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Odoo SAAS Development

Odoo SaaS development offers optimal solutions to every business especially for small to medium sized companies while being light on their pockets.

Success Story

Customer Success Stories


Provided several already built modules and delivered the high-end customization related to Odoo Point of Sale and Odoo-Magento Integration.

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Customized the Odoo Akeno connector with every requirement asked; moreover, also provided help based on the configuration of Odoo POS and Odoo Bridge for Magento2.


A high degree of customizations to the existing modules and effective customization allows to optimize and adapt the modules to the business model.

Build Up With Odoo Saas As You Grow Your Business

We are offering One-Time Free Module Installation & Setup With The Purchase of Module Odoo Saas Kit


One-time Module Installation

We provide basic one-time module installation with the module to help you easily set up your Odoo SaaS services. However, this does not include any Odoo Setup at your end from our side. You should have a running Odoo server already set up at your end.
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Odoo Saas on Primary Server

This installation allows you to have your Odoo SaaS up and running on one primary Server.


Customer & Clients on Same Server

In this the Customers and clients are managed on the same server. All the instances you create after this installation will also be on the same server. Moreover, clients can also install over remote servers that could be different from the main server.

Manage Instances on remote server

Clients can also install over remote servers that could be different from the main server.

Odoo SaaS Kit Process

Odoo Saas Kit saves you from hours of effort trying to write and implement the code. It facilitates the user to sell Odoo SaaS as a subscription service to the customers directly from the website.


Customer Purchases The Plan from Odoo Website


Order Confirmation & Bill Payment


Creation of Client Instance


Providing Login Credential to Customer


Unique Client Instance and Sub Domain


Customer to Login to the Client instance


Uses Modules listed in the plan


Map a Sub-domain to an existing client.


SSL is also set up for the domain using Letsencrypt.


Browse the Saas Client using New Domain


Revoke sub-domain if required

Column Layout

Backup Option Available in Odoo SaaS

  • When it comes to enhancing the protection of your SaaS data, you must include a SaaS backup solution that will cover all the parts of data protection that your SaaS module misses.
  • Moreover, SaaS providers themselves suggest using third-party SaaS backup software to ensure critical data is protected properly through backup, and is always available via restore.
  • Offering ease to clients to create a backup process for their instance by configuring the backup cycle. The client can configure a backup cycle to create backup as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

Custom Apps selection

  • Publish available Apps in Odoo Saas Kit.
  • Can deliver multiple versions of Odoo using one saas.
  • No need to Define Plan prior to selling Instances.
  • Allow you to define the layout of Apps Page.
  • Allow you to configure user based pricing/monthly based pricing.

Hire on-demand project developers and turn your idea into reality

Webkul developed customisation on Hyperlocal Marketplace for my website; completed in a timely manner.

Good honest and diligent work ethic.
Stephen Wilson
Head of Design & Conversion Clicksco
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