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Salesforce® Health Cloud Services

Integrate Health Cloud data seamlessly with Salesforce’s unified platform for enhanced patient care and outcomes.

Customer Success Stories


Check out how Pillowise USA easily synchronizes QuickBooks data to Salesforce to avail of CRM benefits.


“eShopSync for Shopify” connector impacts the Business Growth of Industville Limited as it doesn’t allow any duplicate data and syncs data automatically on a real-time basis.


“Bondi Boost” did Salesforce integration with Shopify with the help of our connector to work in a problem-free environment, which resulted in a business boost.

Modernized Your Healthcare Process With Salesforce Health Cloud Integration

Experience seamless connectivity and enhanced patient care with Webkul – the ultimate Salesforce Health Cloud Services. Trust us to streamline your healthcare operations and provide personalized experiences for every patient, every time.

Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Healthcare Management

Salesforce Health Cloud solutions are the Future of Healthcare Management because:


Process Management

It enables healthcare organizations to manage their sales, marketing, and service processes in a unified manner on a single platform.
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Real-Time Visibility

It gives healthcare organizations real-time visibility into every aspect of their business, allowing them to make informed decisions and take action accordingly. 
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Comprehensive Patient View

 Salesforce Health Cloud Integration provides a complete view of each patient’s health journey, from initial contact to post-treatment follow-up. 

Patient Data Security

Health Cloud complies with industry standards such as HIPAA, ensuring patient data security and privacy.

Efficiency And Productivity

Health Cloud streamlines administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and managing referrals, enabling healthcare providers to focus on patient care and improving productivity.

Automating Workflows

By automating repetitive tasks and workflows, the Salesforce Health Cloud Service solution frees up time for healthcare professionals to focus on more important tasks.

Take Control Of Your Healthcare Data With Salesforce Health Cloud Integration

Webkul provides integration for Salesforce Health Cloud, which gives you a complete view of your patient’s health information.

A smarter way to manage your health data

With Webkul’s Salesforce Health Cloud services, you can manage your health data more efficiently and effectively.

Salesforce Health Cloud Solution

Webkul provides you with the best Salesforce Health Cloud services that help you manage your health data more conveniently.

Take Your Healthcare Organization To The Next Level With Webkul- Salesforce Health Cloud Provider

Webkul is a software development company that specializes in Salesforce Health Cloud integration. We have a team of experienced developers who are well-versed in the Salesforce platform and can help you maximize the potential of your Health Cloud investment.

We believe that Salesforce Health Cloud has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, and we are committed to helping our clients get the most out of this powerful tool. We offer a range of services that can help you make the most of your Health Cloud investment, including custom integration, data migration, and training.

If you are looking for a partner that can help you make the most of your Salesforce Health Cloud investment, contact us today.


Abhi and his team from Webkul are very experienced on setting up this Plugin with Salesforce and have handled all upcoming questions and issues with great expertise and patience. They have always been available when needed.

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Connect Your CRM To Health Information Today!

This connector is amazing, does everything I need it to do. I am using it to send single product (non-bundles) data to Shopify. The documentation is a little light, but support is A+, and usually answers within a couple of hours.
Isaac Montaine
VP Product & SEO
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