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    Booking App by Webkul for Shopify

    If you are eagerly waiting to offer booking services to the customers, your wait is over now. Here, we are presenting a new app namely Booking App for Shopify.

    With this app, you can now add bookings to your Shopify store products and have a simple yet powerful booking system for Shopify. Thus, the customers will book or rent the products & can schedule their appointments from your store simply by choosing their preferable slots, date, and timezone.

    There can be distinctive booking scenarios if it comes to have an online booking business. Undoubtedly, you will always go with the one that perfectly suits your booking business needs.

    Thus, our booking app will help you to create multiple bookings for any type of booking cases whether it will be appointment Type Bookings (Time slot bookings) or Concert Type Booking (Day-wise booking), Rent Type bookings or One Day bookings.

    Before proceeding to understand each booking in detail, let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of the Booking App.  

    Additional Features of Booking App

    • An interactive dashboard to track the ongoing progress of your online store.
    • Get notifications for all the actions performed in the app.
    • View complete booking details of your customers. 
    • Option to choose a booking type & add bookings to your store as per your business need.

    Once Day Booking to offer one day cab booking service, etc.
    Appointment Type to create an appointment scheduling system. Explore!
    Rent Type to offer rental bookings. Explore!
    Concert Type to offer day-wise bookings for live concert, event bookings, etc. Explore!

    • Add custom fields to your booking product in case, you want your customers to provide their additional information at the time of booking.
    • Manage customer’s cancel, reschedule booking requests.
      -Get the option to approve or deny requests from the app.
    • An informative calendar view for all the bookings. 
      Google Calendar feature to add customer’s booking events to Google Calendar.
    • Manual Booking Option to create bookings on behalf of your customers. Explore!
    • Overwrite specific days feature

    Close bookings for some specific days or time duration, in case you are not available to receive customer’s bookings. Explore!

    • Set Minimum Guest Limit per Customer in case of multi-user booking.
    • Auto-approve customer reschedule booking request, if configured by the admin.

    Integrated with Multi-vendor Marketplace for Shopify. Explore!

    • The customer can request the admin to reschedule his booking.
    • Moreover, Customers can view booking details from their respective “My Account” section.

    Have a separate page to list all the bookings products/services listed on your store.

    • A separate section to list all your customers who schedule appointments & make bookings from your store.

    Customers can easily filter any booking type by days/week/year/month and also by date range.

    • In Rent Type bookings, you can allow customers to choose the group days to rent a product. Thus, restrict them to rent an item for a fixed number of days. Explore!
    • Update booking type for the products/services that are not yet booked by the customers.
    • Allow multi-users in the rent type & rent type with time bookings, in case of unlimited guests.

    How to Install the Booking App

    In order to install the Booking App to your store, all you need to do is just visit the Shopify app store and get the Booking App by Webkul.

    Now, follow the below-given instructions:

    • Click the Add app button of the Booking App by Webkul page of the Shopify app store.
    • Clicking the add app button, you will be asked to enter your Shopify store URL. Enter your store URL & click the Login button.
    • Once you click the login button, you will be straightaway redirected to your Shopify store.
    • Click the Install button to install the app to your Shopify store.
    • Once installed, you can see the booking app in the Apps section of your Shopify store.

    That’s how you can install the booking app to your store effortlessly.

    Admin’s Dashboard: Track your Progress

    In this Booking App, you will have an interactive dashboard that represents your booking statistics, your earnings, your account information as well as all the notifications that you get from the customers.

    You can schedule booking from the app in case you need our support in adding the codes or configuration.

    Moreover, you can view all the six different types of bookings in the app from here:-

    How to create booking Products

    Admin needs to follow the below-given steps to add bookings to Products:

    • Go to the Booking App by Webkul.
    • Visit Booking Product Section.
    • Click the “Add Booking Product” button.
    • Select Your Store Product to which you want to add a booking.
    • Now, Choose the Product Variant.
    • Clicking the Proceed button, You will be straightaway redirected to the “Edit Booking Product” section.

