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Booking App for Shopify: Create Manual Bookings

Updated 7 September 2022

It’s always not possible for customers to visit your website & create bookings online. So, they prefer to contact the merchant via call or email and request to book slots on their behalf. This is the manual booking process.

With this thought, we have introduced the Manual Booking Feature in the Booking app for Shopify that lets you create bookings on behalf of your customers directly from the app.

Let’s walk through this guide to know how to create bookings manually in the app.


You can easily install the app from the Shopify App Store and get it listed in the apps section of your Shopify store.


Now, once you receive any booking request via call or email, you can proceed to create bookings in the app.

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Do follow the steps to create manual bookings in the app:-

STEP 1:- Go to the Bookings section of the app.


STEP 2:- Click the Create Booking button.


3RD STEP:- Enter the booking slot details such as choose a booking product/service, select the booking date & choose a time slot on behalf of customers.

Add all the requested bookings at one place and proceed to add customer details.


STEP 4:- Enter Customer details who request you to make bookings on his behalf. The required customer details will be Customer First name, last name, email address.

But in case, you want to get additional information from your customers, you can add custom fields in the app.

STEP 5:- Select the Payment Details either Pending or Paid.

On Shopify, an order gets generated for each booking created from the app. And the payment status of the order will be updated in the app as per the customer requests.

Pending:-Choose this option in case, the customer has not paid the complete booking amount.
Paid:- Choose this option in case, the customer has paid for the bookings.

Once done, click the Save button to add booking on behalf of the customer.

All the manual bookings that you create for your customers will be visible in the Bookings section of the app.


Clicking the Edit product button, you can proceed to manage bookings from the app such as reschedule bookings or to set the booking status to “Done”.


Moreover, you can view the rest of the booking details from this section such as tracking ID, slot details, customer details. In case, you are using the Google Calendar feature in the app, you will get an option to add Event to Google Calendar.


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