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Case Study Heritage Brands

“Heritage Brands” Used eShopSync For BigCommerce To Synchronize Their Data Automatically

Platform Salesforce
Industry Health
Country Australia

    “Heritage Brands” has grown its business using the “eShopSync For BigCommerce”- a Salesforce connector; so here is the success story that includes its requirements and how they are able to fulfill them.

    “Heritage Brands” was an innovative Australian firm focused on beauty and well-being that improves clients’ lives with an Aussie (Australian) guarantee of quality, value, and innovation. Consumers were empowered by them to make moral decisions about their well-being, attractiveness, and health.

    As a response to the call for transparency and sustainability in the beauty and wellness sectors, Heritage Products brings together the top Australian-made products under one roof.

    Consumers are becoming more picky about the health and beauty companies they support, placing a higher value on honesty than soft promises for outcomes. They unite Australia’s top domestic brands under one roof and deliver products that produce actual results while also being ethically created and cruelty-free, in response to the demand for responsibility and sustainability in the beauty and wellness industry.

    Products that are creative and have a strong Australian narrative were highlighted by them. The goods are handed down from generation to generation and have secured a permanent place on Australian vanity tables thanks to their high-quality ingredients.

    Its key products include Skin Republic, the first skincare and sheet mask brand to hit the market, and the In Essence and Oil Garden pure essential oil lines. The two cosmetics brands Australis and Innoxa, as well as the tanning and sun protection brand Le Tan, are under the umbrella of “Heritage Brands”. To satisfy the needs of the contemporary customer, they give these time-tested brands a contemporary twist by incorporating the newest trends and ideas into their goods.

    Requirements Raised by Heritage Brands

    Problem Overview

    “Heritage Brands” seeks a seamless way to automatically synchronize all eCommerce data with their Salesforce CRM to facilitate business expansion and growth. Manual data synchronization is time-consuming and challenging due to the large volume of customers and data to manage. To address these needs, they are in search of a certified Salesforce partner to provide the best assistance.

    Webkul offered eShopSync for BigCommerce, a cutting-edge solution that enables real-time data synchronization without any manual intervention. This integration is suitable for businesses of all sizes, ensuring effortless integration between BigCommerce and Salesforce CRM. With eShopSync, data synchronization becomes automated, eliminating the risk of incorrect or duplicated information within Salesforce, thereby preventing inaccurate insights. This solution perfectly caters to “Heritage Brands” data synchronization requirements, providing a hassle-free and efficient way to grow their eCommerce store and overall business.

    Program/Activity Description

    “Heritage Brands” faced challenges in manually synchronizing multiple data from BigCommerce to Salesforce, prompting them to seek a smoother, faster, and more reliable solution that could handle real-time data synchronization. Thanks to Webkul’s solution, their business has experienced significant growth. 


    By utilizing eShopSync for BigCommerce, they have achieved automatic data synchronization, which consolidates all sales data in one centralized location, simplifying the tracking of customer behavior and enhancing their marketing campaign targeting.

    With this integration in place, “Heritage Brands” can now efficiently manage its marketing efforts, allowing them to gain valuable insights into customer behavior. The real-time data updates provided by eShopSync have played a vital role in optimizing their marketing strategies, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes and a positive impact on their bottom line.

    Program/Activity Outcomes

    eShopSync for BigCommerce solution was implemented by “Heritage Brands “and the outcomes are listed here:-


    “Heritage Brands” was delighted that they got the solution from one of the best companies Webkul Software that partnered with Salesforce. The solution was an affordable and easy-to-use synchronization solution that helped their business to grow faster by maximizing the chances of changing opportunities into leads. Also, they got support from Certified Salesforce Consultants Team

    If you are also looking for eCommerce Salesforce integration solutions then write us an email at [email protected] or do a live chat with us. You can also Hire Salesforce Consultant or Hire Salesforce Lightning Developer.

    Additional Information

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    1. Client: Heritage Brands
    2. Industry: Health, Wellness, and Fitness
    3. Website: Heritage Brands

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    For installation and setup, you can refer to our BigCommerce Salesforce and Integration user guide.

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