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Webkul offers expert Shopware Custom Extension Development services to improve and modify your online store. Whether you want to add new features or enhance the efficiency of your store, we are here to help.


Success Story

Our Customer Success Stories

Das Apartment Living

Going offline to online and developing hybrid mobile app for the Dutch furniture retailer. We customized an app for them to provide all of the features of the website on their mobile app.

Royal Oak

This Indian furniture store uses Google Shopping Feed extension to increase its product visibility among its competitors on Google Shopping search result page.


Hagemarked is a Norwegian Garden Centre that used Webkul’s extension to hide its product prices until the customer have logged in on their platform.

Various Shopware Custom Extension Development Solutions by Webkul

Explore our wide range of Shopware Custom Extension Development services. We build, set up, and improve your store to make shopping easier. Our services help you gain customers’ trust and solve business problems.

Shopware Custom Extension for Payment Integration

At Webkul, we create custom solutions to make paying online easier for your customers. We integrate different payment methods into your Shopware and boost overall sales.

Our payment solutions work with currencies from around the world. You can easily sell your products to anyone and anywhere. Contact us today to talk about how we can help your online business grow.

Shopware Custom Extension for Payment Integration
Shopware Custom Multichannel Connector

Shopware Custom Multichannel Connector

We help your Shopware store sell more products by linking it to different sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

We keep your inventory, orders, and customer information updated and the same across all these platforms. This makes it easier to manage your business from one place.

Shopware Custom Extension for Marketing and Analytics

Improve your store’s visibility and reach with our marketing and analytics extensions. We offer powerful tools like Web Push Notification, Google Tag Manager, and search engine optimization (SEO) to help you reach more customers.

You can create specific campaigns, send emails automatically, and run promotions easily. This helps you choose smart ways to market your products and make your store work better.

Shopware Custom Extension for Marketing and Analytics
Custom Extension for Third-Party Integrations

Custom Extension for Third-Party Integrations

Connect your Shopware store with other systems without making it heavy. We easily link your Shopware with systems CRM, ERP systems, and shipping providers.

Our custom integrations automate your tasks and give users a smooth experience. This helps your store work more efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Shopware Custom Extension for POS (Point of Sale)

We provide custom extensions to fit your POS systems. Our team excels in integrating features for inventory management, order processing, and customer details.

Our expertise in Shopware Custom Extension Development helps businesses run their POS operations better and make more profit.

Shopware Custom Extension for POS (Point of Sale)
Shopware Custom Extension for Mobile and Marketplace

Shopware Custom Extension for Mobile and Marketplace

Discover our custom extensions for Shopware that make shopping easier! We have mobile apps and marketplace extensions that work well on any device. You can browse, shop, and check out smoothly.

Our marketplace extensions, including B2B capabilities, let different sellers list their items. Whether you’re buying or selling, our solutions bring more people to your website.

Shopware Custom Extension Development Cycle

While developing Shopware custom extensions, we are with you every step of the way. Our process ensures everything goes smoothly from the first plan to the final setup and beyond.

Understanding the requirements

Research and Planning

We listen carefully to your business needs and goals. Then, we make a detailed plan for the project, including when things will happen and who will do each part.
Plan and Design

Design and Prototyping

We sketch out your requirements and make the screens that people will see and use. Creating prototypes helps us understand how everything will work together.

Development and Integration

Our skilled developers write clear and effective code to create custom extensions. We make sure it works well with Shopware and can be easily changed if needed.

Testing and Evaluation

We test our solution thoroughly to make sure it works well and is safe. This includes checking its performance and how well it does its job.

Deployment and Launch

We install and set up the extension on your active Shopware store. This makes sure everything runs smoothly when we switch from testing to using it for real.
Maintenance and Support

Training and Support

We teach your team how to use the new extension well. Also, we provide ongoing support to help you solve issues and keep your system up-to-date.

We have experience across different verticals and industries

Webkul specializes in solving problems for various industries. We create custom Shopware extensions that fit the specific needs of businesses in various fields.


Fashion & Apparel




Real Estate













Benefits of Shopware Custom Extension Development

Webkul offers top-notch Shopware Custom Extension Development Services. Whether you need new features or help with existing ones, we’re here to make sure your store stands out.

Enhance Performance

Performance Optimization

We perform regular audits and check your store to reduce page load time. Our extensions improve the overall speed and help in retaining customers.
Enhanced Functionality

Enhanced Functionality

We make shopping better for your customers and improve your internal processes. You can add and upgrade features as per your business goals.
High Security

High Security

Our extensions have strong security features to protect your store from any threats. This helps you build trust and loyalty with your customers.
Boost Revenue

Boost Revenue

We help you create special marketing and promotion strategies. This attracts more customers and increases your sales.
Improve User Experience

Improved UI/UX

Our extensions help make your online store easier to use. It improves customer satisfaction and conversions for your store.
Scalable Extensions

Scalable Extensions

Our extensions can grow with your business. We offer the flexibility to add more features without causing major disruptions.

Why Choose Us for Shopware Custom Extension Development

We have a dedicated team that works hard to deliver custom extensions on time and with great quality. You can count on us to go above and beyond to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations.


We’ve bought a Shopware solution which is a hybrid App, which we can now offer in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. I am still impressed with how fast and how sharp the support team leads us through every process of the App-Store clarification. A very fast and useful response.

Reviewed bymarkus-walter-webkul-client
Markus Walter

Founder & Managing Partner

Das Apartment Living

Shopware Custom Extension Development FAQ

What is Shopware Custom Extension Development?

Shopware Custom Extension Development is all about creating special features and tools that go beyond what your basic Shopware store can do. We tailor your online shop to work exactly the way you want it to. Our services ensure your store is unique and works better for your business needs.

Why should I opt for custom extensions for my Shopware store?

Custom extensions for your Shopware store help you meet the specific needs that regular solutions might not address. These extensions make your store work better and give you an advantage over others in the market.

How long does it take to develop a custom extension for Shopware?

The time it takes to create a custom extension for Shopware varies on how complicated it is and what exactly it needs to do. Webkul provides estimates based on project scope during initial consultations.

Can existing Shopware extensions be customized or integrated with custom solutions?

Yes, Webkul can customize existing Shopware extensions or integrate them with new custom solutions to enhance functionality and meet specific business needs.

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