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Innovation Lab

Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase Winner

We worked on set of innovative cutting edge innovations in the previous year and got showcased several times in Magento Innovations Lab and for three times in a row –

Webkul at Magento Imagine 2019 General Session – Sneaks

One of our Machine Learning powered Magento Catalog Search innovation was picked by Magento for the General Session at Magento Imagine 2019.

Webkul has made to Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase for three times in a row.

In year 2018, Webkul ingressed to Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase by implementing Text/Image Detection Search in eCommerce mobile app builderusing Machine Learning at its core.

Webkul got another mention at Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase in 2019 for building Virtual Measurement using the Augmented Reality (AR) fundamentals for eCommerce mobile app builder.


Mobikul AR Product Navigator

Webkul again got recognized for the Mobikul AR Product Navigator that utilizes the Magento tech stack and ARKit.

Retail shoppers can now easily search and navigate to product locations via a mobile application. This app can be super useful where delivery time is crucial like warehouses & fulfillment centers.



AR Product Sizing

Webkul has been mentioned for its bleeding edge Virtual Measurement implemenation using augmented reality technology in its eCommerce mobile app builder.

It lets the end-users to measure the size of the physical objects on the go.



Machine Learning Search

Webkul was recognized for Mobikul Text/Image Detection Search which utilizes the core of machine learning.

It makes it easier for the end-users to search with ease, as it provides an interface to the users where they can search for products, either by scanning text or the physical product itself.



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