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The Role Of Mobile Apps in Advancing Digital Transformation Success

Updated 16 July 2021

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Well! In the world of digitalization, building a brand and recognition in a business is no cakewalk. You need to stand out from the crowd and deliver an outstanding experience to the customers.

For this, you need to have a powerful digital transformation strategy to let the audience recognize your brand.

With the evolution of the mobile world and the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), numerous businesses find ways to show their brand value. Moreover, the advancement of digital transformation comes into play.

Every aspect of our lives is simply connected with mobile apps via the Internet. According to Forbes Stats, around 70% of companies are using their mobile apps to uplift their business growth and are expected to increase in the coming years.

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People prefer to use mobile devices when it comes to shopping online. Thus, web-based checkout is not sufficient to get the sales rolling in your online business. So, you must find a way to introduce mobile checkout for your customers.

Now, let’s understand what digital transformation is all about!

What Digital Transformation is all about?

A digital solution is not just about integrating digital solutions in multiple areas of your business. Beyond that, it’s about how digital solutions enhance greater visibility into an organization. It has no end.

Thus, you can continuously work on it and every time you find a new idea out of it. And that’s what adds something valuable to an establishment.

Advancement of Mobile Apps over Mobile Websites

Gone are those days when people use their PC and laptops and search for websites for shopping.

Nowadays, mobile apps are available for every requirement, whether it requires placing an order, tracking the deliveries, or reordering items.

Everything is easily accessible and the online process becomes faster. According to Ericsson Mobility Report, smartphone analytics predicts a 25% increase in mobile traffic by 2025.

Moreover, the mobile industry is thriving like ever as it records over 2.7 billion Smartphone users across the world and is keep on increasing. Check Statista Report

Also, if you ever think about what the users do with their mobile devices, you may end up finding them spending over 90% of the time on mobile apps. This is a compilation of mobile marketing statistics.

Considering these facts & figures, don’t you think this engagement tool (mobile apps) can be used very intelligently to flourish your e-business?

Yes, it is.
The mobile app is one of the most critical aspects of an excellent digital transformation strategy. With this, you can prioritize the digital transformation of your company. Thus, proceed towards receiving an immediate return on investment.

Digital Transformation Success

How Mobile Apps Make Lives Easier?

The mobile application has revolutionized the world in such a drastic way that it has a crucial role in uplifting a business.

A mobile app with an interactive interface can entice customers to keep coming back & try your brand. Moreover, it enhances the customer experience, leading to an increase in the customer retention rate of your business.

Mobile apps play a vital role in digital transformation programs in almost every business sector. Thus, it propels businesses on the right path where digital transformation comes into action.

Now, talking about the eCommerce market, customers ask for mobile apps to keep tracking & accessing their orders. Not only the customers but the mobile app help the delivery agents find the exact location of the customer to deliver the order. Thus, the mobile application makes everyone’s life easier & sorted.

Success Stories of Some leading eCommerce Giants

As mobile applications help the users to place orders with a few simple steps, a large number of company revenues come from mobile payments. Let’s check it out:-

  1. Starbucks:- As per the report, Starbucks reports 30% of the transaction comes from mobile payment. This impacts a huge growth in the company’s revenue.
  2. Domino’s:- A well-known pizza brand, Domino’s had experienced downtime with the lowest all-time sales in the year 2008. Here, it’s their digital transformation initiatives that uplifted the sales. Thus, helped the brand to reach a wider audience.
  3. Nike:- Nike helps the customers to find their perfect fit by releasing a special mobile application for Smartphone users. Ultimately, users can easily scan their feet and get their perfect fit.

Thus, with this ultimate digital transformation strategy, the brand ultimately reaches the potential audience.

Wrapping Up

By now, it’s been cleared that mobile applications play a vital role in the advancement of digital transformation. In every sector, the customers expect a mobile experience from the brand they prefer to shop for.

Most importantly, the revolution of the mobile world is not crucial for customers but is also a must-have feature for the merchants as it makes their lives easier too. Thus, it’s high time to implement some astounding digital transformation strategies. CHECKOUT Some Unique Marketing Solutions For Your Business !!!

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