    There, you need to fill the following details:

    Product Information:

    In this menu, you need to choose the booking type i.e for Single User Booking or Multi-user Booking.

    Thus, you need to select if you want only one customer to book a slot at a time or you want to offer the same time or date slot to multiple customers.

    Multi-User Booking

    Customer’s Guest Limit: You can set a guest limit for the customers to book a slot.

    Let’s understand it with an instance: Suppose it sets to 20 then, a single slot will be available for a maximum of 20 guests.

    Maximum Guest Limit per Customer: You can set a maximum guest limit for each customer to book a slot at a time.

    Let’s take an example:- Suppose it sets to 10 then, an individual customer can book a single slot for a maximum of 10 guests at once.

    Minimum Guest Limit per Customer: You can set a minimum guest limit for each customer to book a slot at a time.

    Let’s take an example:- Suppose it sets to 5 then, an individual customer can book a single slot for a minimum of 5 guests at once.


    Set location preferences i.e if You want to provide the service to customer location or at Your own preferred location.


    From this section, admin can choose the booking type as per his/her business needs whether it will be Appointment Type booking, Concert type or Rent Type booking and create the slots accordingly.

    Overwrite Specific Days:

    In this feature, you as an admin can close booking for some specific days or time period of any of his created slots. All You need to do is just create slots on some specific days or time duration that will overwrite the previous slots created for the booking product.

    Schedule Updation
    In the appointment type bookings, you can now update the time slots on specific dates in case you are not available to provide services on the previously created slots. This newly updated slots will overwrite the previous slots created for the booking product.

    Custom Fields:

    In case you want some additional information from your customer, you can add custom fields with the booking products from this section.

    Custom Information:

    From this section, You can display extra information with the Product or Service You provide on the store’s product description page.

    Alternative: To Add Booking to Product

    Admin can create a booking product from the Product section of the store.

    Now once you install the app on your store, you can select any product (or add a new product), choose it’s variant, select the Booking Type (Appointment/Concert Type) and assign it as a booking product.

    All you need to do is to click on the “More Action” menu of the selected product and click the “Booking Product” button.

    Once you click the “Booking Product” button, you need to select the variant of that product which you want to assign as a “Booking Product”.

    Now, you can select the “Booking Type” whether you want to create Appointment Type Booking (Time-wise Booking), Concert Type Booking (Day-wise Booking) or Rent Type booking and proceed further.

    Once you click on the “Proceed” button, you will be reaching to the “Edit booking product” section of the booking app.

    There, you can view the booking product information and option to choose a single or multi-user booking type.

    Now, specify the preferred location where you want to provide the service to the customers and select the booking type from the “Availability” section.

    Moreover, you can add Overwrite some specific days i.e close booking for some specific days, add custom fields and additional information for your booking product.

    It is as simple as this:

    Admin panel of Shopify store>>Visit “Product” Section>>Select any product (or add new Product and “Save” it)>>Click “More Action“>>click “Booking Product“>>Fill the booking information>>”Save” the details.

    Booking Products

    On the admin end, this section of the booking app is having a list of booking products. Now once you create any booking product, you can manage all the related details from this section.

    You just need to select a product from this section and click on “Edit Booking Product” in the action menu.

    You can edit all the booking product details in this section. Also, you can delete/remove the booking product from here.

    Let’s understand it one by one.

    1. Product Information

    You can view all the booking product details in this section such as title, description, product image, and slot price.

    Also, you can select the booking type as “Single user booking” or “Multi-user booking“.

    2.  Location

    In this section, the admin can choose whether he wants to provide the product booking service at any specific location selected by him or he chooses the customer’s preferred location for the same.

    Now, if the admin chooses his own preferred location, he needs to enter the location (the address where he wants his customer to visit).

    3. Availability

    In this section, you can choose booking types and create the slots for your booking products.

    Here, you can set the dates between which your bookings will be available and also select the days on which booking products will be available.

