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    Case Study The Health Shop

    The Health Shop – Adopting M-Commerce Strategy for Egypt’s Biggest Supplements Store

    Platform PrestaShop
    Industry Health
    Country Egypt

    The Health Shop is a leading online store in Egypt for vitamins and supplements including Centrum, Biotin, Collagen, Royal Jelly, Ginseng and more.

    It is an official distributor for global producers such as Natrol’s, Neocell, Mason Vitamins and others in Egypt.


    It provides a wide variety of products that comes from different categories. Hence, it is able to cater for a large audience.


    The Health Shop offers very competitive pricing for health products. It aims to provide the best American and European health products to the Egyptian market.

    In Egypt, imported supplements are rarely available. Hence, THS saves the time and the effort of the procurement for their customers. And make the respective supplements available for the clients.

    The growing online pharmacy market in Egypt

    The global healthcare market is booming in the last decade. And Egypt also followed the same.

    People are willing to purchase the medicines as well online, similar to other categories. And the presence of various startups in Egypt provides different options to the customers.


    As per the statistics reports from Statista the online pharmacy growing in Egypt at the rate of 26.45%. And, as per projections, its volume will be US$1,233.00m by 2026.

    The user penetration is also increasing. Currently, it is 12.44% in 2022 and is expected to hit 17.21% by 2026.

    Impact of Covid 19 on the online healthcare industry in Egypt

    Egypt is having a population of around 100 million. And to provide effective healthcare, the Egyptian government has taken some key steps to reduce the cost of the same.

    The outbreak of Covid 19, soon become a pandemic. While other sectors like Education, IT, and Finance become the first to adopt digitization, the sectors like healthcare also paced with them.


    The best way to stop the spread of the virus is to home deliver the required medicines and supplements. And webshops like The Helth Shop came in front and fulfill the need of the people to take care of their supplements needs.

    Pandemic helped the companies to deliver the essential medicines and the other required healthcare equipment to people on a large scale. As it is growing slowly in the past.

    The online shopping websites enable cash on delivery as well to cater for the masses. As still today, the penetration of online payments is low in Egypt.

    How does Webkul help The Health Shop?

    In recent years the use of mobile phones is growing rapidly among people. The latest advancements in the mobile industry paced the demand.

    Earlier, the availability of a mobile phone is limited to one in a family. But nowadays, every person wants to have their own mobile device.

    And the increased number of phones tends to use mobile phones more as compared to computers to browse the internet.

    The one-touch accessibility of mobile applications plays a vital role in the popularity of mobile applications over the browser.

    Due to the above-mentioned reasons, The Health Shop team is looking for mobile application development for their Prestashop eCommerce website.

    Using PrestaShop Mobile App, we developed the respective mobile application for them. Webkul developed both the android and the iOS mobile applications for The Health Shop team.

    Developed mobile application overview

    After the development of the mobile application, it will be displayed in below screens :

    Splash Screen
    Home Screen
    Side Drawer Screen
    Categories Screen
    Notifications Screen
    Login Screen
    Product Screen
    Cart Screen
    Account Screen

    RTL(Arabic) support in the mobile application

    The Health Shop is a multilingual website, as it caters for the Egyptian market. Where Arabic is the widely adopted language.

    Hence, it supports both English and Arabic. Due to this, the respective mobile application also needs to adopt the same. In the mobile application development, we have included this aspect as well.

    And we have adopted the key features of the RTL layout development as well during the adoption process.

    Home Screen
    Side Drawer Screen

    Above are the homepage and the side drawer images of the RTL supported mobile application.

    product Screen
    Cart Screen

    The above images are the respective product view and the cart view of the application.

    Due to the support of Arabic, the customers can now change the language as per their requirements.

    Implementation of Social Login in the mobile application

    The Health Shop team has requested to implement the social login in the mobile application.

    Their preferred methods are Facebook and Google. And we have implemented both of them in the respective mobile application.


    Now a user can utilize the features of the social login of their preferred website whether it is Facebook or Google.

    Remark at the end

    The role of mobile applications in digital transformation is increasing day by day. Hence, the demand for mobile applications is also increasing.

    Especially in the eCommerce sectors which are focused on B2C need a mobile application. So that their customers can avail the benefits provided by the mobile application.

    Multichannel sales is now a common need. Where companies often want to present themselves in the commonly available options like Point of Sale (POS) and mobile applications for their business.

    Download The Health Shop Egypt mobile apps from Google Play and App Store.

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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