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Webkul develops user-friendly eCommerce mobile apps for online stores. Our experts make sure your app is functional, secure, and customizable for your business.

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Customer Success Stories


B2B Mobile App Development for Italian Wholesale Store.


Learn how the leading ATV spare parts and accessories shop increased sales and reached more customers with mobile commerce.


NagaGo caters to consumers who are increasingly seeking higher-quality products and shopping experiences. 

Key Features of eCommerce Mobile App Development

eCommerce mobile apps offer businesses a powerful platform to compete in the crowded online market. This is achieved through features and benefits like :


Enhanced Marketing Opportunities

Mobile apps are great for targeted marketing. Reach your customers directly and promote your products with ease.
checkout process

Streamlined Checkout Process

Mobile apps make checkout a breeze. With one tap and saved info, you’re done in seconds. No more abandoned carts!

Integration with Device Features

Shops can use phone features like GPS, cameras, and sensors to make shopping more fun. Imagine trying on clothes in virtual reality, or getting special deals nearby!

User-friendly Interface

A clear layout and navigation make browsing and shopping easy for customers.

Secure User Authentication

Use your fingerprint, a code, or both to lock down your account and keep your stuff private.
Automate HR Task

Order Tracking and Notifications

Get real-time updates and messages on your phone so you always know what’s happening. This transparency helps ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

Our Technologies

We create Isolated and Framework dependent software that relies upon a different set of web and mobile technologies.

We Build intuitive and easy-to-use functional applications

Custom eCommerce Mobile App Development

We build custom apps for your online store, no matter what you sell. Get an easy connection between your app and website. Boost sales with a user-friendly app that makes shopping a breeze.

ecommerce mobile app

Custom eCommerce Marketplace Mobile App Development

Webkul crafts mobile apps for your eCommerce marketplace. They’ll fit your business perfectly. With their experience, you’ll get a unique online presence through a custom-made mobile app.

Our apps are designed to make shopping easier for your customers, which means more sales for you. We can transform your online store into a smooth mobile shopping experience. Get started today!

eCommerce Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Webkul builds fast, reliable Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for engaging mobile experiences. These PWAs load in a flash, letting users browse quickly and reducing bounce rates.

WooCommerce PWA Development Services

POS Native Mobile App Development

Sales agents and merchants can easily create orders on their tablets with the point-of-sale POS Native App. It even works offline! The app offers a user-friendly experience for your team, including real-time syncing, barcode scanning, and easy product search. Plus, it simplifies the checkout process.

eCommerce Mobile App Development For Healthcare

Get online, streamline sales, and improve patient care with Webkul’s mobile app for healthcare. Patients can book appointments, buy supplies, and find health info – all in one place. This app helps healthcare providers of all kinds succeed in today’s digital world.

Healthcare Mobile App for Service Providers

eCommerce Mobile App Development For Retail

Webkul builds innovative eCommerce mobile apps for retail businesses. These apps have state-of-the-art features and a smooth user interface.

Boost your operational efficiency and give customers a flawless shopping experience.

eCommerce Mobile App Development For Fashion

We build custom shopping apps for fashion brands. These apps help them show off their clothes in the best way possible.
offer virtual try-ons, and provide seamless checkout experiences, enhancing customer engagement and sales.

eCommerce Mobile App Development Life Cycle


Research & Planning

We understand the client’s requirements, define the app’s objectives, and conduct market research.

Design Phase

In the design phase, We design wireframes, UI, and UX for your mobile app.


Our developers code the app based on the final designs. They choose technologies that work well on phones (iOS and Android) to make the app responsive, scalable, and secure.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We Conduct testing for functionality, usability, performance, and security to find and fix bugs.


Optimize the app for the app store and finalize marketing and promotional strategies. Plan and communicate the app’s launch timeline.

Post-Launch Support

The journey doesn’t end at launch. Gather user feedback, address any bugs that emerge, and release updates to keep your app relevant and secure.

Why Choose Webkul for eCommerce Mobile App Development ?

Webkul’s e-commerce mobile app can boost your business in these ways.

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Expertise in eCommerce

Webkul specializes in eCommerce solutions. We develop custom mobile apps to fit your specific needs.

Multi-platform Support

Whether it’s iOS or Android, Webkul provides comprehensive support across multiple platforms, reaching a broader audience.
Customer Support

Expert Support

Experienced professionals provide dedicated support, keeping your mobile app development, deployment, and maintenance smooth.


A great team with sound technical skills A great team! Very effective, and innovative, and the technical support is very good.

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eCommerce Mobile App Development FAQ

What is an eCommerce mobile app?

An eCommerce mobile app is a software application designed for smartphones and tablets that allows users to browse, purchase, and manage products and services online.

Why do I need an eCommerce mobile app?

In today’s mobile-first world, an e-commerce app offers convenience and accessibility to your customers, boosting sales and brand loyalty. It allows them to shop anytime, anywhere.

What are the benefits of an eCommerce mobile app?

Benefits include increased sales, improved customer engagement, valuable data collection and analytics, enhanced brand recognition, and a more personalized shopping experience.

What do I need to consider before developing an app?

Define your target audience, app goals, features, and budget. Research existing competitors and identify areas where your app can stand out.

What platforms should I build for (iOS or Android)?

Consider your target audience and their device preferences. Targeting both platforms (iOS and Android) can maximize your reach, but development costs will be higher.

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