GenAI-based Chatbot Development Services

Combine powerful semantic search and generation techniques to deliver accurate, 24/7 support, boosting engagement and reducing costs.


What to expect from a GenAI based Chatbot?


High Volume Handling

GenAI chatbots can handle thousands of simultaneous interactions, managing peak times efficiently without the need for extra staffing.
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Real-time Data Integration

This feature is particularly useful for applications that require live data, such as tracking order status, stock availability etc.

Multilingual Support

With the ability to understand and respond in multiple languages, GenAI-based chatbots can cater to a diverse user base.

Improved Accuracy

By using a knowledge base, RAG chatbots can provide more accurate and up-to-date information to customers.

More dynamic responses

GenAI chatbots can use their creative abilities to generate more natural and engaging responses, improving customer satisfaction.

Reduced wait times

By providing efficient and informative answers to customer queries, Generative AI chatbots can help reduce wait times for customer service.
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24/7 availability

Chatbots can answer customer questions any time of day or night, improving customer service accessibility.
Access Ready-to-use Plugins

Seamless Integration

Our Integration Service ensures smooth and effective sync with your CRM, ERP, social media channels, and other enterprise apps.


GenAI-based Chatbots can handle a large volume of routine inquiries and support tickets, allowing you to operate with a leaner support team.

Industries Transforming with GenAI-Based Chatbots

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GenAI-based Chatbot for eCommerce

Unlock a seamless shopping experience with our GenAI-based chatbots tailored for the eCommerce industry. Enhance customer satisfaction by providing instant product recommendations, detailed product information, and real-time order tracking.

GenAI-based Chatbot for Travel & Hospitality

Revolutionize the travel experience with our GenAI-based chatbots designed for the travel and hospitality sector. From booking flights and hotels to providing personalized travel recommendations and itinerary planning, our chatbots deliver exceptional service.

GenAI-based Chatbot for Education

Transform educational support with our GenAI-based chatbots for the education industry. These chatbots assist students with course information, enrollment procedures, and campus resources.

GenAI-based Chatbot for Banking & Finance

Enhance financial services with our GenAI-based chatbots for the banking and finance sector. Offer customers quick and accurate information about account balances, recent transactions, and loan options.

GenAI-based Chatbot for Healthcare

Improve patient care and operational efficiency with our GenAI-based chatbots for the healthcare industry. Provide patients with instant access to medical information, appointment scheduling, and prescription details.

GenAI-based Chatbot for Tech Support

Deliver exceptional technical support with our GenAI-based chatbots for the tech industry. Offer customers immediate solutions to common technical issues, detailed product information, and troubleshooting guidance.

Custom GenAI Chatbots

Experience the power of tailored solutions with our custom GenAI-based chatbots. No matter your industry, our expert team will develop a chatbot specifically designed to meet your unique business needs.

Custom Chatbot

Open Source Large Language Models (LLMs) for GenAI-based AI Chatbots

Harness the power of cutting-edge open source Large Language Models (LLMs) to build robust, intelligent, and contextually aware AI chatbots. Our expertise in integrating these advanced models ensures that your chatbot delivers accurate, relevant, and engaging responses, tailored to your specific business needs.



ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an advanced language model based on the GPT architecture. It is specifically trained to engage in conversation interactions with users, providing contextually relevant and coherent responses.


LLaMA, which stands for Learning Language Model for Assistance, is a language model developed by Meta. It is designed to assist users in completing tasks and answering questions.


Gemini is a conversational AI model developed by Google, specifically designed for multi-turn dialogue understanding and generation. It optimizes for handling conversation exchanges involving multiple turns and diverse topics.
Mistral AI

Mistral AI

Known for its focus on portability, transparency, and cost-effective design, Mistral AI offers a comprehensive approach to utilizing LLMs. 


Anthropic aims to create AI systems that can understand and generate human-like language, with a focus on safety, transparency, and accountability.


Cohere is a language model designed to understand and respond to user input, using a unique approach that combines multiple AI models and techniques.


“The combination of this fixed rate plugin and vendor marketplace plugin perfectly meets our needs that simplified buyer’s shipping fee calculation. Just it will be even greater if Webkul could provide calculated fee per vendor on shipping cart and with API.”

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