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The term ChatBot is no more Wide-eyed now. This Technology is already endured by many Enterprises.

But if you are not aware of it, its never too late, “ChatBot technology” is a Computer Program which automates the manual task of text and voice-based command.

Now no need to have human interaction while Conversation to the Customers as ChatBot mimic this manual work.

It’s not a Simple Chat Bot which already has some predefined answers but is an AI-Based Smart Chat Bot which will answer the query as per the Context.

Indeed due to its Quick and significant response, Customers are relying upon this amazing Technology. An AI-Based Smart ChatBot is available for you to 24x7x365.

You can ask whatever you want at any time, and thus it results in an excellent Customer services Experience and hence profits the business.

Some of the Benefits of AI-Based Smart Chat Bot-

1- It provides a human touch on Interaction
2- Fast Response.
3-Accurate and Quick Answers
4-Easy to Use.
5-Cost Efficient and 24/7/365  availability

Now let’s smooth the path and have an overview of the benefits of this AI Based Smart Chatbot,

Why a Business is tempted towards AI-Based Chat Bot Technology –

Time is the most important tool for any Business, fulfilling the task in short-term has always been the priority.

If a Human is interacting to the customer, then there are chances that a reply can be delayed, also if a customer is arguing then it may happen that it will hamper his emotions too hence resulting in the Poor Customer Service.

This may lead to a decline in business reputation.

On the Contrary, a ChatBot overcomes these constraints, it will reply as per the Content Programmed in it and without any delay. Due to this fast and accurate response has improved Customer Experience to a large extent and hence Profits the Business. Even Gartner Says 25 Percent of Customer Service Operations Will Use Virtual Customer Assistants by 2020

It is just a one-time investment for any Business!

In manual operation, you need to manage Employees monthly salaries, leaves, and many other things, and these expenses are endless, but utilizing the cost in a suitable spot can help a lot in improving Business Performance.

Once you have implemented the chatbot technology then will be relieved of this expenses at a certain level.

Industry who accepted AI Based Smart ChatBot Technology

Food Industry-

On the latest market research report by “Technavio”- Global online on-demand food delivery services market is set to grow at a CAGR of nearly 32% until 2021. 

Today Millenial prefers Online Food Ordering as in this fast-growing era, everyone wants to optimize their time. Hence these Online Food deliveries made their task easy.

To put a cherry on top the implementation of ChatBot technology has made the customer’s task of online food deliveries more simpler.

For example “Starbucks” has launched its app “Starbucks Barista bot” using which customer can easily order Snacks, Drinks from the Mobile app.

Similarly, “Dominos” have adopted this technology(“Dom”) and are pleasing their customers.

Travel and Hospitality Industry-

In this industry also, customers are eager to have a robotic chat which provides them with all the information and updates from booking until reaching the destination instantly without any delay.

According to the survey taken by “Travelzoo”, a global Internet media company reports more than 6,000 travelers in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, said yes to have robots assistant and 80% expected robots to play a bigger part by 2020 in the travel industry.

Due to this high demand now every Travel and Hospitality Company accepting this AI Based ChatBot Technology, like “Hipmunk”  and ” Kayak”, has already embraced it and making their interface smooth and quick for the customers.

Fashion and Beauty Brands-

Now coming to the most “experimental” Industry  “Fashion and Beauty Brands”.

Being a customer we always want to have a trial before using any products, especially when it comes to buying Outfits, or any Beauty Products.

At this point, if someone is there to assist us and to whom we can share our requirement then it becomes very easy for us to decide what exactly we want. Here if this assistant is none other than a “Bot” then what else is required!

For example, if you are buying a “Jeans” then you can share you require with the “Bot” about size, color, design, and other choices and accordingly the virtual assistant will suggest you the solutions. It is like your “Personal Stylist”.

Fashion Brands like “Levis” has created their ChatBot which helps the customer to choose the Jeans as per their choice.

Similarly, in Beauty Brands also Chatbot technology has a great impact.

As per the Automat’s Market Research- Nearly half (49%) of all respondents said that they would definitely use or likely use a virtual beauty advisor when shopping for beauty products whether online or offline

For example- L’Oréal already adopted this technology and is cherishing their customers.

Health Industry-

Now Health Industry is also all set to use AI Based SmartChatBot Technology.

Either you want to book an appointment or need to ask any health-related questions ChatBot is there to assist you with.

According to’ Global Market Insights’, Health Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market size was over USD 180 million in 2016, with expectations to witness more than 31% CAGR from 2017 to 2024.

It is not possible to be in touch with a doctor every time and there are some scenarios where we just need an advice or can share our symptoms and get to know the reason behind it. For such cases, ChatBot can be your “Personal Health Assistant”.

These are not the only industries where AI Based Smart Chatbot technology is used.

Nowadays it has been endured in almost every industry like Banking and many others which are already in the queue.

AI-Based SmartChatBot is making their business smooth and robust.


Looking at the great impact of AI-Based Chat Bot in business everyone wants to accept it.

Van Baker, research vice president at Gartner, said – “By 2020, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have deployed product chatbots.” 

Today Smartphones, Tablets are like an organ of human and mobile applications keep them engaged every time. Therefore the implementation of Chatbot in these apps will certainly enhance customer attention.

So guys if you haven’t this implemented this amazing technology yet then we are here to help you with.

We have a working experience with multiple Chat Bot Frameworks like- Microsoft Bot, Google Dialog, Tensorflow, RASA.

You can share your requirement with us.  Accordingly, on analyzing the best-suited framework for you we will implement the ChatBot feature.

It’s time to step forward and to undergo the benefit of this technology.

Don’t you want to earn more profit from your business? If yes then “Contact Us”.


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