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CS-Cart Theme Development

Turn your e-commerce website into an interactive and captivating website. We provide their customers with various theme development services and ensure excellent themes and templates for their websites.

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Customer Success Stories


TREDO is a B2B wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers with relevant companies in a seamless manner.


It is an e-commerce marketplace site that provides the platform for multiple vendors to sell their products.


Successful Vendor Onboarding for UK’s First School Science Supplies Marketplace

Importance of Theme Development for your CS-Cart Website

Themes are the portals through which customers can interact with you via your website. Customers are more likely to spend time on a website with an exciting theme. Therefore, the amount of time spent in a shopping store is directly proportional to the amount of money spent there shopping. The most recent themes featured here have received rave reviews from customers.

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Responsive Layout for your CS-Cart Website

Responsive design can assist you in resolving a variety of website issues on your CS-Cart Store.

  • We’ll make your website mobile-friendly and increase the number of time visitors spend on it.
  • Our CS-Cart templates take less time for a mobile view.
  • As it saves your money on managing multiple websites for different screens.
  • Quality website design that complements your brand.

User Experience Simplification

Clients’ access to features on your CS-Cart website will determine the success of your online eCommerce business.

  • Enhances the appearance of each section of your CS-Cart website.
  • The CS-Cart theme comes up with features that make it easier for users to buy and use products on your website.
  • Customers can easily navigate the site.
  • Your website’s content is now easily accessible.

Web Vital Core Standards

It is important to have Web Vital Core Standards to increase your website user experience.

  • Core web vitals are Google criteria for measuring website user experience.
  • It is a set of page experience metrics that looks at page load speed, interaction, and, most importantly, visual stability.
  • Hence, these are important for SEO because they help you increase awareness of your website while keeping it structured and clean.

Accelerated Mobile Page Layout Design

Our CS-Cart themes will include an AMP layout to ensure that the AMP components are displayed correctly without flickering or scrolling issues.

  • Thus, the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework is an open-source framework that enables mobile browsers and applications to load your site’s content quickly.
  • Furthermore, AMP ensures that layout rendering on the page is completed before any additional external resources, such as HTTP requests for images or data calls.

Progressive Web App Design

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are well-known for providing a native-app-like experience in browsers.

  • Furthermore, PWAs are designed to provide mobile users with an experience similar to native apps.
  • Likewise, PWAs are faster to load than traditional responsive websites.
  • Thus, the user experience is critical to the success of your business, and CS-Cart’s progressive web design enables you to create intuitive web experiences.

SEO Optimization

The goal of SEO optimization is to raise the ranking of your website in search results. When your website provides a positive user experience, it is more likely to rank higher in search results.

  • A Snippet view preview, showing how the product will appear on the desktop and mobile versions of the search engine result page.
  • The front-end is formed by an XML sitemap, allowing users to view the goods, categories, and CMS.
  • CMS rich snippets can be added to pages such as contact us, blog, and about. Provide visually appealing search results to increase organic traffic.

AB Testing

The A/B test will help you reduce cart abandonment.

  • Moreover, once your design has been successful, run A/B tests again to see if a more refined version will increase conversion to your higher-priced items and services.
  • Hence, with a little tweaking and careful A/B comparison testing, you will get perceived value with our A/B testing.

Design Tools for CS-Cart Conversion

Convert your design concept into a CS-Cart eCommerce theme. The store design is already complete! Webkul has industry experts who can transform your custom design into a fully functional CS-Cart store theme.

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Figma to CS-Cart

  • We provide an omnichannel experience for our customers’ CS-Cart themes, allowing them to be used anywhere and at any time.
  • Although Figma is a browser-based application but simple to use.

Photoshop to CS-Cart

  • Moreover, we offer responsive CS-Cart layouts that have been converted from PSD and are Retina-ready.
  • We convert the PSD files into HTML/CSS markup that can be used on a CS-Cart template.

The CS-Cart theme development process


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


CS-Cart Theme Planning and Wireframing


CS-Cart Theme Prototype and Designing


CS-Cart Theme Development and Implementation


CS-Cart Theme Testing and Feedback


CS-Cart Theme Deployment and Maintenance

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Flexible reliable and fast response, a team that will have you covered every step of the way.

Tarek El Hinaoui
CEO, Sihay Venezuela
What is a CS-Cart theme?

The CS-Cart theme is a component of CS-Cart that improves the look and feel of the CS-Cart store.

Can we customize the CS-Cart Theme?

We can customize the CS-Cart themes as Webkul offers the theme and template development services.

What are the templates in CS-Cart?

Templates are the building blocks for the theme in CS-Cart. The CS-Cart themes vary as per the requirement for instance; CMS Template, eCommerce Template, and Blogging Template.

Can we develop a mobile-friendly CS-Cart theme?

Yes, we can develop a responsive and mobile-friendly theme for your CS-Cart store as we offer theme and template development services.

Does the CS-Cart theme and template SEO optimize?

CS-Cart theme and templates are responsive and support SEO optimization.


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Excellent service from the Webkul Team, I would recommend to anyone. I love working with Webkul.
Maurice Sawyers
CEO & Founder
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