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    Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify -Multilevel Collection Setup

    Updated 7 February 2020

    In our Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify, we have introduced an additional feature name “Multilevel collection” which allows admin to create subcategories of a particular collection for the Product page.

    The Multilevel collection setup/parent-child setup will be only for the backend while creating a product or editing any product and not for the front end.


    • Admin will be able to manage collections itself at any time (for example – add new collections or remove collections and change the parent and child categories and levels)
    • At the product page when the seller selects the child collection then the child’s parent and sub-parent get selected automatically.
    • At the Front end when a customer clicks the parent collection he/she will see all the products which are available under all the child categories under that parent.

    So let’s understand its workflow:-


    To use Multilevel collection while creating the product you firstly need to enable this from the “Restriction Collection” section from the Configuration section of the app.

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    Admin end>> Configuration>> Restriction Configuration >> Enable”Restrict Collection” >> Enable ” Use Multilevel collection for product page” >> Save changes

    Multi Vendor Marketplace Multilevel Collection
    Multi Vendor Marketplace Multilevel Collection

    Now visit the ” Collection section” of the “Products” menu in our multivendor marketplace app.

    so from here you can add new collections and view the list of existing collections.

    To create subcategory/child of a particular collection, click on the “View child’s” in action section in front of collection ID

    Multi Vendor Marketplace Multilevel Collection

    After clicking on “view child’s” you will be redirected to the child collections detailed page

    Multi Vendor Marketplace Multilevel Collection
    Multi Vendor Marketplace Multilevel Collection

    By clicking of ADD CHILD button you will be redirected to page shown in below screenshot:-

    How to use Multilevel Collection at the Product page

    While creating any new product or editing an existing product, the seller can use multilevel collections.

    Seller End>> Products>> Products Listing>>Add Product>> Collections>> Select collections of your choice>> Save.

    Multi Vendor Marketplace Multilevel Collection

    If Seller will select the parent collection then he/she need to manually select its children but when the seller will select the child collection then it will automatically select that child’s parent and sub-parent.

    Multi Vendor Marketplace Multilevel Collection

    So this way admin, as well as seller, can use Multilevel Collection at the product page.



    Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/consultancy then please raise a ticket at  You can also drop a mail at [email protected]

    Thanks for reading this blog!!! 🙂

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