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    Case Study Airdropgolf

    Enhancing the Golf Subscription Experience: Airdropgolf and the Headless Commerce Transformation with Shopify Hydrogen

    Platform Shopify
    Industry Other
    Country United Kingdom

    Airdropgolf is an eCommerce store for golf shoppers. It deals in golf equipment, clothing, and other golf accessories in the United Kingdom.

    If you are a golf lover and if you want to look like a professional golf player. But you don’t have much time to search the market and buy golf outfits.

    Airdropgolf case study

    Then Airdropgolf is the perfect solution for you. They offer a subscription-based service where you can choose golf products that suit your requirements, including items such as t-shirts, trousers, shoes, hats, gloves, and jackets.

    eCommerce Market in the United Kingdom

    The e-commerce market in the UK is one of the largest and most developed in the world. According to the latest data from Statista, the UK e-commerce market was worth £114.9 billion in 2020.

    Representing a growth rate of 14.3% compared to the previous year. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years, with the market projected to reach £168.7 billion by 2025.

    Airdropgolf case study

    Some of the key factors driving the growth of eCommerce in the UK include the high level of internet penetration and the widespread use of smartphones and mobile devices.

    Airdropgolf’s Journey of eCommerce

    Airdropgolf realizes that every golf lover has to spend their precious time finding the best shop or outlet store for their golf accessories needs at the best price.

    That’s whys Airdropgolf launched their online store and they have designed a box category in their eCommerce store that caters to the requirements of UK golfers.

    This allows golf enthusiasts to conveniently select their preferred style, size, brand, and frequency of delivery at an affordable price through a subscription model.

    Once the order was placed by the golf enthusiast, Airdrop promptly prepared and dispatched the package to be delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep. Airgropgolf aims to assist every golfer in the UK in playing with a sense of pride.

    Webkul’s Expertise Facilitates Airdropgolf’s Success in the eCommerce World

    Mr. Wayne Bastian began his search for the top headless eCommerce development company as he was looking for eCommerce store development from scratch on a headless architecture. He was managing their backend on the Shopify platform.

    He reached out to Webkul for the development of the Shopify Headless eCommerce store. Webkul, a certified Shopify development company, has assisted over 80,000 Shopify merchants in simplifying their eCommerce processes.

    Webkul’s team understood his entire requirement and initiated the development of the Airdropgolf eCommerce store, utilizing Shopify’s Hydrogen framework which is based on React.

    Integrate with Apps and Platforms to Enhance the Shopify Hydrogen Storefront

    Shopify provides a range of pre-built apps that can enhance the functionalities of your Hydrogen storefront by using API. The Webkul team has integrated multiple pre-built apps to make Airdropgolf both attractive and powerful.

    Klaviyo Integration for Email Marketing

    Klaviyo is an email marketing and SMS platform designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and engage their customer base.

    Klaviyo Integration for Email Marketing

    The Webkul team has successfully integrated Klaviyo into the Airdropgolf store, enabling them to effortlessly gather customer information from their e-commerce store. With Klaviyo, they can enhance customer engagement and stimulate sales growth.

    Integrate Sanity Connect for Structure Content

    Sanity Connect is a collaborative content platform that allows teams to work together in real-time to create and manage digital content. Its own CDN allows for caching and helps to achieve fast performance.

    Sanity Connect for Structure Content

    Webkul team integrates Sanity Connect as per the client’s requirement for the structure of Airdropgolf content through Sanity API.

    Recharge Subscriptions

    Recharge subscriptions refer to a business model where customers sign up to receive a regular supply of goods or services. The payments are automatically charged and renewed at set intervals, usually weekly, monthly, or yearly.

    Integration of Recharge Subscriptions

    The Webkul team has successfully incorporated recharge subscriptions into Airdropgolf. Enabling its customers to conveniently acquire monthly subscriptions and receive surprise boxes from the platform. Integrate for Chatbot

    The client was looking for a chatbot system that would allow their customers to effortlessly engage in conversations. Regarding order tracking, delivery updates, and any other concerns they may have. Integrate for Chat Boat

    The Webkul team has successfully integrated‘s chatbot system API. Enabling Airdropgolf customers to engage in convenient and seamless conversations for any concerns or queries.

    Summary At End

    Webkul’s team understood Mr. Bastian’s requirements and promptly started the development of the Airdropgolf eCommerce store. They leveraged Shopify’s Hydrogen framework, built on React, to construct the store and ensure its seamless functionality.

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