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Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify- Booking App Integration

Updated 18 January 2024

Multivendor Marketplace- Booking App Integration

Multivendor Marketplace App has come up with a new feature app called “Booking Product” which is now integrated with the “Booking App by Webkul“.

This feature app helps both admin and sellers to add bookings to products available on the marketplace. You can create booking slots as per the availability & customers can select their preferable slot at the time of booking.

Using this app, you can select any of the 6 booking types as per your business needs & add bookings for multiple professions such as car rentals, salon appointments, live music concerts & so on.

Additionally, you can set the “Multi-User Booking” option so that multiple customers can book the same slot at a time.

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Customers can request the admin to “Reschedule” or “Cancel” the bookings.

Please Note:– This feature app is FREE of cost but this integration will add a USD 18 per month in addition to your existing Multivendor plan.

Suppose you have selected the Pro($60/month )plan of the multivendor app and enabled this featured app which is integrated with Booking App by Webkul (costs $18/month) then you need to pay the monthly charge of $78/month ($60+$18).


  • Allow sellers to add bookings to your store products.
  • Let the sellers create slots for the booking product and customers can choose their preferable slot at the time of booking.
  • Additional information about your booking products can be added and displayed on the product page.
  • Also, you can add custom fields for your booking products.
  • You can allow more than one customer can book a slot at a time.
  • The customer can request the admin to reschedule his booking.
  • Also, you can allow customers to cancel the bookings.
  • Admin can approve, reschedule, or cancel the bookings requested by the customers.
  • Auto-approve customer’s bookings for sellers each time a new booking request arises.
  • You can now configure labels of the seller dashboard.


Booking App
Feature Apps-Booking App

To make this app work, first of all, you need to visit the “Feature Apps” section of the multivendor app. There you will get the “Booking Product” feature app.

Feature Apps install

Now once you click on the “Enable” button you will be asked to install the “Booking App by Webkul” app first. And as soon as you agree with this condition you will get the Booking App installed on your store.Thus, this Booking Product feature gets enabled on your marketplace.

Allow Sellers To Open Booking Dashboard Within The App (iframe)

If you want to allow your sellers to open the booking dashboard with the app, then for this visit

App admin panel>>Configuration>>Booking Configuration>>Enable the tab


This is how it will look on the seller’s dashboard


Workflow: Admin Panel

Once you enable the “Booking Product” feature app on your store, you can now select any product from the “Product Listing” section of the Multivendor app, choose it’s variant and then add booking on it.

add bookings

First, visit the Multivendor Admin panel>>Products>>Click on “Products Listing”>>Select any product from the list>>visit “Action” menu>> Click (…)>>Click on “Add Booking“.


Now, by Clicking on the “Add Booking” button you will be straight away redirected to the Booking App section of your Shopify store.

From here you need to choose a variant of your selected product and then click on the “Proceed” button to add booking on that product. Once you click on the proceed button you will be reaching to the “Edit Booking Product” section.

There, you need to enter your booking product information, specify your service location, create slots for your booking products, add custom fields and much more.

From this section, you can provide an option for multiple customers to book a slot at a time.


If you have selected the Booking Type as “Multi-User Booking” then you need to specify the Customer limit for that booking. Now Moving on to the next section i.e. Location.

service location

Here you can specify your preferred location where you want to provide the booking service to your customers.


From the Availability section, admin can choose the booking type as per his/her business needs whether it will be Appointment Type booking, Concert type or Rent Type booking and create the slots accordingly.

you can choose booking types and create the slots for your booking products.

Here, you can set the dates between which your bookings will be available and also select the days on which booking product will be available.

appointment type bookings

Overwrite Specific Days

In this feature, You as an admin can close booking for some specific days or time period of any of his created slots. All You need to do is just create slots on some specific days or time duration that will overwrite the previous slots created for the booking product.


Custom Fields:

In case you want some additional information from your customer, you can add custom fields with the booking products from this section.

Custom Information:

From this section, You can display extra information with the Product or Service You provide on the store’s product description page.


Now, once you click the Save button, the booking will be added to the product.

To make the bookings & slots visible to the customers on front end, you need to add the codes to their respective liquid files.

Frontend Configuration

To configure the app’s frontend, you need to visit the “Configure Front” section of the app. There you can either auto inject the code or manually copy the code and paste it to their respective template files.

configure Front End

To display the Timezone Selector on frontend, click on Auto code inject button.

Front End Configuration

In order to display the customer’s booking details, either auto inject the code or copy the code and paste it to its respective template file.

In this way, the admin can configure the app front end.

How it appears on Front End:

Book a slot

This was about the appointment type booking system.

In case you want to add bookings for different booking scenarios, you can select any of the six booking types from the availability section and add bookings to your products.

Let’s discuss the six different types of bookings in detail.

One Day Booking

If You want to offer any service for a day, you can choose this booking type. Thus, customers will select the slot and book the service for a day.

Now, Let’s take an example: One Day Cab booking service: You as an admin can set a duration and the customers will select a slot to book for a day.

one day booking

Visibility on Customer End:

One day booking

Appointment Type Booking

If You want to offer an appointment booking service then, select this booking type to create time slots in basic as well as advance slot management.