    Let’s discuss the six different types of bookings in detail.

    One Day Booking

    If you want to offer any service for a day, you can choose this booking type. Thus, customers will select the slot and book the service for a day.

    Now, Let’s take an example: One Day Cab booking service: You as an admin can set a duration and the customers will select a slot to book for a day.

    Appointment Type

    If you want to offer an appointment booking service then, select this booking type to create time slots in basic as well as advance slot management.

    It allows you to select the time duration between which the booking product will be available. Also, you can set the Per booking timings as well as the rest time after each booking slot.

    Per Booking Timings: It is the time taken for each booking slot.

    Rest Time after per Booking Slot: It is the rest time available after each booking slot.

    For Example:- Dentist Booking System, Doctor’s Appointment.

    Rent Type

    If You own rental business then, go with Rent Type of booking. You can set a duration for Your service and customers will select the slots to rent the product or service.

    Important Note:- While adding rent type booking to any product, please make sure that the inventory policy of that product is “Don’t track inventory” from Shopify end.

    Restrict Customers to Rent for a Fixed No of Days

    Now, you can allow customers to select group days as you can restrict customers to rent products for a fixed number of days.

    Once selected, enter the No of Days for which you want customers to select a continuous date in the calendar to rent the product.
    Example:- If it is set to 5 and customer selects 1st Sept then, dates will be selected for continuous 5 days i.e. from 1st to 5th Sept.

    After that, enter the no of Product Units that you want to rent for the mentioned no of days based on which product price will be calculated.
    Example- If it is set to 2 and the product price is $10 then the booking price will 2*10 = $20.

    Thus, customers will select a date and if it is set to 3 then, automatically 3 continuous days will be selected and the product will be rented for 3 days. Accordingly, the price will be calculated. Refer the screenshot:-

    For Example:- Venue Booking Service

    Rent Type with Time

    To offer rental service for some specific date and time, you can go with this booking type. In this, you need to set duration and per booking timing i.e the time to be taken for each booking slot.

    For Example:- Rent a bike, Rent a Dress

    Important Note:- While adding “rent type with time” booking to any product, please make sure that the inventory policy of that product is set to “Don’t track inventory” from Shopify end.

    NOTE:- While adding “Rent Type” or “Rent type with time” bookings to any product please make sure that the inventory policy of that product is set to “Don’t track inventory” on the Shopify end.

    Concert Type

    In this type of booking, You can create day-wise slots irrespective of the time and let your customers book the slot. Click here to know more about how to add the day-wise booking to products.

    For Example:- Auditorium booking, Booking Halls for Seminar.

    Concert Type with Time

    Additionally, you can create date time slots for your bookings and let the customers book their preferred slots with date & time.

    For Example:- Ticket booking for Live Musical Concerts, etc.

    Also, you will also get an option to add day-wise booking on products simply by choosing Concert Type booking.

    Click Here to know about Day-wise booking in detail.

    4. Custom Information

    If you want to add some additional information about your booking product, you can add it to this section only.  You just need to enter the title of the information that you are providing along with its description.

    Also, the customer can view this booking product information on the product description page.

    5. Custom Fields

    If you want to get more information about your customer who is booking your product, you can add custom fields for the same. The customer needs to fill all these details at the time of product booking.

    Note:–  You can also make any custom field mandatory for the customers to fill that detail while booking any product.


    This section lists all the customer’s bookings. Also, you will get the cancel or reschedule requests of your customers.

    Once you click on the three dots in the action menu, you will get an option to edit your booking products.

    Also, you can click on the “Edit Booking” button to view all the booking details and approve, cancel or reschedule bookings as per the requirement.

    From this section, you can click the “Approve” button to approve the customer’s booking request.

    If the customer requests for booking, you will get notified for the same. You will receive an email after which you can approve the customer’s request from this section.

    In Case Customer requested to Reschedule Bookings:

    Clicking the reschedule button, You can enter the date and slot to which you want to reschedule Your customer’s bookings.

