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    Vamaship: Multi Vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify has come up with another marketplace shipping feature app for Indian Merchants, i.e., Vamaship.


    Vamaship is a SaaS enabled logistics marketplace. Besides, it facilitates shipping via air, ocean, and surface to over 200 countries and 26,000 pin codes within India.

    Using this featured app, the merchants can enable shipment & fulfillment through Vamaship. Moreover, he can automatically generate shipping labels for the same.

    The Vamaship feature app is available only with the Multivendor Pro Plan ($45/month). Moreover, you need to enable the Shipping add-on (free) from the featured apps section of the app.


    This feature will have an additional charge of USD 10 per month over & above your current Multivendor plan.


    Access to Shipping requires your Shopify store to be on the plan that supports Real-Time Carrier-Calculated Shipping.


    To enable this ‘feature app’:

    Go to multi vendor marketplace admin panel > click on the three dots > click on the ‘featured apps’. Further, enable the Vamaship add-on.

    Furthermore, agree & approve the charges:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Admin End
    Shopify Backend (Admin End)

    Configuration: Admin End

    Firstly, go to:
    Multi-vendor marketplace admin panel > configuration > shipping configuration. Now, enable the shipping method:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Admin End

    After that, you’ll have one more option to configure this shipping.

    So, either click on Configure Shipping
    Go to multi vendor marketplace admin panel > configuration > Vamaship Configuration.

    MultiVendor Marketplace Admin End

    Hence, this is what the configuration page will look like:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Admin End

    If you want to test the functionality of this shipping add-on, enable the sandbox mode. So, use the sandbox mode for testing purposes only.


    Enable this to automatically generate a shipping label on order fulfillment.


    Further, in here, enter the API Username, i.e., the left part of the API key, before the colon. (It will be different for the Production and Development environment.)

    Contact Vamaship to get the access key.

      • Vamaship Air Domestic:
        This is for providing shipping within India via air. Know more.
      • Vamaship Air International:
        This is international shipping. The seller needs to be located in Mumbai, India. Know more.
      • Vamaship Surface Domestic:
        This is for providing shipping within India via surface. Know more.

    Further, choose who will bear the shipping label charges, thus, the admin or the seller. (This is an extra cost apart from what the customer has paid.)

    • USAGE AS

    Select how you want to use Vamaship: For fulfilment or Both fulfilment & shipping.

    Note: If you are using it for fulfillment only then customers will not get Vamaship shipping rates on the checkout page. That is, you will only be able to fulfil orders via Vamaship.

    Set Shipping Method for Sellers:

    The admin can further set the shipping methods for his sellers. So, go to multi vendor marketplace admin panel > Sellers > Seller Listing > Edit (under Action).
    On the edit seller page, the admin will have the following block:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Admin End

    The admin can set any shipping enabled on his multivendor marketplace as default also.

    Further, the admin can view all the sellers which are using this shipping method by going to:

    Multi-vendor marketplace admin panel > configuration > shipping configuration:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Admin End

    Make Shipping Address Phone Number Mandatory

    The admin needs to make the Shipping address phone number mandatory at the time of checkout.

    So, go to Shopify Backend > Settings > Checkout > Under Form Options, make Shipping address phone number as Required:

    Shopify Backend (Admin End)

    Configuration: Seller End

    Note: Seller address & phone number is mandatory.

    Further, the seller can configuration Vamashipping from his panel.

    So, go to multi vendor marketplace seller panel > configuration > shipping configuration > enable the shipping:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Seller End

    Further, go to Global Configuration:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Seller End

    Moreover, from here, the seller can do the SHIPPING PACKET CONFIGURATION:

    Note: 150 cm > LBH > 1 cm
    In the case of Vamaship Air Domestic: 150 cm > LBH > 3 cm

    MultiVendor Marketplace Seller End

    Further, the seller can set the shipping method as by-default. So that every single product created it will have Vamaship Shipping as the by-default shipping method.

    MultiVendor Marketplace Seller End

    If not this, the seller can set the shipping method on individual products while adding/editing them.

    So, go to Multi-vendor marketplace seller panel > Products >Product Listing > Add/Edit the Product:

    MultiVendor Marketplace Seller End

    Shopify Store Frontend

    Further, the customer will have an option to select the shipping method as Vamaship after entering the information:

    Shopify Storefront

    Shipping Label Generation

    Seller will have an option to generate a shipping label from their seller panel. Also, shipping labels can only be generated for fulfilled orders.

    So, go to Multi-vendor marketplace seller panel > Orders > Order Listing > View (under Action). In ADDITIONAL ORDER DETAILS, click on Actions > Print Shipping Label:

    Moreover, this block will have the information regarding who is bearing the shipping label charges. (Refer to the screenshot below.)

    Furthermore, this is how the shipping label will be downloaded in pdf form:

    Vamaship Shipping Label

    💡 Need Help?

    Moreover, you can drop your query/suggestion at or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk

    . . .

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