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    Swiss Post Shipping: Multi-vendor Marketplace for Shopify – [User Guide]

    Updated 18 January 2024

    The Multi-vendor Marketplace has introduced another shipping feature app for order fulfillment named Swiss Post i.e the national postal service of Switzerland.

    By enabling the Swiss Post shipping featured app, the admin can allow sellers to manage the order fulfillment via Swiss Post shipping. Also, automatically generate shipping labels for the orders.

    This feature app will charge you a minimal amount of $10 per month over and above your current Multivendor plan.

    NOTE:- This Swiss Post shipping feature app is available only with the Multivendor Pro Plan ($60/month).

    Moreover, you need to enable the Shipping Add-on for FREE from the ‘Feature Apps’ section of the app.

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    Also, Access to Shipping requires your Shopify store to be on the plan that supports Real-Time Carrier-Calculated Shipping.

    The Swiss post Shipping feature is compatible with the Partial Fulfillment feature.


    How to Activate Swiss Post Shipping?

    To enable the feature app, all you need to do is to visit the “Featured Apps” section of the admin panel and enable it from there.

    Feature App-shipping

    Once you click on “Feature Apps”, you will get the list of apps listing in this section. There, You will get the Swiss Post feature. You just need to click the enable button.

    In this way, you can enable the feature within your Multivendor App.


    Once you enable this feature app, a new sub-menu gets added in the Configuration menu of the app i.e. Swiss Post Configuration. Please Note:- You need to have an account on Swiss Post to configure the details in the app.

    Before this, You need to visit the Configuration>>Shipping Methods and enable the Swiss Post Shipping as shown in the below screenshot:


    Enable the Swiss Post Shipping:-


    Now, proceed to configure Swiss Post details


    Swiss Post Configuration

    In this section, you need to configure Swiss Post shipping details such as Client ID, Secret Key and Franking License Number. You will get all these details from your Swiss Post account.

    Moreover, to allow sellers to generate the shipping labels automatically on fulfilled orders, you need to enable the tab in the configuration menu.

    Receive Parcel To Your Address:- In case you want to receive the parcel at your address, you need to enable the tab and enter the address for which you want to generate the shipping label.


    Automatic Fulfilment

    In case you want to auto-fulfill the product at the time of order creation, you just need to enable RECEIVE PARCEL TO YOUR ADDRESS option>> Enable AUTOMATIC FULFILLMENT option in the Swiss Post Configuration menu in the app.

    Note: High risk orders will not be auto fulfilled.


    Make Shipping Address Phone Number Mandatory

    To use this feature add-on, the admin needs to make the Shipping address phone number mandatory at the time of checkout.

    To do this, You need to go to Shopify Backend > Settings > Checkout > Under Form Options, make the Shipping address phone number as Required.

    J&T Express Shipping

    Seller Panel

    Once you configure these details, the sellers will also get the option to enable the Swiss Post shipping from the Shipping Configuration menu of their seller panel.


    In case, the sellers need to configure the shipping parcel details, this can be done from the Global Shipping Configuration:-
    Configure Width, height, length, girth, and weight.


    Now, the seller can fulfill orders via the Swiss Post shipping courier service.

    Shipping Label Generation

    Both admin and seller can generate the shipping label for the fulfilled orders. Admin can configure the shipping Label details from his admin panel.

    Seller needs to follow the below-given steps to generate shipping labels for fulfilled orders:

    • Login to Multi-vendor Seller Panel.
    • Go to Orders.
    • Visit the Order Listing section.
    • Select the Order for which You want to Generate Shipping Label.
    • Proceed to fulfill the order.

    Clicking the Fulfill button, you need to select the Swiss Post as the shipping method.


    The sellers can check the fulfillment details from the Order Listing section.


    Thus, the shipping label will be generated automatically for the fulfilled orders. Thus, the seller can easily print the shipping label.



    Link to check the demo of Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify:

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