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Webkul creates custom ERP solutions to boost business efficiency and operations.

Customer Success Story


Helped Fairphone with agile platform integration, with our Magento Odoo Connector. And established a robust One-Server Two-tier Architecture on AWS EC2.


Streamlined Isha Foundation’s operations with a POS Mobile App, connecting multiple sales channels and offering real-time synchronization and quick product searches with our app.


A high degree of customization to the existing modules and effective customization allows to optimize and adapt the modules to the business model.

Key Features of ERP Development Services

Streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency with ERP development services by Webkul.

Real time

Real-Time Data & Reporting

Access current data instantly and create reports right away. This empowers you to make quick, smart decisions.

Task Management

Easily manage your tasks with the ERP’s task management feature. This smart tool will help you stay organized and productive.

Integrated System

An ERP system connects all your departments and functions. It’s like a central hub for your business.

Data Management

Easily handle your data with our data management solutions. With this erp solution, you can streamline organization and accessibility.

Security & Access Control

With the help of an ERP solution, you’ll get benefit from highly secure and precise access control.

Scalability and Customization

The ERP system can grow and change with your business, making it easy to adapt to your needs.

Modular Structure

The ERP system is built in a way that lets you easily adjust it to your needs. This makes it flexible and able to grow with your business.

Continuous Improvements

Developers can improve their Odoo ERP systems by staying up-to-date on the latest updates. This makes the systems run faster and more efficiently.

User-friendly Interface

The ERP has an easy-to-use interface, making it simple to navigate and use.

Custom Solutions for Diverse Industries

Webkul’s ERP services help lots of different industries, especially those with specific needs.

ERP Development Services For eLearning

Webkul makes custom ERP systems that help schools manage their online presence and learning effectively.

Here are some benefits :

  • Makes administrative tasks easier and faster
  • Makes it easier to organize and deliver your course.
  • Provides clear and convenient ways to stay in touch.
  • Provides in-depth insights and reports
ERP For Learning

Integrating CRM Into ERP

Webkul can help you to connect your CRM System and ERP systems, streamlining your business operations.

  • Say goodbye to manual tasks and data entry. Webkul helps automate your workflows, saving you time and effort.
  • Get a complete picture of your customers, from leads to loyal buyers. This helps you provide better service and build stronger relationships.
  • Track your sales pipeline, analyze data, and make better decisions to boost your sales.

ERP Development Services For eCommerce

Webkul’s ERP development service makes managing your online store easier

Here are the benefits of ERP development services for eCommerce:

  • Easily see all your orders in one place, from the moment they’re placed to when they’re shipped.
  • Keep your stock levels up-to-date and avoid running out of popular items.
  • Securely process payments from your customers, whether they’re using credit cards, PayPal, or other methods.

ERP Development Services For HRM (Human Resource Management)

Our easy-to-use ERP systems take the complexity out of managing payroll, attendance, and employees.

  • Streamline your payroll process with automated calculations and easy reporting.
  • Keep track of employee hours and leave with convenient tools.
  • Manage employee information, performance, and more in one central location.
  • This helps you streamline your HR processes and save time.

ERP Development Services For Healthcare

Webkul makes managing healthcare easier. We create custom ERP solutions that simplify operations for hospitals and clinics.

Here are the benefits of ERP development services for Healthcare:

  • Track patient information, appointments, and medical records.
  • Easily manage staff schedules and patient appointments.
  • Streamline billing and insurance processes.
  •  Ensure compliance with healthcare rules and regulations.

ERP Development Services For Textile

Webkul offers custom ERP solutions for textile industries. We know the unique challenges you face and can help you overcome them with our powerful ERP solutions.

Our systems are packed with features and tools to help you:

  • Streamline operations: Make your business run smoother and more efficiently.
  • Boost productivity: Get more done in less time.

ERP Development Services For Maufacturing

Our solutions are designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency and enhance visibility across all aspects of production and business processes.

Here are the benefits of ERP development services for Manufacturing:

  • Improved customer service: With the help of an ERP solution, you can give your customers a quick solution, which makes them happier.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Automating and connecting tasks can make them faster and less prone to mistakes.

ERP Development Lifecycle

The ERP Development Lifecycle includes planning, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance phases. This ensures a smooth software implementation process.


Exploration and Planning

Before we start, we’ll clearly define what the project is about and what we want to achieve.

Design Phase

We create user-friendly prototypes and provide precise ERP development services.

Development Phase

We develop an online platform where buyers and vendors can easily connect to trade goods or services.

Quality Assurance & Evaluation

We tests the software’s functionality, performance and user experience before it’s launch.

Implementation & Launch

We support our clients in launching the app on stores and provide ongoing support to ensure smooth operations.

Support and Optimization

We provide continuous assistance and refinement for optimal performance and user satisfaction in the app.

Why Choose Webkul for ERP Development Services Company

Choose Webkul for making your business software. We’ll make exactly what you need, and keep you updated all the time.

Training and Support

Experienced team

Our team can make a custom ERP solution just for your business needs.

Industry Expertise

Webkul has expertise in various industries. So we can provide you with highly customizable ERP development that shouts to your business.

Support and Maintenance

We keep your ERP project running smoothly with ongoing support and maintenance.


A great team with sound technical skills A great team! Very effective, and innovative, and the technical support is very good.

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ERP Development FAQ

What is an ERP system?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s a type of software that integrates various core business processes and functions (such as finance, HR, inventory management, supply chain, etc.) into one comprehensive system.

What are the benefits of using an ERP system?

Some benefits of using an ERP system include improved efficiency, streamlined processes, better data visibility, enhanced decision-making, and greater collaboration across departments.

What are the key features of an ERP system?

Key features typically include modules for finance, human resources, supply chain management, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), and reporting/analytics.

How does an ERP system work?

ERP systems work by centralizing data from various departments and functions into a single database. Users can access this data through a unified interface, allowing for better coordination and communication across the organization.

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