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Odoo Mobile App Development

Mobile Technology is rapidly replacing the dependency on desktops to run business. We at Webkul, help you to unlock the true potential of billions of handheld devices to transform your store and business with our developed mobile apps.

Customer Success Story


Provided several already built modules and delivered the high-end customization related to Odoo Point of Sale and Odoo-Magento Integration.

Cascade Rack

Customized the Odoo Akeno connector with every requirement asked; moreover, also provided help based on the configuration of Odoo POS and Odoo Bridge for Magento2.


A high degree of customizations to the existing modules and effective customization allows to optimize and adapt the modules to the business model.

Pioneers in Mobile App Development

Webkul has over many years of experience developing native and cross-platform mobile apps. We’ve collectively released over 500 apps on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.
We provide comprehensive mobile commerce implementation on Android and iOS devices for Odoo online vendors and consumers, including lightweight mobile applications, Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), PWA (Progressive Web App), and more.

Odoo App Development Lifecycle

All software development is incomplete without the Agile methodology, whether you’re working on Odoo or iPhone apps.

The agile method, according to the image, is the most ideal and fruitful concept. Webkul employs the complete agile development process for creating Odoo Marketplace Extensions, templates, and custom modules.


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Odoo App Planning & Wireframing


Odoo App Prototype and Designing


Mobile App Development and Implementation


Quality and Assurance


Support after App Purchase

We have worked across different verticals and industries

Webkul works really hard to provide you with the finest possible outcome while considering your convenience. You’ll find solutions for any vertical and industry with us, depending on your needs.

Webkul also provides customization services, so your application will be tailored to your specific company


Fashion & Apparel


Food & Grocery






Real Estate















Our Expertise in Odoo Mobile App Development

Webkul has over many years of experience developing native and flutter mobile apps. There are collectively over 500 apps released on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

We provide comprehensive mobile commerce implementation on Android and iOS devices for Odoo online vendors and consumers, including lightweight mobile applications, PWA (Progressive Web App), and more.


Odoo Android App Development

Webkul Odoo Mobile Apps are also developed for android operating systems. Choosing a development approach is subjective and requires consideration as per the desired user experience, resources, app features, and project timeline. You don’t need any coding experience to start making your own. We are a team of top-notch full stack android developers that have great hands-on experience with Android app development tools and framework. We build native Android applications on Kotlin and Java languages. Apart from this Dart and React Native are also used for Android app development.

Odoo iOS App Development

Webkul Odoo Mobile Apps are also developed for iOS operating systems. Our team follows standard industry practices for the iOS app development process. When it comes to creating innovation, iOS has always played a crucial role in promoting dynamic and inspiring ideas through its development processes. We create isolated and framework dependent software that relies upon a different set of web and mobile technologies for providing top-rate features. The native iOS applications are built on Objective C and Swift. Flutter and React Native are also used for iOS app development.

Bring your Odoo Store to Mobile Devices

The Odoo Mobikul Mobile App Builder will convert your Odoo Store into a native mobile application. Now it is not necessary to have desktops/laptops to shop from your store.

The customers/buyers can easily visit your store by using the mobile application on the go. The mobile application has better user experience with splendid features and functionalities and it is fully compatible with your default Odoo Store.

The mobile application provides a user-friendly experience and enhances the customers’ engagement over the mobile platform. So what you are waiting for, you must have a mobile app with great features & functionalities for your store.

Let Delivery boy manage the Orders with Ease

Improving your order delivery system and finding ways to tackle the last mile delivery problem can be real cost saver options for your business. Odoo Mobilkul Delivery Boy App provides digital communication and tracking the link between you and the delivery boys in your store.

The admin can add a delivery Boy in the Odoo backend. The delivery boys need to install the app on their mobile phones to get the order details.
The admin can assign orders from the Odoo backend to the specific delivery boy. The delivery boy can view the details of various orders through the app and accept or reject the delivery of the orders.

The delivery boy needs to add the status of an order to be completed once the delivery is completed. The admin can also enable the option for delivery passcode. The passcode is delivered to the customer’s mail and needs to be entered at the time of accepting the order to complete the delivery.

Run Your Marketplace in Mobile Devices

Bring the Odoo marketplace to your mobile phone with Odoo Multi-vendor Mobile App. Built natively for Android and iOS, the App allows the customers to browse the Odoo Marketplace products and also place the orders directly through the mobile App.
Moreover, the seller’s shop policies are also visible in the seller profile. The ‘Ask the Admin’ section allows the customer to contact the admin through a simple form.

In addition, the seller can quickly view the status of their product requests and of the orders in their account. They can manage the addresses and view their shop’s orders history.

Bring Odoo POS to your Mobile Devices

Advancements in mobile technology means getting higher output with smaller devices at your disposal. The Flutter Mobile App for Odoo POS means you get the Odoo POS functionalities right in the palms of your hands.It also curtails the need to implement heavy desktops and such equipment in your store. You can Simply use the mobile devices to run your store. You just need to Simply download the Android or iOS app and start processing orders in your store.

Webkul is a truly trusted and supported IT Company to develop business ideas for e-commerce. They provide professional support after deploying the solution to production and be responsible to act for fixing the reported issues or system errors. We highly encourage to deal with Webkul for business development.

Hussein Zawia
Co-founder and CEO, 24Dokan

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It's a very good team and very good application.
Abdalhady Aldwaek
Managing Director & Co-Founder
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