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    Booking App for Shopify: Point of Sale (POS)

    You might be using the Booking App by Webkul to sell services or rent products on your Shopify store. Now, the app is available with Shopify Point of Sale (POS). Thus, merchants will now have a specialized Point of Sale systems for their appointment booking services and rental products.
    Moreover, they will have the option to offer simplified online & offline payment accepting options.

    The Booking App is now compatible with POS Pro!


    When a product or service is purchased from a store, a transaction takes place between the merchant & the buyer using a Point of Sale (POS) system to complete the purchasing process. This is what the POS is all about.

    Example:- Suppose a customer booked an item from your website & comes to your shop to make the payment. You first check the item and confirm the payment via POS.

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    At the same time, when a new customer visits your store, you create a booking right from the POS interface for that customer & complete the purchasing process.


    • Have better control over your online booking operations.
    • Build a customer’s trust by communicating with them personally.


    Till now, the booking app was allowing the merchants to rent products or sell services on their online Shopify store only.

    Similar to the online store, the app now works on POS as well!
    Yes! You can now create bookings for your customers right from the POS interface.

    All the booking products/services of your Shopify store will be listed on the POS. The POS agent will select a product as per the customer’s choice and choose a slot for them to get it booked.

    You can also edit or add new slots before making a purchase.

    Adding Booking App to the Menu of the Shopify POS Pro

    Firstly, click the Add Title

    Shopify POS Pro

    Add the App to the menu.

    POS pro
    Shopify POS

    You can select the booking product & select a time slot for your customers.

    Book a slot

    After selecting a slot for the booking product/service, the POS agent will proceed to make the payment & complete the purchasing process via POS.

    This way, you can create bookings for your customers from your POS device.

    Know More about the Booking App


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