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Shiprocket Shipping: Multi-vendor Marketplace for Shopify – [User Guide]

Updated 18 January 2024

The Multi-vendor Marketplace has introduced another shipping feature app for order fulfillment named Shiprocket. It is a Delhi-based BigFoot Retail solution that is India’s first automated shipping software that aims to reduce eCommerce shipping to its bare bones.

By enabling the Shiprocket shipping featured app, the admin can allow the sellers to manage both the order fulfillment using the Shiprocket shipping and generate the shipping labels for the orders

This feature app comes will charge you $10 per month in addition to your current Multivendor plan.

Note:- “Shiprocket feature is available only in the Multivendor PRO ($60/month) Plan and you need to enable the Shipping Feature App” that is FREE of cost.”

To make the shipping feature work, you need to choose the Shopify store plan which supports the “Real-Time Carrier-Calculated Shipping”

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How to Enable Shiprocket Shipping Feature?

To enable the feature app, all you need is to visit the “Featured Apps” section of the admin panel and enable it from there.


Once you click on “Feature Apps”, you will get the list of apps listing in the section. There, You will get the Shiprocket feature. You just need to click the enable button.




Once you enable the feature app, a new sub-menu named Shiprocket configuration is added to the configuration menu of the app.
Note– You need to have an account on the shiprocket to configure the details in the app.

Before this, You need to visit:
The Configuration>>Shipping Methods and enable the Shiprocket Shipping as shown in the below screenshot:


Enable the Shiprocket Shipping:-


Now, proceed to configure the Shiprocket details


Shiprocket Configuration

In this section, you need to configure the shiprocket shipping details such as email id, and password. You will get all these details from your shiprocket account.

To allow the sellers to generate the shipping labels automatically on the fulfilled order all you need to enable the tab in the configuration menu.

Automatic generate shipping label:- Enable this tab if you want to generate the shipping labels automatically on order fulfillment.

Shipping label cost borne by:- Admin will bear the Shipping label cost.


NOTE The Shiprocket API configure token will be generated automatically once these configurations are saved

How to get Shiprocket API Email id and Password?

Firstly, you need to log in to the Shiprocket shipping:

Note– You need to have an API account on the Shiprocket.


Once you login into your shiprocket account, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Click on the settings menu.


Like this, you will get the details and configure the same in the app to make the Shiprocket shipping work.

Seller Panel Configuration

Once you configure these details, the sellers will also get the option to enable the Shiprocket shipping from the Shipping Configuration menu of their seller panel.


If the seller needs to configure the shipping packet details then this can be done from the Global Shipping Configuration:
Configure Width, height, length, girth, and weight.


Now, the seller can fulfill the orders using the Shiprocket shipping courier service.

Verify the pickup location.

Once the seller enables the shiprocket shipping, a pickup location is created on the shiprocket dashboard. It is mandatory to verify the pickup location address that is created. The verification is done either by the OTP or by IVR call. For address verification, either the OTP or a call will be made to the seller’s contact number.
The Settings>>Pickup address>>Manage pickup address.


Note- If shiprocket shipping is enabled and the seller’s address is changed, a new pickup location is automatically created on the Shiprocket dashboard. This new location will be used as a primary location.

Order Fulfillment

The Mandatory conditions for order fulfillment

  • The Contact number is mandatory.
  • The Contact number must be exact digits without code.
  • The Seller address must be valid with a valid pincode.
  • House number of the seller is mandatory.
  • The Global shipping configuration is mandatory.
  • SKU is mandatory while adding a product.

The seller needs to follow the below-given steps to fulfill the orders:

  • Login to the Multi-vendor Seller Panel.
  • Go to the Orders>> Order listing section.
  • Select the order you want to fulfill.
  • Click on Proceed to Fulfill the order.
  • select the Shiprocket as the fulfillment method.

Generate Shipping Label

Both admin and seller can generate the shipping label for the fulfilled orders. You can configure the shipping Label details from the admin panel>>Shiprocket Configuration.

The seller can generate the shipping label for fulfilled orders by following the steps given below-

  • Login to Multi-vendor Seller Panel.
  • Go to Orders Section.
  • Visit the Order Listing section.
  • Click on view.

The seller can generate/print the shipping label by clicking on the action button.


Thus, the shipping label will be generated automatically for the fulfilled orders. The seller can easily print the shipping label from here.


That’s all about the Shiprocket Shipping Feature App.


Link to check the demo of Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify:

Need Help?

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