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Hyvä Theme Development

Webkul is the leader in headless e-commerce development and now also offers Hyvä based theme development for Magento 2 ( Adobe Commerce Cloud ) stores.

What are Hyva Themes?

Hyvä themes are Magento 2 themes built from scratch. An alternative to headless PWA. Where you don’t need to replace the whole frontend with JavaScript. 

Features of Hyva Themes


An Alternate to Headless PWA

Headless and Microservices are booming commerce. But building a completely headless system out of Magento 2 is quite an expensive and time taking effort. Hyva solves this problem by offering an alternative approach to Magento 2 Theme.

Minimal Changes in the Magento Codebase

Unlike other headless Hyva does not require to change everything at the front end. The only learning curve for Hyva is – Alpinejs & Tailwind CSS. Rest of the Magento will be the same as the Magento offers.

Ultra-fast Shopping Experience 

The main motive behind the Hyva is to build the Magento theme with less learning curve and improved performance. Hyva is also based on Magento standard tech stack and component-driven ( React ) approach.

Column Layou

Webkul Podcast Session

“Hyvä themes are built with great technologies like Tailwind CSS and Alpinejs. It’s super lightweight and designed to be high performant and highly customizable.”

Vinai Kopp

Technical Director at Hyvä themes

What Webkul offers in Hyva Theme Development?

Custom Storefront Development

Webkul, an official Hyva Technology Partner and Magento Partner, also provides custom storefront development and theme development services. 

Webkul is one of the largest modules providers in the world and also offers custom plugin development for the Hyva theme. 

Plugins Compatibility 

Hyva theme does require changes in the frontend. So if your module/plugin is rendering at the frontend that also needs to be tweaked.

Webkul offers custom plugin development for Hyva Themes.  Not limited to that Webkul also offer to upgrade the prebuilt extensions into Hyva supported plugins.

Hyva Themes Development Life Cycle


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Planning & Wireframing


Prototyping and Designing Hyva Theme


Sync APIs with Hyva Theme


Hyva Theme Implementation


Hyva Theme Testing and Integration


We are ready to work and build on-demand solution for your business

Mobikul team was giving us great products and service, they always understand the requirements we need and give us full support in any issue we are faced. With the app they build, our company can now serve our customers with a good online shopping experience than ever been. Thanks, Mobikul for these 2 years of professional service.
Darsono Koh
Business Owner
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