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Booking App for Shopify: Appointment Type

Updated 3 March 2023

Being an online store owner, if you want to make an appointment booking system with Shopify then, Booking App by Webkul can be an ultimate solution to achieve it. Using this app, you can add bookings to your existing Shopify store products & start a manageable online appointment booking system with Shopify.

This app will help you to create slots for your customers & let them schedule bookings as per their choice. You as an admin can accept or deny online appointments from the app.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to create appointment bookings in the app & display the slots on the storefront so that customers can book their preferred slots.

Before getting into the details, let’s see how to get this app. You need to visit the Shopify app store & get the Booking App by Webkul listed. Just click the Add App button to install the app to your Shopify store.

Additional Features

  • Admin can select a date range & create time slots on the selected weekdays.
  • You can add blackout dates in case you want to close bookings on some specific days.
  • You can add custom fields if you want your customers to enter some additional information at the time of booking.
  • In case you want to display some additional information about your booking product, you can add custom information from the app.
  • Customers can request the admin to reschedule or cancel bookings.
  • You as an admin can reschedule or cancel bookings if requested by the customer.

How to Create Bookings

In order to add bookings to your store products, you need to follow the below-given instruction:

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First, log in to your Shopify store & visit the Apps section. Clicking the Booking App by Webkul, you will be redirected to the Booking Product section in the app.


Click the Add Booking Product button & select the product from the listing to which you want to add a booking.


Once you click the Add button, you will be asked to choose a variant and proceed to add product details such as Product Information, Location.


Booking Details


Here, you will get the booking product title & slot price added to that product. You just need to select the booking type as a single user or multi-user booking.


Single User Booking: If you select this booking type, you can allow only one customer at a time to book a slot to schedule appointment.


Multi-user Booking: If you select multi-user booking then, you can allow more than one customers to book a slot at a time. In this case, one more menu gets added where to can set a limit for the customers.


Once you select the booking type as Multi-user booking, you can set a limit to allow users to book a slot at a time.

Customer’s Guest Limit: Here, You can set a guest limit for the customers to book a slot. Let’s understand it with an instance: Suppose it sets to 15 then, a single slot will be available for a maximum of 15 guests.

One Time Guest Limit per Customer: Set a guest limit for each customer to book a slot at a time. For example:- Suppose it sets to 10 then, an individual customer can book a single slot for a maximum of 10 guests at once.


In appointment type booking, multiple cases arise for scheduling appointments. Suppose you run a Salon business and allow customers to visit your salon & take the haircut. In this case, you need to select the location preferences as “Admin side” as customer needs to visit your location to get the service.

Unlike this, suppose you want to offer service to your customer’s preferred location then you can select the location choice as “Customer Side”



Now, You need to choose the booking type as “Appointment Type” and select a duration when you want the bookings to be available for your customers & create slot timings for specific days.


Select Duration: You need to select a date range when You want the booking appointments to be available for the customers.

Enable Week Days: Enable the week days when You want the slots to be booked.

Create Time Slots: Mainly, you can create time slots in two ways.

  1. Basic Slot Management: In this case, you can create a time slot that will be applicable for all the enabled weekdays.
  2. Advance Slot Management: In the case of advance slot management, you can create different slots for different days. Thus, the slots available on Monday may not be available on Saturday.


You can now create slots on some specific days or time duration that will overwrite the previous slots created for the booking product.

This means that You can now close booking for some specific days or time period in case the bookings are unavailable.


Add custom information in case you want to display some required information about your bookings & add custom fields to take some additional info from the customers.


Once done, just click the Save button to save all the details of your booking product.

How to Configure Front End

Once you add the appointment type booking to the product using the app, you need to add some codes in order to visualize the effect on the storefront. 

Visit the Configure Front section & add the codes to their respective liquid files. You can inject the codes both ways either automatically or manually.

For Booking Widget:


For Customer Booking Details:


You can either auto-inject the codes or manually add the codes to their respective liquid files.

Front End View

Once You add the codes to their respective liquid files, that is how the booking product will be visible to your customers on the front end.



You can check the Demo of Booking App by Webkul!


Still, you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at You can also contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

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