It allows you to select the time duration between which the booking product will be available. Also, You can set the Per booking timings as well as the rest time after each booking slot.

Per Booking Timings: It is the time taken for each booking slot.

Rest Time after per Booking Slot: It is the rest time available after each booking slot.

Appointment type

Visibility on Customer End:

appointment type booking

For Example:- Dentist Booking System, Doctor’s Appointment.

Rent Type

If You own rental business then, go with this type of booking. You can set a duration for Your service and customers will select the slots to rent the product or service.

For Example:- Venue Booking Service

Important Note:- While adding rent type booking to any product, please make sure that the inventory policy of that product is “Don’t track inventory” from Shopify end.

Rent Type

Visibility on Customer End:

rent type bookings

Rent Type with Time

To offer a rental service for some specific date and time, You can go with this booking type. In this, You need to set duration and per booking timing i.e the time to be taken for each booking slot.

For Example:- Rent a bike, Rent a Dress

Important Note:- While adding “rent type with time” booking to any product, please make sure that the inventory policy of that product is set to “Don’t track inventory” from Shopify end.

Rent Type with Time

Visibility on Customer End:

rent type booking with time

Concert Type

In this type of booking, You can create day-wise slots irrespective of the time and let your customers book the slot. Click here to know more about how to add the day-wise booking to products.

For Example:- Auditorium booking, Booking Halls for Seminar.

concert type

Visibility on Customer End:

Concert Type bookings

Concert Type with Time

Additionally, You can create date time slots for your bookings and let the customers book their preferred slots with date & time.

For Example:- Ticket booking for Live Musical Concerts, etc.

Concert Type with time

Visibility on Customer End:

Concert type with time

Also, you will also get an option to add day-wise booking on products simply by choosing Concert Type booking.

Click Here to know about Day-wise booking in detail.


Backend Configuration


Admin can configure the booking details from the Configuration section of the app such as organization name, email ID, timezone and currency used in this app.

booking configuration
Email Template

To configure all your booking details, visit the booking section. You can also configure the email templates within the app.

Booking 1118

Admin can display or hide the timezone selector button which is displayed on the frontend. Once the admin enables this feature, the customer needs to select the timezone at the time of booking any product.

You as an admin can configure all the labels to be displayed on the frontend.

configure front

Configure Seller Booking Dashboard Labels

Now, You can configure the labels of the seller’s booking dashboard. To make the changes, you need to visit the Booking App>>Go to Configurations>>Front Labels>>Select Seller Side labels>>Change the labels>>Save.


Clicking the seller side, You will have the option to configure labels of seller dashboard.


Seller End

Similarly, sellers registered on your marketplace can also add bookings on their products using this app. Once the admin enables this feature on his/her end, sellers will get an option of “Add Booking” in the action menu of the product section in the seller panel of the Multivendor app.

A seller needs to follow the below-given procedure to add booking on existing products at your Marketplace:

Seller Panel of the Multivendor App>>Products>>Products Listing>>Action>>Click on Add Booking>>Choose a variant(if any)>>Proceed to select a booking type & add booking to the product.

Add Bookings

Clicking the Booking Dashboard, the seller can view the list of all his/her Booking Products & Customer’s bookings.

Edit Bookings

Now, clicking the “Add Booking” button, the seller will be asked to choose either all the variants or a variant to add booking(s) to it.

Variant for bookings

Clicking the proceed button, sellers will be redirected to Edit Booking Product page from where he/she needs to fill the following details to add a booking to that product:

Product Information: Select whether You want Single User or Multiple users to book a slot at a time.

product information

Location: Sellers can specify their preferred location to provide service to the customers.

Service Side

Availability: Seller needs to select a booking type from the 6 different types & Create Slots for the customers.

Concert Bookings

Customer Information: Add additional information to your booking products which will be visible on frontend.

Custom Information

Custom Fields: Get extra information about your customers by adding custom fields.

custom fields

Booking Products Listing

Once your seller adds the booking products from the seller panel of the Multivendor app, all the added booking products will be visible in the Booking Products section here like this:

Booking Product listing

This is how the products added by the seller appears on the front end:

Booking on front end
Cart Page

Customer can simply select their preferred slot and book the service.

This is all about the seller end.

View Booking Details

Once the customer book any product, admin can view the complete booking details from the “Orders” section of the Multivendor app.

Follow the procedure to view the customer’s booking details:

Admin Panel of the Multivendor app>>Orders>>Order Listing page>>Click on View button (in Action menu)>>Click on View Booking Details button to view all the bookings of that Order.


Order Details Admin panel

Clicking on the “View Booking Details” button you will be redirected to “Edit Booking” section. From here the admin can approve the customer’s booking request.

Now if the customer requests to reschedule the booking, the admin will receive a mail regarding this and he/she can reschedule customer’s booking request from “Edit Booking” section. Admin can also Cancel the booking request of the customer.

At the Same time, Seller can also view the Booking Details of the customers from the Order Section of the Seller Panel.

Seller Panel of Multivendor app>>Orders>>Order Listing page>>Click on View button (in Action menu)>>Click on View Booking Details button to view all the bookings of that Order.


