of Building

Ian Bong

CEO @ Reemedy - Medical Supply Marketplace

David Elias

Owner - LionCobraZebra

Ernesto Graveran-Alvarez

Site Owner - Very Canadian (for Shopify Marketplace)

Ernesto Graveran-Alvarez

Site Owner - Very Canadian (for UVdesk Helpdesk)

Loic Masson

Co-Founder ( Platform Home Apprentice )

Islam Nasr

Owner - Tech Hauz

Mohanned K.

Team Leader

Paulo Bezerra

Site Owner - Agronegocio Latino América

Sem Djeguede

Founder & CEO - Africabaie

Joseph A. Anselmo

Co-Founder and CEO - LiveShopBuy

Ekele Sampson

Site Owner - KangroMart

Andy Lockley

Head of Ecommerce - Love Shopping Direct

Son Pham

Hasan Bozkus

Dr.Michael Klinshohr


Ludovic Nagy Bazelle


Dwayne Benjamin

Thomas H.

Mario Chang

Rasmus Biasi

Rudi Werner

Robert Cooper

Randolph Strathmann

Tom Phen

Luke Holden

John Niernberger

Nicole Beauvais-Holt

Martin Pavion

Paul LoGiudice

Thomas Boepple

Daniel Schwarz

Peter Pakula

Vitor Santos

Debbie Lord

Yasuhiko Samejima


Paul Andrews


Stephen J Hawkins

Owusu Dennis

Owner - hwartsystemsgh.com

Andriana Pachella

Resource Manager - Analyte Health

Lauren Williams

Project Manager - Avitru

Carolin Holat

Owner - Mein Fahrrad Spendet

Roberto Cerrella and Team

Owner - Only Made In Italy

Jonathan Wren

Owner - John Harrison Contracting

MissionTieTheKnot Team

Owner - Tietheknot

Salah Abdeldayem

Owner - MISR Commercial Services

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