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Webkul is an official “Shopify Partner” and “Shopify Expert” Shopify apps and theme development company. We offer Headless eCommerce solutions for Shopify based on React.js Framework (Hydrogen).

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UK’s leading golf subscription box selling golf equipment, clothing, and other golf accessories.


Marketplace built for courtesans to sell digital meetings and monetize their parasocial relationships.


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What is Shopify Headless eCommerce?

Shopify is by far the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. Templating is also good and customizable in Shopify but still, they are tightly bonded with liquid files.

Shopify headless development approach gives free hand to create a web storefront on React with the help of Shopify GraphQL API.

Now merchants can integrate multiple services on Hydrogen. Example- Shopify for eCommerce and Akeneo or Pimcore for PIM needs. It is that flexible and easy.

When you go with Shopify headless, you’ll get all the features Shopify offers for the eCommerce backend. With a new frontend or “head”, you can manage your website’s customer-facing side.

Shopify Headless eCommerce

Shopify is the best one-stop-shop for all your eCommerce needs that includes features such as:

  • Apps that are simple to install from the app store.
  • Checkout is mobile-friendly and accepts different payment options like Apple PayBuilt-in security.
  • Advanced order and inventory management system.

As your company grows, you may find some functionality or design alternatives that are less customizable. The one-size-fits-all approach can work for a while in a

business. But gradually, you may realize that you need more than the Shopify storefront can provide.

Shopify headless is mostly used by the brands to achieve the goals mentioned below:

  • Website and web page load time is fast.
  • More flexibility and easier content management.
  • You have more control over how your products will be presented.
  • Complete control over the URL structure.

If you want to build your online business, you will need a storefront that adapts to your company’s evolving demands.

Shopify headless services split your backend from the frontend that is your customer touchpoints. This will allow you to create new sales opportunities from anywhere as well as manage everything from a single panel.

Shopify headless development systems optimize for each function and communicate with one another via an Application Programming Interface (API). The backend (often an eCommerce platform) has no “head”, i.e. no user interface. And still, connect with the frontend via APIs. This approach is known as Headless architecture. APIs are the means by which two computer programs share information with each other through requests and passing data.

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“Hydrogen – A New Toolkit to Build Creative Online Stores”

Hydrogen is a significant addition to a reactant javascript ecosystem that address load time issues and helps in creating amazing eCommerce online stores.

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Tobias Lütke
Founder and CEO (Shopify)

Tobias Lütke

Why should you go for Shopify Headless Services?

Shopify Hydrogen is a React-based framework that allows you to build a custom storefront with the use of the library of ready-to-use components. As a result, it restricts you to use templates for your store design. You may build the complete online shopping experience from the ground up.

Shopify Hydrogen development service integrates your storefront with Shopify via webhooks. This gives you access to use Shopify eCommerce features and at the same time, you can keep complete control over the user experience.

Shopify Hydrogen is React’s new framework that is based on React and JavaScript. It provides merchants with powerful tools that allow them to create a one-of-a-kind shop. Their additional ability allows you to start from the ground and create a unique store.

The advanced features also make it easier to create eCommerce websites that are fast and dynamic as well. The shopping cart, variation picker and content gallery are just a few of the React components that are included in Shopify Hydrogen. Customers will come back to your website as a result of these fascinating aspects.

The architecture of a headless commerce solution is one in which the frontend of a website is decoupled from the backend. In simple words, Shopify headless services isolate the web storefront from the backend in an online store. The two layers will work separately and interact via APIs which gives more flexibility to customize the frontend.

Headless opens the world of possibilities and enhance the capabilities of web stores. It provides great user experiences based on numerous data sources as well as significantly improves speed over the old approach. Shopify headless development gives users a lot of design and functionality freedom that includes app-like experiences because of the use of PWA.

While the initial costs may be high but the continuous integration with a headless is much faster, more flexible and cuts the cost.

Features of Shopify Headless eCommerce

According to Wunderman Thompson Commerce, a massive 64% of eCommerce businesses believe that a bespoke solution is a key to unlocking business success. The new Shopify React framework helps you to create a robust web store with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for the user.


Extremely Fast Performance

Due to the faster GraphQL API response and React server-side rendering and caching, Shopify Hydrogen is extremely fast.

Highly Customizable

Merchants have Powerful GraphQL API now to build and customize the complete front end as per their requirements. 3rd party frontend integration works like a charm.

Microservices Architecture

Shopify Hydrogen headless system also allows integrating 3rd party services as well including stock, product data, PIM, MDM and many more.

Offline First Approach (PWA)

Due to React inbuilt tools like SSR ( Server Side Rendering ) and service worker building the PWA app is super easy.

Superb Tech Stack

Not limited to only GraphQL and React Hydrogen is also packed with Tailwind CSS, Vite and TypeScript.

More Design Flexibility

Hydrogen splits the website’s head which is visible to the user, from the body which houses all the data and functionality. This gives you more freedom to experiment with the layout and modify the content.

Easier Personalization

A Shopify React-based storefront displays dynamic content. You can use blocks to provide product suggestions. Also, give a VIP shopping experience to the user with targeted discounts and offers.

How can Webkul help in Building Hydrogen Based Storefronts?

Webkul is a very well known vendor in the Shopify development community and an official Shopify Plus partner as well. Our Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Auction, Booking and Mobile Apps are top-notch solutions in the Shopify Apps Store.

We are the very first companies to adopt the PWA tech as well.

