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Shopware Migration Services

Webkul offers smooth Shopware Migration Services.

Webkul Shopware Migration Services will help the Store Owners to migrate their old Shopware Store to Shopware new version to get the benefits of new features.  

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German-Based Online Shop For Cleaning Supplies & Hygiene Articles


Swiss-Based Fabric & Sewing Accessories Online Boutique Store Built With Shopware Multi-Vendor Marketplace


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Shopware Migration

The choice to migrate to a Shopware system can be motivated by a variety of factors, including strategic considerations, new website development opportunities, or a desire for improved usability.

Webkul provides Shopware migration services such as


Shopware 5 to Shopware 6

By moving from Shopware 5  to Shopware 6, you can enhance stability, long-term viability, and a smooth transition. With Shopware 6, you will get Long-term support, Security Updates, and Regular functional releases.

Adobe Commerce to Shopware Migration

After moving from Adobe Commerce to Shopware, the admin can experience the usage of Shopware is faster because no coding is required. Drag-and-drop and double-click capabilities let you control your interface faster.

Shopify to Shopware Migration

While migrating from Shopify to Shopware, Webkul Migration lets you transmit essential information from Shopify to Shopware, such as products, customers, orders, and other necessary entities.

Opencart to Shopware Migration

Opencart to Shopware migration brings you more opportunities as It’s an e-commerce platform for running your online store whereas Opencart acts as a Shopping cart system only.

WooCommerce to Shopware Migration

WooCommerce to Shopware Migration can be done very easily. All your necessary data like Product, CMS, customer, and Order can be migrated properly with our services.

BigCommerce to Shopware Migration

BigCommerce to Shopware migration helps small businesses to large corporations in the solution for successful online stores that really are artful, customer-centric, and passionate.

PrestaShop to Shopware Migration

The store owner can migrate the Prestashop to Shopware with higher accuracy and can minimize the time for the manual import/export process. The Products, categories, reviews, customers, orders, etc can be migrated in an automated way.

Magento to Shopware Migration

The store owner may migrate from Magento to Shopware 6 effectively with our support, as the time has come to create a secure solution for an alternative e-commerce system.

CS-Cart to Shopware Migration

Webkul’s CS-Cart to Shopware migration service supports the transfer of critical data and other associated entities. The procedure will be carried out in an automated, safe, and precise manner.

Data migrate to Shopware

Migration is a tough and time-consuming process. Only migrating data (items, orders, customers, etc.) is not enough. SEO and UX design are also crucial during migration.

Webkul’s services include everything from data migration to post-deployment assistance, ensuring a smooth transition.

Product Information Management


All data and entities related to the product.

Basic Settings

Basic options and categories, as well as a qualitative range.

Customers – Orders

Customer information, orders, status, and records are all migrated.


All media files and folders, such as photos and videos, are migrated.

SEO Migration

The process of updating your website’s search engine ranking, authority, and indexing signals to reflect a significant change.
No Developers Required

CMS Pages

CMS development includes Title Description, URL, DOM Content, Created Date.

Shopware Migration Process

In shopware, the migration process is carried out to migrate your existing eCommerce Marketplace to the Shopware.

There are several before and post-migrant tasks, including planning, backup creation, quality testing, and outcomes validation.

We work in major three phases to ensure quality.


Preparation Phase

Gather all migration data, and verify that the destination system is ready for Shopware 6 installation.

Migration Period

Data migration from extension installation to the successful data transfer.

Final Stage

Double-check all of the migration steps from the preparation phase.

Key Points to Check after migration

There’s always the chance of missing data or data corruption during data transfer. So we verify the whole data set in some key points.



SEO Site Checkup performs a quick audit of your Shopware website, looking for appropriate tags and identifying any mistakes.

URL Structure

URLs are made up of several components, including “a protocol and a domain name.” It instructs a browser on how and where to obtain a resource.
Improves User Experience-Icon

User Experience

User experience testing is the process of evaluating many aspects of the user experience in order to identify the best method to present.


Downtime refers to the time at which production is interrupted particularly while activity is set up or when repairs are made.

Submit Sitemap

When we submit a sitemap, we tell the search engine where to find migrated data on the Shopware website.
Insightful Decisions-Icon

Website Traffic

We look at how much traffic the Shopware Website receives. Locate the Traffic Journey, the Top Pages, and traffic statistics.


Testimonial Layout

Excellent service and help with our data migration. From Magento to Akeneo and from Akeneo to Shopware.

Reviewed by

Johan Moormann


Memo ICT


What is Shopware Migration?

Shopware Migration is a process of Migrating the data from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 or from other eCommerce frameworks(Magento 2, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Opencart) to Shopware 6.

Is there anything I’ll lose when I manage the Shopware Migration?

No, with our Webkul Shopware Migration services, you will not lose the data. We will provide end-to-end migration from server setup to Product and customers.

What data can we migrate in Shopware?

With our Shopware Migration, you can migrate products, orders, customers, categories, media, stock, and cross-selling products.

How long does it take to migrate Shopware?

The Shopware Migration Process will depend on the content that you want to Migrate. It may take approx 1-2 Months with Webkul Shopware Migration Services.

Can we migrate the Shopware server?

Yes, we can Migrate the Old Shopware server to the New.


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Quick response. Good service. Like it a lot. Helped me a lot with their support on installing a connector between Akeneo and Magento 2.
Harry Glatz
TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant
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