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    Australia Post: Multi-vendor Marketplace for Shopify


    Australia Post, a government-owned corporation known to provide postal services in Australia. Now, we have integrated it with the Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify.

    Presenting Australia Post Feature app using which admin can allow the sellers to deliver their shipment via Australia Post shipment method and can also Generate Shipping Labels from the app.

    Please Note:- “Australia Post Shipping Feature is available only in the Multivendor PRO ($45/month) Plan + You need to enable the “Shipping” Feature App which is FREE of cost.”

    This feature will have an additional charge of USD 10 per month over and above your current multivendor plan.

    Note:- To make Australia Post shipping feature work, you need to choose the Shopify store plan that supports the “Real Time Carrier-Calculated Shipping”.

    MARK:- Before enabling this feature app, please make sure that you have Australia Post credentials.


    • Allow sellers to ship items via Australia Post.
    • Generate shipping label for the fulfilled orders.
    • Admin needs to have an account on Australia Post Centre.
    • Deliver Shipment via Australia Post shipping method.
    • Also, allow sellers to Print Shipping Labels on their own.

    Note:- In the case of International Shipping, currently the following countries are supported in the multi-vendor marketplace app:

    • The United States.
    • China
    • New Zealand.
    • The United Kingdom.



    In order to install this feature app to your store, you need to follow some simple steps. Have a look:

    • Multi-Vendor Admin Panel.
    • Go to Feature Apps section.
    • Search for Australia Post.
    • Click the “Enable” button.
    • Now, agree with the charge of USD 10 per month by clicking the “Agree” button.
    • Click the “Approve Charges” button.

    So, that is how you can install the Australia Post feature app to the multivendor app. Let’s proceed to know how to configure the feature app.


    As soon as you activate the Australia Post feature app, a new sub-menu gets added to the “Configuration” menu of the multi-vendor app i.e. Australia Post Configuration.

    Visiting this section, first You will be asked to enable the Australia Post shipping from the Shipping Configuration menu of the app. Then only, you will get the option to add details related to Australia Post shipping.

    OR You can directly visit the Shipping Configuration section and enable the Australia Post shipping method.

    In the Shipping Configuration menu, You will get the Australia Post shipping Option. Enable it and Save the settings.

    Now, admin can enable the Australia Post shipping separately for each seller from “Edit Seller” section of the app.

    From the Edit Seller section, You can enable “Australia Post Shipping feature” for Your sellers.

    Now, once the shipping method is enabled, You can set this shipping as “Default”. Also, You can anytime disable the Australia Post shipping method for your seller.

    Australia Post Configuration

    As soon as You enable this shipping method, You will get the option to configure the Australia Post shipping details in the Australia Post Configuration Section of the app.

    Here, You need to fill the details such as Australia Post API Key, API Password and the Account Number.

    To get these details, You need to get registered on Australia Post Centre by creating an account on it.

    Now, fill all the details carefully and Save it.

    This way, the Australia Post Shipping details are configured in the app. Let’s Proceed to see how it works for the Sellers.

    Seller End

    Once the admin enables the Australia Post Shipping, the same appears on the Seller side in the Shipping Configuration menu of the app.

    Now, the seller needs to visit the Shipping Configuration and enable Australia Post shipping from there.

    This way, Australian Sellers can configure this shipping service.

    Now, once an order is placed, the seller will get the option to fulfill via Australia Post shipping and generate the shipping label for the fulfilled orders.

    • Visit the Order Detail section and Scroll down to get the Fulfill button.
    • Click the Fulfill button and select the Shipping method as Australia Post.
    • Click the Fulfill Item button.

    Clicking the Fulfill Item button, You will be asked to agree with the additional shipping method cost. Check the box and proceed to fulfill the order.

    This way seller can fulfill the items.

    Now, as soon as the seller fulfills the Order, he/she will get the option to generate Shipping label from the app as configured by the admin.

    Furthermore, let’s see how the seller can generate a shipping label in the app.

    Shipping Label Generation

    Both admin and seller can generate the shipping label for the fulfilled orders. Admin can configure the shipping Label details.

    Seller needs to follow these steps to generate shipping labels:

    • Login to Multi-vendor Seller Panel.
    • Go to Orders.
    • Visit the Order Listing section.
    • Select the Order for which You want to Generate Shipping Label.
    • Further, click the View button in Action menu.
    • Click the Generate Shipping Label button.

    Shipping Label Generation

    Once generated, the seller can print the shipping label from the Order detail section of the app.

    That’s all about the Australia Post shipping Feature App.


    Further, go through the below given link to check the demo of the Multi-vendor Marketplace App for Shopify:

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