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Custom Shopify Hydrogen (React) Development

We offer template and theme development for Shopify stores based on React and Tailwind. Any kind of frontend either it’s a hyperlocal marketplace or a booking website. We offer end-to-end Shopify headless theme development.

Custom Shopify React Development
Marketplace Storefront Development

Custom Marketplace Storefront Development

Not limited to Shopify stores only, we also offer Shopify based custom Headless Marketplace Development as well. Dedicated vendor storefronts profile and collection pages built on Reactjs.

Hydrogen Based PWA Development

Progressive web apps are very useful and popular for every business. Because of the native support of service workers, offline-first experience gives a smooth experience to the buyers.

Hydrogen Based PWA Development

How will Shopify Hydrogen Development Impact Website’s Speed?

For website performance, Shopify’s Hydrogen development framework and Oxygen hosting solutions (more on that later) are beneficial. It all comes down to how the stores are set up to load content. When it comes to optimising a website, there has always been a trade-off between performance and experience. Hydrogen eliminates the need for compromise.

Without going into too much detail, Shopify Hydrogen’s design allows web pages to load faster without sacrificing the presence of dynamic content. That means your online store will be highly customizable and interactive without slowing down the server.

The React-based tool provides unique solutions that improve speed, boost efficiency and engage more users.

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Shopify Reacts with API

For some activities, Shopify App Bridge provides React component wrappers. If you’re already familiar with React and want to stick to the same patterns, this is a wonderful alternative.

The App Bridge React component library, like App Bridge itself, is accessible on npm as a JavaScript module.

Shopify Reacts with API
Shopify Store in ReactJS

Shopify Store in ReactJS

Due to the rapid growth of ReactJS and the migration of many websites to it, Shopify must provide an option to integrate ReactJS into their store. Shopify uses the liquid framework and many Shopify developers use it. They can’t jump straight from Liquid to ReactJS. However, Shopify understands the power of ReactJS because the Shopify dashboard is built with it. Also, Shopify provides a ReactJS admin framework called Polaris.

So, with the use of Shopify Storefront API, Shopify now offers a new option to integrate ReactJS into their store. We can use ReactJS for the Shopify storefront using the Shopify Storefront and JS purchase SDK.

Headless CMS for Hydrogen Apps

Companies often wish to combine the capabilities of a Headless CMS or a Content API with Shopify’s eCommerce functionalities.

When Shopify is used to manage product inventories and worldwide shopfronts, your content must be supplied as fast as possible. GraphCMS gives you quick GraphQL Content APIs for GraphQL Queries and GraphQL Mutations. It is a high performing pairing with Shopify’s globally distributed APIs.

By connecting Shopify with UI Extensions, you can simply use GraphCMS as a Shopify Headless CMS.

Headless CMS for Hydrogen Apps
Oxygen Hosting

Oxygen Hosting

Due to the rapid growth of ReactJS and the migration of many websites to it, Shopify must

The Hydrogen stores hosted on Shopify uses Oxygen hosting. Oxygen uses in a variety of ways around the world. As a result, your website takes milliseconds to load.

It is one of the fastest way to deploy the Shopify backend regardless of any location and platform.

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Multiple Headless Frameworks Support

Our headless e-commerce development is not limited to a single platform only. We offer headless development services on a range of frontend technologies that include.

Shopify Headless Development Life Cycle


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Planning & Wireframing


Prototyping and Designing Headless Commerce


Sync APIs with Headless Commerce


Headless Commerce Implementation


Headless Commerce Testing and Integration

Commerce-ready Components in Shopify Hydrogen

Shopify’s React components are ready for use in the marketplace on Hydrogen. It includes the cart, variation picker, media library and many more. All of these components can be quickly and easily integrated with the Hydrogen platform.

Merchants can save their data on a single platform, thanks to the flexibility of Hydrogen and Oxygen. This simplifies data retrieval and allows for greater customization and flexibility.

With Hydrogen, developers and merchants will have even more scope to design. Freedom in design helps to create unique experiences that will define the future of your web store.

Shopify Liquid, the template language that helps to separate web and mobile pages into parts, will update with new modifications.

Hydrogen streamlines the process to create and host unique stores. You can build an experience-driven eCommerce web store with ease. This helps businesses to stand out in the crowd instead of worrying about the complexity of the changes that are vital.


This is a great app if you want to have a multivendor marketplace! The customer service is fantastic, they communicate very well with you and diligently assist you. I am not a developer and had some difficulties at first, but thanks to Pooja and their team of developers, Ayush being one of them, my issues were resolved, and requests are being worked on. I love how they keep improving the app adding very helpful and smart features. I strongly recommend this app and, want to give a very special thanks to Pooja and her team for having so much patience in walking me through every step of the way!

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Wanda Malhotra  


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Shopify Headless Development FAQ

Is there a headless version of Shopify?

You will get all of Shopify’s backend eCommerce functionality when you go headless; you just get a new frontend or “head” to manage your website’s customer-facing side.

How does API work in Shopify headless?

The API connects user touchpoints with the backend in Shopify headless eCommerce.

What does it mean to be headless?

Headless is a solution for eCommerce web stores to store, maintain and deliver content. Content that is housed in Headless CMS is delivered without using the frontend delivery layer.

What is Shopify Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a frontend web development framework that helps you to create a web store on Shopify with unique UX and UI. Everything you will need to start includes the structure, components and tools.

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