Text to SQL Development Services

Access deep insights from your database simply by asking questions in plain language – no SQL queries are required.

What is Text to SQL

Text to SQL is a technology that enables users to interact with databases using natural language, rather than writing complex SQL queries. It allows users to ask questions in plain language, and the system translates the question into an SQL query to retrieve the desired data.

Features of Text to Sql System


Custom Dashboards

With Text to SQL systems, you can build custom dashboards for teams, tailored perfectly to the data they need.
Report and Analysis

Intuitive Data Visualisation

Data fetched by the systems can be presented in graphs and visualisations instead of just tables for easy insights collection.

Multi Language Support

Text to SQL systems can be customised to be able to understand multiple languages for teams across the globe.
Access Ready-to-use Plugins

Integration Capabilities

Text to SQL systems can be integrated with wide array of data sources and APIs.
Ultra-Fast User Experience

User Friendly Interface

Visual tools offer an easy to understand and use system to build queries without typing SQL.

Advanced Query Translation

Text to SQL systems supports complex SQL queries involving multiple tables, nested queries, and joins.

Components of Text to SQL Development


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The system uses NLP techniques to understand and process the user’s text input.

Query Understanding

The system interprets the user’s intent and the entities involved in the query.

SQL Generation

Based on the interpreted text, the system constructs an appropriate SQL query that can be executed against a database.

Database Interaction

The generated SQL query is executed against the target database, and the results are retrieved.

Result Reformatting

Results from the database are reformatted in user-requested format such as text, graphs and tables.

Result Presentation

The results from the database are then formatted and presented back to the user in a comprehensible manner.

Industries Using Text to SQL

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Text to SQL for eCommerce

  • Sales Stars: See which products are selling best and what trends are emerging by looking at sales information.
  • Happy Shoppers: Analyze how customers browse and buy to make your website or store even better.
  • Keeping Stock Up: Track how much of each product you have and predict what you’ll need in the future.
  • Targeted Marketing: Get reports that group customers based on their interests, so you can create marketing campaigns that reach the right people.

Text to SQL for Finance and Banking

  • Easy Financial Reports: Create detailed financial reports by asking questions in plain English, no fancy codes are required!
  • Spotting Risks Early: Quickly find potential problems by searching past data for unusual patterns.
  • Knowing Your Customers: Get customer information to understand their habits, what they like, and current trends. This helps with targeted marketing.
  • Simpler Compliance: Make checking for regulations easier by searching data for specific requirements.

Text to SQL for Healthcare

  • Finding Patient Info: Look up a patient’s medical history, lab tests, and treatment plans quickly with simple searches. No need for complex codes!
  • Research Made Easy: Get the exact research information needed for studies without wrestling with hard-to-use programs.
  • Smarter Resource Use: Track available beds, staff schedules, and equipment with simple searches to manage hospital resources efficiently.
  • Billing Simplified: Access patient billing details and insurance claims data quickly for faster processing.

Text to SQL for Telecommunications

  • Network Check-up: We can examine network information (like data sent and received) to find problems and make things run smoother.
  • Happy Customers: By looking at customer interactions and support tickets, we can see how to improve service and fix problems quickly.
  • Understanding Customers: By studying how customers use our services, we can create better marketing campaigns and develop new features they’ll love.
  • Fraud Prevention: We can analyze transactions (like purchases) to spot suspicious activity and prevent fraud.

Text to SQL for Logistics and Transportation

  • Get the most out of your routes: Use SQL to analyze delivery information and create the best possible delivery schedules, saving you time and money.
  • Keep your trucks running smoothly: Track vehicle performance, maintenance needs, and driver logs with SQL to make sure your fleet is always in top shape.
  • Never run out of stock: Use SQL to check inventory levels and see what’s moving so you can restock on time and avoid stockouts.
  • Keep your customers happy: Let your customers track their shipments easily with real-time updates powered by SQL.

Custom Text to SQL Systems

  • Get the exact information you need: Build custom SQL queries that fit your specific business and data setup to get exactly the answers you’re looking for.
  • Empower your team to make better decisions: With SQL, anyone can access important data quickly and easily, so they can make informed decisions without needing to be a tech expert.
  • All your data in one place: Connect SQL to your existing systems so you have a central hub for all your data, making everything easier to manage.
  • Grow with your business: Build data systems that can handle more information as your business expands and your needs change.

LLM’s we can use to implement Text to SQL Systems



ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an advanced language model based on the GPT architecture. It is specifically trained to engage in conversation interactions with users, providing contextually relevant and coherent responses.


LLaMA, which stands for Learning Language Model for Assistance, is a language model developed by Meta. It is designed to assist users in completing tasks and answering questions.


Gemini is a conversational AI model developed by Google, specifically designed for multi-turn dialogue understanding and generation. It optimizes for handling conversation exchanges involving multiple turns and diverse topics.
Mistral AI

Mistral AI

Known for its focus on portability, transparency, and cost-effective design, Mistral AI offers a comprehensive approach to utilizing LLMs. 


Anthropic aims to create AI systems that can understand and generate human-like language, with a focus on safety, transparency, and accountability.


Cohere is a language model designed to understand and respond to user input, using a unique approach that combines multiple AI models and techniques.

Bring your Database

Webkul can integrate your custom text to SQL system with any database you might be using already. Without any need for migration or switching the database, you know and trust already.


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Why Choose Webkul for Text to SQL Development?

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Increased Accessibility

Empowers a broader range of employees to access and analyze data without needing SQL expertise.
Improves User Experience-Icon

User-Friendly Interface

Simplifies data interaction for non-technical users by allowing them to use plain language.


Reduces the time spent on writing complex SQL queries, speeding up data retrieval and decision-making.
Master Data Management

Democratization of Data

Facilitates a data-driven culture by making data accessible to all levels of an organization.


Can be tailored to understand industry-specific terminology and jargon.
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Enhanced Data Utilization

Encourages more frequent and diverse use of data, leading to better business decisions.

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