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Partial Fulfillment: Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify

Updated 6 April 2021

Till now, Multi-Vendor Marketplace App facilitates admin as well as the seller to fulfill orders from their respective panels. Now, we have introduced a partial fulfillment feature as well.

You can fulfill a part of an order by fulfilling some line items. Let’s learn how you can activate this feature within the marketplace app.

Enable Partial Fulfillment

Visit Multivendor Admin Panel > Configuration > Order Configuration

NOTE: Once you enable the partial fulfillment option, you can’t disable it further!

Enable Partial Fulfillment

Steps to Partially Fulfill the Orders

The seller needs to visit MVM Seller Panel > Orders > Order Listing> View the order you want to fulfill > Accept the order and then proceed to fulfill:

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Proceed to partial fulfill order

Next, enter the quantity of products you want to fulfill and proceed.


Further, enter the fulfillment method, enter the tracking details if needed and fulfill.


On the order page, you will have the fulfilled & unfilled products listed:


Drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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In Multi-Vendor Marketplace, once the order is being placed from the Shopify store then each seller can do the fulfillment of their respective products directly from their seller panel on the app.

But, we do give the Admin an option to restrict his Sellers from fulfilling the orders. In other words, if the admin doesn’t want his sellers to fulfill the orders & instead he wants to fulfill the order then he can do so in the Multivendor Marketplace.

Check the two cases in depth by visiting this link.

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