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Prestashop Migration Services

The migration process helps merchants to move their data from one platform to another or just upgrade their PrestaShop version to the newer available version or another platform. In any case, migration will help in a smooth transition without the potential loss of data.

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Helping AMi2 in managing online catalog for its suppliers and B2B purchase partners


Improving Online Bidding System for Spanish Vintage Stamps Collection Shop – Colectalia


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Migration is generally a very delicate & complicated task. This is because an enormous amount of important data is involved in the process.

Any inefficiency occurring at any stage of the process could easily lead to the loss of data. Thus, it is always advisable to take help from someone who has a good track record of handling migrations.

Prestashop Migration

We currently offer the following types of migration services to clients:

Migration of data from older version of PrestaShop i.e., PrestaShop 1.6 to newer version of PrestaShop i.e., PrestaShop 1.7

Apart from the migration on same platform between versions, we also offer to migrate data from one platform to another.

Types of data involved in migration

Product Information Management


We migrate all your products & along with their details. Nothing is left.

Customers & Orders

Details of all your customers as well as all the orders are also migrated to the new location.

Basic Settings

All the settings that you’ve configured for your previous platform would automatically be applied to the newly migrated platform.


Website content migration is performed so that you don’t lose search engine ranking i.e., visibility as well as traffic.

Steps followed in data migration

As migration is a very typical process, we perform certain checks beforehand. These checks allow us to determine the total effort that will be required in order to migrate your data from one platform to another or older version to a newer version of the same platform.

Gather Data-step

Gather Data

Firstly, we identify all the data that needs to be migrated.

Create Backup

To prevent the loss of any data in case of any unforeseen circumstances, we create a backup of your data.

Migrate Data

We migrate all your data including your installed extensions to a test server.


We perform some checks to ensure everything was done smoothly.

Rectify Errors

We also help in rectifying any errors or problems that may have arisen during the migration process.

Move All Data to Live Site

After performing several checks & getting ensured that no issue exists, we move all the data from the test server to the live server of the client.

Key checks to apply after migration

Manage SEO Effectively

SEO Site Checkup

This will provide you a quick overview of all the issues that might have arisen after the migration.

Generate Sitemap

It informs search engines about pages to index. Resubmit XML sitemap to get your new website reindexed.

Set 301 redirect

Redirect customers & search engines to your new store while maintaining your site position.
User Experience-Icon

User Experience

Check for any issue like design/navigation related after the migration in order to provide the same best user experience to the customers.

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