Booking details customers

Once the Seller clicks on View Booking Details, he/she will be straight away redirected to the Booking Details page. From there, he/she can view the complete booking details of that customer.

From there, the seller can approve, cancel or reschedule customer’s booking as per the request received from customers.


In case the “Auto-approve” tab is enabled from the Configuration menu, the customer’s booking request will get approved automatically.

Auto-approve Bookings

You can get the booking requests auto-approved in the app for sellers. Thus, the sellers don’t need to check & approve customer’s booking requests each time a new request arises.

All you need to do is just go to the Configuration menu of the Booking App and enable the “Auto-Approval Booking” tab.


As soon as the tab gets enabled, all the seller’s bookings (once requested by customers) will get auto-approved automatically. The sellers can view the approved bookings from their respective seller panels.

auto approve bookings

How to Cancel Bookings?

In the feature app, You can configure two settings for booking cancellation.

You can either allow sellers to cancel customer’s booking from their respective seller panels OR You can allow customers to cancel bookings on their own. Let’s understand both of them.

Case 1:- Allow Sellers to Cancel Bookings from the Seller Panel.

Each time a new booking request arises, the seller can choose if he/she wants to approve or cancel the booking. In the Bookings section of the seller’s “Booking Dashboard”, the seller can edit the booking detail to cancel the customer’s booking request.

Cancel Booking

The canceled bookings will be visible to sellers in the Bookings listing on the seller dashboard.


Also, in case a customer has requested you to cancel his/her booking on call or mail. You can do it manually in the app. At the same time, you can inform the seller to cancel the customer’s booking from his/her seller panel booking dashboard. Just follow the above steps.

Case 2:- Allow Customers to Cancel Bookings.

In case you want customers to cancel their bookings, you can allow them to do so. You just need to configure one setting in the app. Go to the Booking App>>Visit Configuration>>Enable “Allow Booking Cancellation option to Customers”>>Save.


This way, customers will get the option to cancel bookings from their respective “My Account” section.

As soon as the customer places an order, he/she can log in to the “My Account” section & view the order details to check the bookings.

Customer Account

Clicking the order ID, click the “View Booking Details“.

view booking details

From here, the customer can check the complete booking details & get the option to cancel the booking.


Clicking the Cancel Booking button, a pop-up appears asking you to confirm the cancellation.

confirm cancellation

This way, the customer can cancel a booking.

booking canceled

Customer End

Customer can view the booking details from their respective “My Account” section.

customer bookings

This is all about the Booking Product feature app of the Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify.

Recent Updates

Cart Lock Feature

You can now set a duration up to which you want to lock the seller’s booking products/services in the customer’s shopping carts.

For this, you need to enable the Allow Cart-Lock option in the app and set a time to lock the booking products/services in the customer’s shopping cart.



Suppose a customer selects a slot from 11 A.M to 12 P.M to book service & you have locked the shopping cart for 60 minutes (1 hour) in the app. Then, in this case, the selected slot ( 11 A.M to 12 P.M) for that particular service will be unavailable for the other customers for 1 hour.

This is how it appears on the cart page:

Cart Page

Update in Overwrite Specific Days Feature

You can now close bookings for some specific time duration of a particular date in the appointment type as well as rent type with time bookings.

Let’s understand it with an example:
Suppose you select a duration from 24th-28th December (5 Days) to close the booking on a product. For that, you add the time duration from 8 A.M- 9 A.M and from 10 A.M – 11 A.M.
So, in this case, the booking on that product gets closed from 8 A.M to 9 A.M and from 10 A.M to 11 A.M on all the 5 Days (24th December to 28th December).


Reschedule Requests Listing

Once the customer requests the admin to reschedule his/her booking, all the requests will be listed in the “Reschedule Requests” section of the app. From there, the admin will approve the reschedule requests of the customers, if the status is Pending!


Restrict Booking Product Features for Sellers

If you are using the Booking + Multi-vendor Marketplace integration to let the sellers add bookings to their products then, you can restrict booking product features for your sellers directly from the app.

To enable this feature:-
Go to App>>Configuration>>Booking Configuration>>Enable “Restrict Booking Product Feature for Sellers“>>Save the changes.

These features include Product Information, Location, Availability, Overwrite Specific Days, Custom Information & Custom Fields. You can enable/disable the features to allow sellers to manage the same from their respective seller panels.


As soon as you enable the above feature, a new feature gets added i.e. “Allow Seller to change Booking Type“. Enabling this option will allow sellers to change the booking type of any product/service from their respective seller panels.


Also, you can allow sellers to choose the booking type from their respective seller panels.


Upload Favicon Icon for Sellers

You can now upload a favicon icon for your seller panel.

Follow the steps to upload the Favicon Icon: Go to Configuration>>Upload an Icon>>Save.

Recommended Image Size: 48x48px


Calendar View For Seller

You can now have booking calender view for the seller which is configurable from the admin panel.


On the Booking App, You can configure the calendar visibility for sellers.




Follow the below link to use the demo of Multivendor Marketplace-Booking app for Shopify:

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