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    Booking App for Shopify: DAY-WISE BOOKING

    Webkul is here to introduce new functionalities in Booking App Plugin i.e. Concert Type Booking & Concert Type with time. The main purpose to introduce this feature is to provide the day-wise booking feature to the admin’s booking system.

    Selecting the Concert Type Booking, You as an admin can add booking products for any event/program by creating day-wise as well as date-time slots. Thus, customers will make bookings by selecting their preferable day-wise slot.

    While adding a product for booking, the admin will select the Booking Type as “Concert Type” and proceed further to add booking product information. So, from the “Availability” section of the app, the admin will select the day duration to create different slots and save it as a Booking Product.

    Further admin will configure the app’s frontend to make that product visible on Frontend for the Customers.

    Create Day-Wise Booking Product

    Admin needs to follow below-given steps to add the day-wise booking to products:

    • Visit the Booking App.
    • Go to the “Booking Product” section.
    • Click the “Add Booking Product” button and select the product to which you want to add bookings.
    • Select the Booking Type as “Concert Type” booking.
    •  Create day-wise slots for your bookings.
    • Enter the additional details for the booking product.
    • Save the details.

    This way, you will be ended up creating a day-wise booking product.

    Alternate Option to add concert type booking to Products:

    In order to create a day-wise booking product, you first need to visit the Product section of your Shopify store and select the one on which you want to add bookings.

    Now, Click on that product, visit “More actions” and select “Booking Product” from drop-down menu to add booking.

    Clicking on the Booking Product, You will be asked to select the variant on which you want to add a booking. Once the variant will be selected, You will have the option to choose the Booking Type whether you want to add day-wise slots or date-time slots i.e. Concert Type Booking or Concert Type with time.

    Now, if you want to add a day-wise booking on your selected booking product, you have to select the booking type as “Concert Type” and proceed further to fill the rest of the booking details.

    Once you click on Proceed button, you will be straightaway redirected to “Edit Booking Product” section of the app from where you can manage booking product info, location, availability, custom info, and custom fields.

    From the “Location” section of the app, admin can choose the service location where he wants to provide the service to the customers.

    If you have chosen the booking type as “Concert Type“, you will get an option to create day-wise slots for your booking products.

    View the added day-wise slots from below screenshot:

    Once the slots are added, proceed further to add customer information and custom fields if you want to get additional info from your customers related to the booking product.

    Adding custom fields:

    Once done, click on the Save Button to add the booking product.

    This is how the created slots will be visible to your customers on the front end:

    Front View

    Now, you can view that product in the “Booking Product” section of the app.

    That’s how you can create Day-wise booking.

    Let’s see how it appears on Frontend and how customers will make bookings.

    Similarly, You can create date-time slots for your concert type booking. Simply choose the “Concert type with time” to create slots for your customers.

    This is how these added slots will appear with this booking product on store’s front end:

    Once the admin configures the app frontend, customers can view all the booking products and book them by choosing preferable slots.

    Visibility of Day-wise Booking Product on Frontend:

    That’s all about day-wise booking.


    You can refer the below-given link to use the Demo of Booking App by Webkul:

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