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Grab flat 5% loyalty points* on every purchase

Pay for the best eCommerce solutions by using loyalty points.

Buy Any Useful Products

To become a smart buyer one should know how to purchase products with maximum benefits and from the best store. Keeping this in mind, Webkul has launched free loyalty points for customer purchases. Herein, customers only need to follow three convenient steps. Buyers do not need to put any harsh effort to achieve these extras.

Get Loyalty Points

After the selection process, the customer will simply make the checkout. Especially, there is no such minimum product cost required. Whatever will be the product cost, the buyer will confirm and receive the loyalty points for each purchase.

The buyer will get flat 5% Loyalty points on all purchases.

Customers will receive the loyalty points after completing the payment of the current purchase and a confirmation mail will be sent.

Redeem on next purchase

Congratulations, now you have received your free loyalty points and you are eligible to redeem them. On the note, loyalty points cannot be withdrawn for cash, they can only be used to make purchases on only.

Let’s suppose you have received 50 Loyalty Points, and your next purchase will be $500 then you will only need to pay $450 for the product cost because 50 Loyalty points will be redeemed as $50. This is how the customer can claim loyalty points.

Use points for world class products

Meanwhile, Webkul has produced many top-selling products that allow the customer to give its store an extra shine. These products are the best fit for every kind of store and marketplaces. Also, the customer has an extraordinary option to customize these products as per the choice by paying seamlessly.

Frequently asked questions

Do my loyalty points expire?

No stress at all! The loyalty points you earned by shopping on our store can be redeemed anytime in future. So, sit back relax and think upon using our next solution too built your eCommerce business a success.

What can I buy with loyalty points?

You can buy modules, plugins, applications etc irrespective of any platform.

Can I pay for customization services using loyalty points?

You are eligible to use the loyalty points for purchasing our products only. You cannot use loyalty points to pay for the customization services.

Can I encash the loyalty points?

You need to use the loyalty points on the store purchases only.

Is there a possibility that loyalty points can be used for purchasing the support service?

The loyalty points can be used to buy our products only. For the support services, you will get the benefits of the loyalty points.

Will I get loyalty points if I purchase a customization service?

Neither you can use the loyalty points to purchase the customization services nor you will get any.

Will I get loyalty points if I purchase hourly customization service?

No you will not get any loyalty points on purchasing any sort of customization services. You also cannot redeem the loyalty points on purchasing the respective services.

Do I get any loyalty points if I replace my modules?

You will get the loyalty points only one time of placing the successful order now in case you have to replace the modules then in such scenario you will not get any furthur points.

Terms & Conditions

Webkul is being recognized and appreciated constantly by industry leaders proving our capabilities and commitment to quality and innovation

  1. All orders (exclusive of tax), are eligible for 5% loyalty points.
  2. There is no minimum order amount required to avail of the credit points.
  3. 1 store loyalty point = $1
  4. The rewarded loyalty points can be used up by the customer for future purchases in Webkul Store.
  5. Accrued Loyalty points can be used during checkout to get discounts on future orders. On placing the order the customer gets a confirmation message as well as gets it via email.
  6. Loyalty points are granted once the payment is successful for an order.
  7. The customer gets detailed information on transactions of loyalty points and remaining loyalty balance from the customer account section on the website.
  8. Loyalty points cannot be withdrawn for cash; they can only be used to make purchases on only.
  9. *You will not get loyalty points on customization and support orders.

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