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AirSpeed Shipping: Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify

Updated 26 August 2021

With Multivendor Marketplace App, You might have used USPS, Canada Post or Ecom Express Shipping Feature Apps on your marketplace to manage fulfillment and generate shipping labels.
Now, We came up with a new feature app named “AirSpeed Shipping” to manage fulfillment on a priority basis. This feature app comes with an option to Notify the Courier about the prepared order to be shipped to the customers.

Using this feature app, both admin and sellers can notify the courier about the customer’s order from their respective panels. Accordingly, sellers will manage the fulfillment from their seller panels and generate shipping labels for the fulfilled orders.

This feature App comes with a charge of $10 USD/month over and above your current multivendor plan.



  • Both admin and seller can notify the courier about the prepared orders.
  • Once you get notified, the seller can start the order fulfillment from his/her end.
  • AirSpeed Shipping has the highest fulfillment priority among all the other Shipping methods.
  • No need to enter the Tracking Number & Shipping method while fulfilling any order as they get fetched automatically based on configured AirSpeed Shipping details.
  • Also, Sellers can generate & print the shipping label for fulfilled orders from their respective panels.

How to Enable the AirSpeed Shipping Feature?

To get this feature app installed on your marketplace, admin needs to follow below-given steps:

Searching for a Shopify
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  • Go to Feature Apps section in the admin panel of the Multivendor App.
  • Search for the AirSpeed Shipping Feature App and Click on Enable button.
  • Further, click on Agree button if you agree with the feature app charge.
  • Redirecting to Shopify backend, click on Approve Charge button to approve the additional charge.

This way, admin can enable the AirSpeed Shipping feature.

Workflow at Admin End

AirSpeed Shipping Configuration

As soon as the AirSpeed Shipping feature app is enabled in the app, a new sub-menu gets added in the Configuration menu of the app i.e Air Speed Shipping Configuration.


Visiting this section, the admin needs to configure the details related to AirSpeed Shipping such as AirSpeed Client ID, Token ID, and Waybill Prefix.

To get these details, the admin needs to register to AirSpeed Shipping Courier and for AirSpeed Waybill Prefix, You need to contact AirSpeed courier.

Moreover, to test the functionality of this shipping, admin can enable the Sandbox mode.

airspeed shipping6

Please Note:- It is mandatory to have Customer’s Contact Number at Checkout.

As the AirSpeed Shipping feature is configured from admin end, he/she will get the option to notify courier about customer’s orders.

Checkout Form1

(Go to Shopify Backend>>Settings>>Checkout>>Go to Form Options>>Make the “Shipping Address Phone Number” Required>>Save.)

Orders: Admin End

Order details

Also, visiting the Orders section of the admin panel, You will get a Notify Courier button to send the notification to the courier to pick up the prepared order.

Order Details1

Go to Orders>>Visit Order Listing section>Select the Order from the listing>>Click on View button in the Action menu>>Click on Notify Courier button.


Furthermore, once the admin notifies the courier about the order to be picked up, the same will be updated on seller side too.

Now, if the admin doesn’t notify the courier from his panel, the seller will get the Notify Courier button on his/her seller panel.

Fulfillment by the Seller

Seller Order1

Moreover, once the admin configure the AirSpeed Shipping from his/her end. Seller will also get an option to notify the courier if the customer’s order is prepared to be picked up.

So, from the Order details section, the seller can send the notification to the courier. Once the order is picked up, the seller will fulfill it from his end.

Seller End

If the admin has already notified the Courier, the seller will get the option to fulfill the order.

Fulfill order
Fulfill Items

Now, Clicking on the Fulfill button, the seller will get the Air-Speed Shipping as one of the fulfillment methods. The Tracking number and the shipping method appears automatically for that order. Thus, the seller will click on Fulfill Items button to fulfill the order.

Also, once the seller will fulfill the items, he/she will get an option to generate a shipping label for that order.

How to Generate Shipping Label?

Seller will get an option to generate Shipping Label for fulfilled orders in the Order detail section of the app.

The seller needs to follow the below steps to generate the shipping label for fulfilled orders:

  • Login to Seller Panel.
  • Go to Orders.
  • Select the fulfilled order from the order listing page.
  • Further, click on the View button in the Action menu.
  • Click on the Generate Shipping Label button shown on the Order detail page.
Shipping Label
Shipping Label1

Shipping Label Generated.

This way, Seller will generate the shipping label using AirSpeed Shipping Feature.

This is all about the AirSpeed Shipping Feature App.


Further, check out the demo

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