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Headless Marketplace Development

Webkul offers headless marketplace development on a range of frontend headless frameworks including React, Vue.js, Next.js, Gatsby, and Vue Storefront.

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Customer Success Stories


Rebuilding the world’s largest laboratory equipment and supplies marketplace and implementing headless e-commerce architecture.


Find a new and smarter way to buy and sell chemical products especially built for the chemical industry.


Our customer is our identity. We serve them with our effort and experience.


Webkul is known for its Marketplace expertise, we are the largest supplier of Marketplace software solutions in the world on almost every popular eCommerce and CMS platform, from Shopify to Magento OpenCart, PrestaShop, Odoo, WooCommerce, and many more.

What is Headless Marketplace Development?

Headless means separating the frontend and the backend.  Building a multi-vendor marketplace is quite a complex process.

Unlike regular E-Commerce store development, marketplaces are built for a higher number of product SKUs also entities like separate vendor management.

Entities like vendor product listings, vendor storefronts, vendor customers, vendor orders & transactions and many other data set are connected via robust API, and building the frontend using JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue, Next.js etc) and API.


Performance and Scalability

Headless development is quite scalable and ultra-fast.  Technologies like server-side rendering and code split give a major boost in performance to the marketplace platform.
Manage SEO Effectively

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Because of the fast rendering (Google Core Web Vitals) and better User Experience, it gives extra benefit in terms of SEO. Also reduces the bounce rate which is highly critical for Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Integrating Multiple Services (Microservices Architecture )

Headless architecture-based marketplaces are also suitable for integrating multiple services example connecting product data with PIM solutions like Akeneo, Pimcore.
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Easy to Upgrade (No Downtime)

It is important to update the framework and platform regularly but the problem is downtime. The headless approach also solves the same. In this way, Vendors and Customers need not worry about marketplace site downtime.

API-first Approach

The biggest benefit of a headless-based multi-vendor solution is to use the same API on multiple platforms example mobile apps.
Vendors can connect the API to their inventory and order management software. 
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Enhanced Security

Unlike Monolithic architecture, headless architecture is more secure.  Decoupled frontend and backend provide enhanced security for the Marketplace.
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Easy 3rd-Party Integration

Marketplaces are meant for complex features and services, also based on different ACL systems and different services as well. Headless offers easy integration for 3rd party tools.

Available frontend framework for headless marketplace services

Webkul offers a range of frontend platforms to build a headless multi-seller marketplace. All these platforms are fairly popular and supported by a large number of community developers. 

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e-Commerce platforms for marketplace development

Webkul offers a readymade solution for e-commerce marketplaces on a range of platforms. We offer the headless marketplace solution built on the above multi-vendor platforms.

Webkul Headless Marketplace Development Services Includes

Headless marketplace development is meant for all types of business models whether it is B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Consumer), D2C (Direct-to-Consumer), Grocery, Hyperlocal and more.

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B2B Marketplace Development

We offer complete headless B2B marketplace development connected via different suppliers and manufacturers. Along with standard B2B features:

  • Price List
  • Purchase Order
  • RFQ (Request for Quote)
  • Pricing based on customer groups
  • Vendor Microsite 

And a complete B2B headless marketplace.

B2C Multi-Vendor Solution

A complete state-of-the-art headless B2C multi-vendor solution with all the sophisticated B2C features

  • Vendor Management 
  • Vendor Rating & Reviews
  • Vendor Order, Shipment
  • Dropshipping (eg. AliExpress) 
  • Customer Feedback
  • Vendor Shop Profile 
  • Vendor Mobile App

Hyperlocal Marketplace Solution

Due to faster-order delivery time, hyperlocal marketplaces are high in demand.  The headless hyperlocal marketplace solution includes:

  • Catalog filtering based on the location
  • Pricing based on zip code and region
  • Delivery management and GPS tracking
  • Mobile apps (for the customer, vendor, delivery boy)
  • Vendor profile management

Headless Marketplace Development Life Cycle


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Planning & Wireframing


Prototyping and Designing Headless Marketplace


Sync APIs with Headless Marketplace


Headless Marketplace Implementation


Headless Marketplace Testing and Integration


We endeavored to re-platform our existing site and Webkul has been playing an integral part as far as transforming our basic Magneto instance into an online marketplace.
We’ve purchased well over a dozen services and worked with them on a number of customizations ranging from basic plugin modification to IT and dev ops setup, to highly complex and multi-phased custom plugin creation.
The process is sometimes, touch and go and there are bugs/processes to be fleshed out here and there as you would expect, but overall we’re very happy with the service we’ve been getting and the quality of work.

Reviewed by

 Alex Maranduik

 Product Development Manager

LabX Media Group

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