    To cancel the customer’s bookings, just click the Cancel button and Proceed. The customer will get notified of the same.

    Booking Calendar

    You can have a calendar view of your bookings. Here, you can filter any product to make it visible in the calendar shown in this section.

    Also, you can filter it by month, week or day to view the booking product on a calendar. You will get an option of a list view as well.



    You can have the Google Calendar feature in the app to add customer’s booking events to Google Calendar. Explore!

    ICS File Download

    You can activate the ICS File Download add-on in the app to directly import booking events on your calendar or share information with others directly over email using ICS File.

    With ICS File download, the admin can provide downloadable files to the customers. Thus, they can import the file on Google Calendar and remain updated with their upcoming booking events.

    How to Configure the Booking Details

    The configuration of the booking details includes six sections. There, you can configure your general details, booking details, email templates, booking widget, front labels as well as colors.

    Make it clear with the screenshots below.

    1. General Configuration

    You can configure your general details from here.

    Also, you can select the default “Timezone” as well as “Currency” in this section.


    In the Add-On section of the app, you can enable the Google Calendar feature.

    The admin will have this option to provide Google Calendar Link to the customers to add booking events. Once the customer makes a booking and is auto-approved by the admin then, both admin & customer will receive a notification mail about the booking.

    2. Booking Configuration

    You can configure all your product booking details in this section such as:-

    • Allow customers to enter the no of days after which you want to make the slots available for the customers.
    • Auto-approve customer’s booking requests once a new request raised.
    • Let the customer request you to cancel his/her bookings.
    • Auto-approve reschedule booking requests raised by the customers.
    • Allow customers to create bookings even if the slot’s availability is less than the minimum guest limit set by the admin (in case of Multi-user booking). 

    3. Email Templates

    Admin can configure all the reminder emails/notifications send to the customers while booking any product.

    4. Booking Widget

    In this section, you will get an option to enable or disable the “Timezone” selector button which is visible to the customer at the time of booking any product.

    Now once you enable this feature, customer needs to select the “Timezone” before booking any product.

    5. Front Labels

    You can configure all the labels on your own to make it visible on the frontend exactly the way you want them to appear.

    In this way, the admin can configure backend.

    Customer Listing

    You can now have a separate section to list all your customers who schedule appointments & make bookings from your store. You can view the customer’s name, email address and no of bookings done by the customer.

    How to Configure the Store Front?

    In order to visualize the effect of this booking app on your store, you just need to configure its frontend by copying the code and paste it to their respective files.

    1. For Booking Widget

    Now to display the “Timezone Selector” button on the frontend, just copy the given code and paste it below the product-template.liquid file.

            {% if product.tags contains "wk_booking" %}
            {% include 'bc-widget' %}
            {% endif %}

    2. For Customer’s Booking Details

    Now, to display customer’s booking detail options on the frontend, just copy the given code and paste it below the customers/order.liquid

    {% if %}
            <p><u><a href="https://{{ shop.domain }}/pages/booking-information/{{ }}?handle={{ line_item.variant_id }}">View Booking Details</a></u></p>
            {% endif %}

    In this way, you can configure your frontend in the booking app.

    Customer End

    Through this booking app, customers can book any product on his end created by the admin. He/She just needs to select a timezone, booking date, and a preferred time slot to book that product.

    Once the admin adds booking to his/her store products, let’s see how the booking widget appears on Front End individually for all type of bookings.








    Once the customer book any product, he/she can view all the booking details in his “My Account” section.

    Also, the customer can request the admin to reschedule or cancel bookings from his “My Account” section.

    Once the customer requests for rescheduling, the admin will get a reminder mail. This product booking gets rescheduled only after getting approved by the admin.

    In this way, a customer can get all such benefits from this booking app.


    You can click on the link below to get the backend as well as frontend demo links:

    Need Help?

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    Also, you can contact to get proper assistance.

    Thank You for reading this Blog!

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