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USPS Shipping: Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify – [User Guide]

Updated 18 January 2024

Currently, the USPS App is not available (depreciated).

Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify has now come up with the updated USPS Shipping feature with Integration.

Using this feature, you can allow sellers to ship their products using USPS. Moreover, allow them to generate shipping labels automatically using Integration on order fulfillment.

Important Note:- “USPS Shipping Feature is available only in the Multivendor PRO ($60/month) Plan + You need to enable the “Shipping” Feature App which is FREE of cost.”

Please make sure that it is necessary for the admin to have an account on As these stamp account details will help him to configure USPS details.

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This feature of the Multivendor app will charge you an additional amount of USD 10 per month over and above your current Multivendor plan.

Please Note:- To make the USPS shipping feature work, you need to choose the Shopify store plan which supports the “Real-Time Carrier-Calculated Shipping”.

Additional Features of USPS Shipping

  • Admin can allow his sellers to ship products via USPS.
  • And all the shipping rates will be as per USPS shipping.
  • Admin can allow his sellers to generate shipping labels automatically at order fulfillment using Integration.
  • Also, you can allow your sellers to get the option of automatically delivery of order for fulfilled items.
  • Only admin needs to create an account on to make this feature work.

How to Activate?

To enable this feature within your app, all you need to do is to visit the “Featured Apps” section of the admin panel and activate it from there.

Feature App

Once you click on “Feature Apps”, you will get the list of apps listing in this section. Now, you can scroll down to get the USPS shipping feature and click on the enable button.

USPS shipping

Then, you need to click on the “Enable” button to activate this feature within your app.

USPS shipping

After that, you can click on the “Agree” button and approve the additional charges.

Approve charge

In this way, you can enable the USPS shipping feature within your Multivendor App.

Admin End

To make this feature work, the admin needs to manage the configuration in this way:-

First, You need to configure shipping details from the “Shipping Configuration” section of the admin panel.


In this section, the admin can select USPS as a shipping option for the sellers to ship their goods.

USPS Shipping

Once enabled, you will get the option to configure the USPS settings.

Before this, make sure that the shipping cost is set to “Admin Only” from the Payment Configuration menu of the app.

Shipping Cost

Coming to the USPS Configuration:-

Now, the admin needs to configure USPS and stamps details from the “USPS Configuration” section of the admin panel.

Here, the admin needs to fill the following details such as USPS User ID, Stamps User ID, Password, and Integration ID.

Please Note:- In order to get the “USPS User ID”, the admin can get registered through USPS. You can go through the link below to get registered:

You can choose the domestic as well as international shipping service from this section.

Also, the admin can enable the “Automatic Generate Shipping Label” button to allow his sellers to generate and print the shipping label for fulfilled items.

You will now have an option to choose “who will bear the extra shipping charges”(whether it will be the admin or the seller).

Once you select “Admin” to bear the Shipping Label cost, the process will be the same(admin will pay the shipping label cost). However, if you want your sellers to bear the Shipping Label Cost then the seller will pay the shipping label cost as per the shipping configured by the admin.


Moreover, You can set the USPS shipping method as a “Default” option for any of your sellers.
Go to Admin Panel>>Sellers>>Seller Listing>>Select a seller>>Edit (Action menu)>>Select as default>>Save.

shipping as default

In this way, the admin can configure all these USPS and stamps details from his end. Now, the seller will get the option of USPS shipping in the shipping configuration section of the seller panel.

Let us see how the seller configures these shipping details on his/her end.

Seller End

To make the USPS shipping feature work, the sellers need to configure the shipping details from the “Shipping Configuration” section of their respective seller panels.

Going through the procedure:

Seller Panel>>Configuration>>Shipping Configuration>>Enable USPS shipping>>Save it.

USPS Shipping

Visiting the Shipping Configuration menu, the seller needs to enable the USPS shipping method.

Enable Shipping

As soon as the seller enables the USPS shipping method on his/her end, a new button gets enabled i.e. “Global Configuration”. The seller can configure the shipping packet details from here.

Shipping configuration

Seller will configure the shipping packet details, container, set a size for heavy goods for domestic and international shipping.

Global shipping

In this way, the seller can configure the USPS shipping details on his end.

Shipping Label Generation

Seller will get the option to generate shipping labels from his/her end. Admin needs to configure it from his end.

This shipping label generation will be done for the fulfilled orders from the “Order” section of the seller panel.

As soon as an order is placed for the seller’s product, the seller needs to fulfill it from the seller panel.

Stamp shipping

Once selected, the seller will select a shipping service to ship the item.

Shipping service

Now, the seller will choose content type & fill in the rest of the details to fulfill the order.

USPS Shipping

Clicking the Agree and Fulfill button, the seller can generate a shipping label for this order.

Shipping Label:-

Shipping Label

The seller can print the shipping label from the Action menu of the Order detail page.

Print shipping label

This is all about the Shipping Label Generation through Stamps Fulfilment.

Create Pick-Up Request

Using the USPS shipping feature, your sellers can create pickup requests for the USPS shipping service providers. The provider will come to pick up the orders from the specified seller location and deliver it to the customers.

Once an order is fulfilled, the seller can create a pickup request from the Action menu of the additional detail section of the Order detail page.

Steps to create a pickup request:

  • Click “Create Pickup request” button in Action menu.
  • Check Pickup availability: Available date for order pickup.
  • If available, select a pickup date.
  • Based on the selected date, total pick up price will be shown.
  • Now, select a Pickup time, enter packet volume & pick up instruction.

This way, you can create pick up requests using the USPS shipping feature app.

Create pickup request
Pickup request


Follow the below links and credentials to use the demo of the Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify:

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