PrestaShop Custom Extension Development

Webkul offers PrestaShop Custom Extension Development to help businesses enhance their online stores. With our solutions, you can boost your store’s performance, user experience, and overall efficiency.


Customer Success Stories

Success Story


Italian online store used Webkul’s Preorder extension to enhance customer’s online shopping experience by letting them preorder products that are unavailable or yet to be released.

Tia Turuleta

French online retailer uses Custom Product Options to increase average order value, boost conversions, and enhance customer’s shopping experience.


Evenshop, an online mobile store based in Switzerland, drive revenue and improved user experience by incorporating Webkul’s extension and developmental services.

Enhance your business with our PrestaShop Custom Extension Development

Webkul makes online shopping better by changing and adding PresatShop custom extensions. We specialize in delivering precise, unique, and cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Our custom PrestaShop Development services are ideal for businesses of all sizes.

PrestaShop Custom Connectors

Make your Prestashop store work better with our custom connectors. We create special connectors that easily link your Prestashop store with other platforms and services, such as Flipkart and Amazon.

Whether it’s for customer support or inventory management, our custom connectors make sure your store works smoothly with extra features. You can easily manage your sales, orders, and payments with our connectors.

PrestaShop Custom Connectors
Custom Extensions for Marketing and Promotions

Custom Extension for Marketing and Promotions

Use our PresatShop custom extensions to drive traffic and boost sales with targeted promotions. We make it easier to run marketing campaigns including content marketing, social login, social media marketing, and paid search marketing (PPC).

Our extensions also help you create loyalty programs and offer discounts to your customers. This means you can keep customers coming back and make sure your store is doing its best.

Custom Extension for Shipping & Fulfilment

We provide PresatShop custom extensions to help you send out orders quickly and smoothly from your store. Our services such as shipping rates, postal codes, and USPS shipping ensure timely deliveries to your customers and keeping track of where packages are.

You can easily handle orders and choose the best shipping options for your PrestaShop store. Connect your store with shipping partners to improve how you manage operations and handle deliveries.

Custom Extensions for Shipping & Fulfilment
Custom Extensions for Payment

PrestaShop Custom Extension for Payment

At Webkul, we specialize in creating custom ways for your PrestaShop store to handle payments. Our services like PrestaShop Cash On Delivery (COD) and PrestaShop Adyen Payment Gateway help increase sales and keep customers happy.

Whether you need new payment systems, handle payments or need extra security, our team can make exactly what your store needs.

Custom Extension for the Marketplace

We offer custom extensions to help you create a strong online PrestaShop marketplace. These extensions help you manage sellers better and make it easy to list products.

Our solutions fit your business and improve how customers shop. This all helps your marketplace grow and do well.

Custom Extensions for the marketplace
Custom Extensions for Mobile Commerce

Custom Extension for Mobile Commerce

Webkul provides custom extensions for your PrestaShop mobile commerce. We make it super easy and smooth to shop in your store using a mobile device.

Use our extensions to add features like push notifications and integrate your Prestashop store with mobile apps or progressive web apps (PWAs).

Custom Extension for B2B Commerce

Improve your PrestaShop B2B platform with Webkul’s custom extensions. Our services make catalogs and prices that fit each business or group of customers. We also help make and manage price quotes quickly.

Our extension helps you connect your store with an ERP system to keep everything organized. You can also offer different ways for businesses to pay and even let them buy things on credit. This makes buying and selling between businesses easier and helps manage money better.

Custom Extensions for B2B Commerce

PrestaShop Custom Extension Development Cycle

Our extensions are designed for flexibility and continuous improvement. We listen carefully to what our clients say and use it to make our process better as we go along. This way, we make sure we give you solutions that match your business requirements.

Understanding the requirements

Discovery and Planning

We start by learning about your business needs and goals. This step includes gathering all the details, setting clear goals, and figuring out the timeline to deliver the project.
Plan and Design

Design and Prototyping

Our skilled team creates a plan for how easy it is for people to use (UX) and how it looks (interface design). We make prototypes to show how things will work and get feedback early on.

Development and Coding

Our developers use the best methods in the industry to turn the design into working code. We focus on making sure the code can grow with your business.

Testing and Evaluation

We do thorough testing to make sure the custom extension works perfectly in different situations. We also let people try it out to see if they find any problems and fix them.

Deployment and Launch

We put the custom extension into your PrestaShop store. Our team makes sure everything goes smoothly and reduces downtime. This helps your store stay up and running without any problems.
Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

We offer continuous support and fix any problems that come up after launching the solution. Our team improves your product based on user feedback and changes in your business.

We have worked across different verticals and industries

Our PresatShop custom extensions can help every type of business improve its online platform. We focus on giving you the best results that fit exactly what you need. Our custom extensions ensure that the apps we create are perfect for your business.


Fashion & Apparel




Real Estate













Key Features of PrestaShop Custom Extension Development

If your PrestaShop doesn’t meet all your needs, Webkul is here to help you. We easily can improve functionalities like payment systems and how deliveries work. Integrate our custom modules to make your business stand out in the market.

Enhance Performance

Enhance Performance

We make sure your store loads faster and is easier to use by fixing important aspects. This makes shopping better for your customers and helps everything run smoothly.
SEO Optimisation

Boost SEO

We use advanced search engine optimisation to help more people find your store when they search online. This helps you increase customer engagement and sell more things.
Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

With our PresatShop custom extensions, your website can support many languages. This helps you reach more people around the world and grow your business to new places.
Improve User Experience

Improve User Experience

Our custom features improve customer satisfaction and make them more likely to come back. This helps your business sell more products over time.


You can make your store grow as your business expands with our PresatShop custom extensions. This helps you keep up with what customers want.


We connect your PrestaShop store with different systems. It makes your business work better and streamlines how things are done.

Why Choose Us for PrestaShop Custom Extension Development

Unlock the potential of your PrestaShop with our expert Custom Extension Development services. We focus on providing high-quality and reliable services tailored to your industry needs.


Definitely the best developer. I co-operate with them again and again and every time I am more satisfied. Thank you for simplifying my tasks by submitting great software solutions for my company. The developer is fast and reliable. It is all I need!!!

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Nick Spyropoulos

General Manager 

the beauty shop

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PrestaShop Custom Extension Development FAQ

What is PrestaShop Custom Extension Development?

PrestaShop Custom Extension Development means creating special add-ons for your PrestaShop store. These custom add-ons are made to fit your business needs and make your store work better, look better, and be more efficient.

Can you customize existing PrestaShop modules?

Yes, we can change your current PrestaShop modules to fit your business needs better. Our team will look at your current setup and make the needed adjustments to improve how they work.

How long does it take to make a custom extension for PrestaShop?

The time it takes depends on how complex and big the project is. Usually, it can take a few weeks to a few months on average. Once we understand exactly what you need, we’ll give you a detailed schedule.

How much does it cost to create a custom PrestaShop extension?

The cost depends on how complicated the project is and what exactly you need. We make sure our prices are reasonable and fit your budget. Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll give you a detailed price quote.

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