the role of Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development?

Nowadays, mobile app technology is well enough to explore that it has several features available that incorporate multiple technologies in it. Cameras and location tracking are some of the necessary technologies.
In mobile phones and apps, we use Augmented Reality to a great extent by making navigation and translation easier.

How does Augmented Reality can expand your business?

Today most of the brands are using Augmented Reality for advertising them as a brand and making better relationships with the clients and stand different from the competitors.
There are multiple features available like this in the fashion industry. That is named “Try On” in which the customer can try the product virtually and can check how it exactly looks like. Likewise, multiple features are there that are creating a revolution in the market.

What are the basic advantages or requirements of Augmented Reality?

There are multiple examples available in the market for Augmented Reality. Either it is the retail industry, beauty industry, fashion industry, or eCommerce industry. The impact is incredible that is provided by the Augmented Reality technology. Augmented Reality is making the customer experience more amazing and convenient which makes things faster.

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