OpenCart Custom Extension Development

Webkul offers unique extensions for your OpenCart store to fit your business needs. These extensions boost the site’s features, enhance the user experience, and help your store stand out.


Webkul Customer Success Story


This online store simplifies the user login and registration process suing mobile number login & registration along with coupon listing at checkout feature.

Rivers World

Online fashion brand has increased their customer satisfaction and confidence by having a product Return Merchandise Authorization system.

Pick and Go Shopping

Pick and Go Shopping a Kenya-based online store, uses webkul’s OpenCart module’s for developing a suitable Marketplace for both sellers and customer along with multi channel selling.

Services in OpenCart Custom Extension Development

OpenCart custom extension development provides a range of services to enhance the functionality of online stores. 

These tools help your store work smoothly and make it easier for customers to use. Here are some key services for OpenCart custom extension development:

OpenCart Custom Extension Design and Development

We start by understanding your business goals for designing and developing custom extensions. We create detailed plans and models to make sure the extensions match what you want. 

Our experts use the best methods to build these extensions, making sure they work well with OpenCart and other tools you use. We test them thoroughly to be sure they perform well and keep your online store safe.

OpenCart Custom Extension Design and Development
Payment Gateway Extension

OpenCart Payment Extension Development

We’re experts in setting up custom payment gateways for you to pay online. It means you can choose from lots of different ways to pay, whether you’re in our country or somewhere else. 

By offering multiple payment options, more people can buy from you, increase conversion rates, and make sure your customers have a secure payment process.

OpenCart Shipping Method Extension

Our custom shipping method integration services enable you to offer a variety of shipping options as per your business needs. 

We merge with major shipping carriers and provide real-time shipping rate calculations based on weight, dimensions, and destination. This ensures accurate shipping costs and delivery times for your customers.

Shipping Method Extension
SEO and Marketing Extensions

OpenCart SEO and Marketing Extensions

We develop custom solutions to make your website better for search engines. It includes automated meta tag generation, URL optimization, and advanced analytics. 

Additionally, we create tools for email marketing, affiliate marketing, and customer loyalty programs. These extensions help you reach more people, improve customer engagement, and increase your sales by using smart advertising plans.

OpenCart Report and Analytics Extensions

The Reports and Analytics extension helps you keep track of important numbers like sales, how customers behave, how much inventory you have, and other important details.

It shows this information using pictures like charts and graphs that are easy to understand. This extension helps you decide things better, improve how you market your products, and make your business work even better.

Report and Analytics  Extensions
User Experience Enhancements Extension

OpenCart User Experience Enhancements Extension

We create custom features for websites, like advanced search functionality, personalized product recommendations, and streamlined checkout processes. 

Our add-ons help your site be easier to use by reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions. We focus on making customers happy and making shopping more fun, so they come back again.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions

Turn your OpenCart shop into a marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products. Our special add-ons help you handle many vendors with their items, prices, and shipping choices. 

We provide tools for vendors to sign up, manage products, track orders, and calculate commissions.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions
Mobile Commerce Extension

OpenCart Mobile Commerce Extension

Take advantage of the increasing popularity of mobile commerce solutions. We develop custom mobile-friendly extensions and progressive web apps (PWAs) to make sure your OpenCart shop runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets.

By focusing on people who use smartphones, you can connect with more people, make customers more interested, and sell more in the mobile shopping market.

OpenCart Third-Party Integration Extension

Our custom integration services link various business tools such as CRM, ERP, marketing tools, and social media. This makes it easier for data to move between systems, helping work become smoother and more efficient. 

When you connect these tools, it helps you understand your business better, automate tasks, and give customers a more unique experience.

Integration with Third-Party Services Extension

Steps to Develop Custom Extensions for OpenCart

Creating custom add-ons for OpenCart follows a clear plan to make sure they work well, are easy to use, and fit your online store’s requirements. Here’s a step-by-step look at how it’s done:


Define Your Requirements

List the exact things we need the system to do, who will use it, how it will work with our current systems, and set a budget and schedule for making development.
Visual Design and Prototyping

Plan and Design

Design visual prototypes of how the website will look, plan how data will be organized, and make a user-friendly layout so people can easily use it.

Custom Extension Development

Prepare your workspace, write the extension following OpenCart’s rules, and test thoroughly to ensure it works well, stays safe, and works with other tools.

Custom Extension Deployment

Set up the new extension on your active OpenCart store, adjust it to match what you need, and teach your team how to use it well.
Issue Resolution and Support

Maintenance and Support

Keep an eye on how well the extension works. Make sure to update it to make it better and safer. Also, be ready to help users quickly with any problems or questions they have.
Maintenance and Disposal

Continuous Improvement

Keep improving and updating the extension to meet new business needs and tech changes. This helps it work better and keeps users happy.

We have worked across different verticals and industries

We have many years of experience making special add-ons for OpenCart that fit different businesses.

We know a lot about different verticals, so we create extensions that help your business grow and make your customers happy.


Fashion & Apparel




Real Estate













Benefits of OpenCart Custom Extension Development

Custom extensions have many benefits compared to ready-made solutions. Some of the benefits are shown below.


Tailored Functionality

Custom extensions are made to fit your business needs. Whether you need a special payment gateway, a custom shipping method, or anything, custom extensions can give you the exact features you need.
User Experience Design

Enhanced User Experience

By adding custom features, you can make your website better for users. For example, you can create an easier checkout process, give product recommendations, or add advanced search options.
Agile Method

Competitive Advantage

Custom extensions can give your store a unique edge over competitors. By offering features that are not available on other websites, you can attract and retain more customers.
payment integration

Integration Flexibility

You can create custom extensions that easily connect with other systems like CRM, ERP, or marketing automation tools. This makes sure that data moves smoothly and your business runs efficiently.
Enhance Performance

Improved Performance

Custom extensions can be optimized for performance, ensuring that they do not slow down your website. This optimization is crucial for maintaining a fast and responsive online store.

Cost Efficiency

Save money by adding only the features that help your business. This way, you get the most out of your eCommerce development budget, make sure every expense counts towards business growth.


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Why Choose Us for OpenCart Custom Extension Development

Hire our OpenCart team to create special add-ons for your OpenCart store. We offer custom solutions that fit your needs perfectly. 

With our expert knowledge and commitment to quality, we promise seamless integration, better features, and ongoing support. 

FAQ for OpenCart Custom Extension Development

What are custom extensions for OpenCart?

Custom extensions for OpenCart are tailor-made functionalities developed to enhance specific features of your eCommerce store, such as payment gateways, shipping methods, or user interfaces, to better meet your business needs.

How long does it take to develop a custom extension for OpenCart?

The development timeline for a custom extension can vary based on complexity and requirements. Typically, it involves defining requirements, planning, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance, which collectively determine the timeframe.

Are custom extensions secure for my OpenCart store?

Yes, custom extensions developed following best practices and security standards are secure for your OpenCart store. It’s crucial to work with experienced developers who prioritize security measures like data encryption and secure coding practices.

Can I update and maintain custom extensions myself?

While updates and maintenance are typically handled by developers, with proper documentation and training, store administrators can manage basic configurations and updates. However, complex changes or troubleshooting may require developer assistance.

How much does it cost to develop a custom extension for OpenCart?

Costs vary based on the scope, features, and complexity of the custom extension. Factors include development hours, required integrations, and ongoing support. It’s advisable to discuss specific requirements with developers to get accurate cost estimates.

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