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QR Code Generator: Booking App for Shopify

Updated 17 January 2024

We have introduced a feature named QR Code Generator in our Booking App using which your customers will receive a QR code after placing their booking that needs to be verified after providing the service.


In the Add-On section of the app, you will get the QR Code Generator add-on. To install the add-on, click on the install button.



Once you install the addon, you will have a “Configure” section. This you can enable if you want to automatically update the booking status to done after verification.



Here, you need to add the users that are responsible for verifying bookings. These can be different from the users added to the booking app and it is not mandatory to assign these users to the booking products.

NOTE- It is mandatory to add users else the QR Codes will not be sent to the emails.

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Customer End

When a booking is placed & it is approved, customers will receive an email regarding booking confirmation along with the QR code that the user will verify.


To send a QR code to the customer in the Booking Confirmation mail, you need to add this placeholder: “{%qr_code%}” in the mail template.


Once the user verifies the customer QR code this is how the user will see the details


Once the booking is verified this is how admin will see the verified status and user name.


This way you can setup the QR CODE Generator feature for your booking system.


If you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at
You can contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

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