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Webkul provides HR Management System that make your HR tasks easier. Our services keep your data safe and help you to manage the employment lifecycle.

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Helped Fairphone with agile platform integration, with our Magento Odoo Connector. And established a robust One-Server Two-tier Architecture on AWS EC2.


Streamlined Isha Foundation’s operations with a POS Mobile App, connecting multiple sales channels and offering real-time synchronization and quick product searches with our app.


A high degree of customization to the existing modules and effective customization allows to optimize and adapt the modules to the business model.

Benefits of HR Management System

Our HRM system, which also includes ERP development, can manage tasks like employment, training, and customer service

It makes sure that the updates happen in real time, so your data is always current and correct. This saves time and makes your HR work faster and better.

Automate HR Task

Automating HR Tasks

Use HRM to automate paying employees, tracking attendance, and managing leave.
Simple & Secure Data Storage

Safe Data Storage

Securely store your employee’s information such as personal details and attendance records.
Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Study the skills of current employees and your future needs. It helps to hire and train employees.

Appraisal and Growth

Regularly review how well your employees are doing. Give them rewards based on their performance.

Avoid Human Mistakes

Our HRM performs regular tasks. This reduces the risk of errors and speeds up the work process.
Report and Analytics

Report and Analytics

Make detailed reports on how well your employees are doing. Use their attendance and recruitment to make decisions based on data.

Learning management

Give your employees access to training materials and courses. It helps to improve the skills and performance of the entire workforce.
Retain Employees

Retain Employees

Keep the best employees by offering tools for their career growth. Reward them for good work, and give feedback.
Boost Employee Involvement

Employee Involvement

Use tools for giving feedback, programs to recognize good work, and ways for everyone to communicate easily.
Employee Performance

Employee Performance

Track how well your employees are doing. You can measure their key performance indicators (KPIs).
Managing Business Costs

Managing Business Costs

Keep track of how much money the business spends on things like travel and training.
Manage Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

Avoid legal problems and penalties by following the rules set by the government and industry.

How Webkul’s HRM System Enhances Your Business

Webkul’s HRM system makes your business better by centralizing all your data in one place.

Our system also creates a positive workplace culture and improves productivity. Choose Webkul’s HRM to improve your HR processes and achieve long-term growth.

HRM Talent Recruitment and Onboarding

Our HRM helps with tasks like posting job openings, keeping track of job applicants, and scheduling interviews.

It also aids in checking applicants’ backgrounds and managing the off boarding process. This tool makes it easier for companies to find the right people for the job.

HRM Talent Recruitment and Onboarding
HRM Payroll Management

HRM Payroll Management

Our HR Management (HRM) System helps with paying employees.

It can calculate how much employees should be paid, deduct taxes, and make sure everyone gets paid on time. This helps avoid mistakes and saves a lot of time.

HRM Time Management

Keep track of your employee’s time and schedule using our HR Management System.

Our system automates scheduling, tracks attendance in real time, and organizes rosters.
We ensure accurate recording of everyone’s time, promoting efficient work.

HRM Time Management
HRM Employee Self Service Portal

HRM Employee Self Service Portal

Employees can check how much they’ve been paid and how many days off they have left using our HRM.

They can manage their personal information as well. Employees don’t need to ask the HR team for help all the time, which makes things easier for everyone.

HRM Employee Management System

Our HRM keeps all employee information in one place. It can tracks attendance and help with communication.

We also assist in managing tasks and activity records. Our solutions make things more efficient and helps ensure that the business follows labor laws.

HRM Employee Management System
HRM Performance Evaluation

HRM Performance Evaluation

Use our HRM to see how well your employees are doing. It helps set goals, do performance reviews, and give feedback.

This way, employees and managers can work together better to achieve the company’s goals.

We have worked across different verticals and industries

Our HR Management System covers many industries. With experience in various sectors, we understand what your industry needs.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a big company, we can use our knowledge to help you reach your HR goals.


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Real Estate













HR Management Development Cycle

Webkul’s HR Management Development Cycle is a flexible process. We continuously improve by listening to client feedback and making constant updates.


Planning and Analysis

We set goals, scope, and requirements for the project. Also, we gather stakeholder needs for system design.

Design Phase

We draw a detailed plan for the HRM system. This includes how the database will be set up and what the screens will look like.

Development Phase

We build the HRM system based on the design specifications. To improve user experience, we integrate various modules.

Quality Assurance

We test the software to make sure it works well and is easy to use. This testing is done multiple times.

Launch and training

We put the HRM system into action by launching it into the live environment.  Also, we train the users for easy and smooth usage.

Support and Updates

We offer continuous support and fix bugs or errors. Keeping the business’s needs in mind, we add improvements over time.

Why Choose Webkul for HR Management System

Webkul offers reliable and secure HR Management System. Our dedicated team provides a top-notch service and support. We ensure that your HRM system is always up and running smoothly.

Training and Support

Expert Developers

Our skilled developers use an agile development approach for the HRM systems. This ensures timely delivery of features.
Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We provide affordable solutions that are of high quality. It helps you to save money while improving efficiency.


Our system can grow as your business grows. This means you can keep using it even as your business expands.
Easy to use

Easy to Use

Our HRM system is designed to be easy to use. The employees can quickly learn it without any trouble.


We create solutions that are just right for your business. You can change and adjust them to fit your industry’s needs.


We integrate our HRM system with other programs like payroll and accounting software. This ensures smooth operations.


A great team with sound technical skills A great team! Very effective, and innovative, and the technical support is very good.

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HR Management System FAQ

What is Human Resource Management Development (HRM) System?

Human Resource Management (HRM) System is all about the processes and technologies used for managing human resources in a company. Webkul offers special HRMD solutions that are just right for your business.

What do Webkul’s HRM services include?

Webkul offers various HRMS services, such as implementing HRMS, creating custom HR software, and integrating with current systems. We offer continuous support and maintenance.

How long does it take to set up Webkul’s HRM System?

The time it takes to set up Webkul’s HRM system depends on how big and complicated your needs are. We work hard to give you the best solutions as quickly as we can.

How does Webkul keep your data safe?

Webkul is very serious about keeping your HR data safe and private. We use strong security measures like encryption, access controls, and regular checks. This makes sure your data stays secure.

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